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Becoming The Man God Intended

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On Target Ministries Coaching Initiative

One of the best definitions I've heard regarding the difference between coaching and mentoring says; Mentoring is putting stuff in...coaching is pulling stuff out.

Over the past twenty plus years of dealing with ministry in and through the local church I have encountered numerous pastors and leaders who have encouraged me to be their coach. Couple that together with the Lord giving me a strong passion for pastors and leaders and it may help you understand why I think the time is right for me to move into this important area.

Beginning this month I will take on men who are either a senior pastor or ministry CEO for on-going coaching. At this time I am limiting the number to twelve to see how much time and commitment may be required. Here is a list of some of the ideas I am processing:

  • Meetings will take place via Skype or regular phone calls to last for about one hour (more if required)
  • Frequency would be either once a week twice a month, or once a month depending upon need (more or less may be an option given special circumstances)
  • I would make myself available to these men twenty-four/seven for any emergency
  • I would travel to meet personally with anyone requiring special assistance

The primary areas of focus will be in this order of priority:

  1. Relationship with God/Spiritual disciplines
  2. Relationship with family/personal life issues
  3. Leadership gifts/abilities/challenges
  4. Church structural issues/church effectiveness/Board structure and relationship

For more information or to set up a Q&A session with Vince, please call 719-481-2620.