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A Personal Letter to Pastors from John Maxwell

Dear Pastor,

John Maxwell, Founder of INJOY Ministries

I want to introduce you to a man and ministry which I have grown to really appreciate. Vince D'Acchioli is the founder of On Target Ministries, a ministry dedicated to helping men discover God's plan for their life. I met Vince a few years ago through our mutual good friend, Pastor Jack Hayford.

My purpose in writing you, and a very select group of my friends, is to encourage you to investigate what God is doing through this relatively new but dynamic ministry. Vince conducts an event you might have heard of, Men On Target. Thousand of men around the world have been helped to discover their purpose in life through this teaching.

As you know, I strongly believe in the idea that men need to better understand what it means to be a real leader. Vince's experience in senior management for a major fortune 500 company, combined with his more recent stint as an executive VP for an international ministry, has uniquely equipped him with a well-balanced message for men. I believe that his material, and the lay-back, humorous style he employs to deliver it, is both refreshing and necessary.

I am enclosing some information about this ministry for your review. I have also taken the liberty of suggesting that Vince contact you directly and would greatly appreciate you giving him an opportunity to further explain how you might take advantage of this great resource.

As you know, I do not take this kind of personal recommendation lightly. Were it not for my confident belief in the quality of this man and the vision God has given him, I would not be writing to you. Please take a look. I think you will be blessed.

Your friend,
John Maxwell