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Becoming The Man God Intended

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Spiritual Gifts Test Results

What Now?

Now that you've taken the Gifts Test, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Read the results
  2. Print this page for future reference
  3. Watch Vince's explanation of your Gifts Test results - Video, 40:50
  4. Consider discussing your results with your spouse, pastor, and spiritual mentor
  5. Let us know if you have any questions
  6. Get out there and use your gifts!

This test was designed to help you better understand the way God has made you. Your natural gifts, (sometimes referred to as your bent or temperament), become the filter through which you see life, and can have a strong influence on the decisions you make.

By re-reading the statements in your two top score categories you are simply looking at the behavioral characteristics associated with people who have those gifts.

We recommend that you share this information with your family, pastor and other friends and begin looking for opportunities to enter into activities that will maximize your gifts.

For instance, if you score high in administration or perceiver, look for projects to manage. If you are more into the ministry or mercy areas, you may want to take a missions trip or visit a hospital. Many times in the exercising of your natural gifts God reveals His great purpose for your life.

Finally, this device is not intended to suggest a career path, or to influence you to change your vocation. It simply suggests that, whatever your vocation is, you will approach it within the context of your natural gifts. If you happen to be searching for a new vocation, this information can be helpful as it gives you some ideas about your temperament. Listed below are some suggested vocations and the Natural Gifts that best fit.

Please keep in mind that this is a very loose association and does not take into consideration your personal likes and dislikes with regard to various lines of work.

Hard-sided Gifts: (logical-organized-structured)

Soft-sided Gifts: (sensitive-desires to help-give)

Your Natural Gifts

  • Red:
  • White:
  • Blue:
  • Green:
  • Orange:
  • Purple:
  • Yellow:
    • Perceiver:

      Perceivers are perceptive people. These are the kind of people you want to be around in an emergency. They can process a lot of information quickly and get to the-meat-of-the-matter. They will usually gravitate to the highest and best course of action.

      They generally make good leaders but depending upon their second gift they may possess a dictatorial management style or more of a team approach. Perceivers whose second gift is on the hard-side will tend to be more autocratic, while those whose second gift leans toward the soft-side will be more democratic.

      Vocational Ideas:

      • Air Traffic Controller
      • Pilot
      • Detective Work
      • Lawyer
      • Counselor
      • Salesperson
      • Analyst
      • Military Officer
      • Emergency Medical
      • Teaching
      • Management/Leadership
      • Consultant
      • Board Member
      • Business Owner
      • Developer
    • Ministry:

      If you have the gift of ministry you are a natural helper_you love to help people in need. People who possess this gift usually make excellent employees. They tend to be very practical and enjoy physical labor where results are easy to see. They take great satisfaction from completing projects.

      If your second gift is on the soft-side you may lack some organizational skills but your sensitivity to people will be very strong. If your second gift is on the hard-side you will tend to be a little more organized and calculating.

      Vocational Ideas:

      • Factory Worker
      • Planning
      • Architect
      • Builder
      • Cab / Bus Driver
      • Civil Servant
      • Day Care
      • Sales Associate
      • Cook
      • Computer Programmer
      • Farming
      • Flight Attendant
      • Designer
      • Librarian
      • Nursing
      • Mechanic
      • Hair Stylist / Grooming
      • Office Worker
      • Book Keeper
      • Secretary / Reception
      • Teacher
      • Waiter / Waitress
    • Teaching:

      Teachers love to organize and structure things. They tend to be very logical_and enjoy discovering and communicating facts. They also love to create environments where others can learn. Teachers love to research and will usually challenge other's ideas by asking a lot of questions.

      If a teacher's second gift is on the hard-side it can cause them to be overly critical and domineering. It can also be a great asset for no-nonsense approaches to tasks or problems. If the second gift is on the soft-side it can sometimes bring a nice balance when dealing with people on a personal level.

      Vocational Ideas:

      • Professor/Teacher
      • Lab Research
      • Programmer
      • Doctor/Medical Technician
      • Analyst
      • Pastor
      • Journalist
      • Scientist
      • Pharmacy
      • Psychologist/Psychiatrist
      • News Reporter
      • Administration
      • Legal Work/Lawyer
    • Exhorting:

      Exhorters are oftentimes referred to as encouragers. People with this gift will tend to look for and find the best in others. They tend to be patient and love long conversations where they can get to know others. They also love to share personal experiences as a form of encouragement and counsel.

      Exhorting will usually have a soft-sided second gift associated with it. They make wonderful coaches and counselors and enjoy helping bring out the best in people. Unless the second gift is on the hard-side they do not generally make good managers/leaders. A great combination for leadership is exhorting combined with perceiver or administration.

      Vocational Ideas:

      • Counselor
      • Coach
      • Personnel Work
      • Public Relations
      • Real Estate
      • Therapist
      • Radio/Tv Personality
      • Social Work
      • Travel Guide
      • Ministry Work/Pastor
      • Receptionist
      • Advertising Agent
      • Personal Agent
      • Lawyer
    • Giving:

      People who posses the gift of giving can freely give of their time or resources without ever having to be recognized for it. They love to give. They are both creative and practical in their accumulation and management of resources.

      The gift of giving associated with another soft-sided gift usually produces people who will freely give to a cause without having to be intimately involved with the end result. This same gift combined with the hard-side will produce someone who is just as free to give_but_usually wants an accounting of the outcome.

      Vocational Ideas:

      • Auditor
      • Banker
      • Bookkeeper
      • Business Owner
      • Buyer
      • Investor
      • Financial Consultant
      • Office Worker
      • Emergency Response
      • Teacher
      • Sales Associate
      • Waiter / Waitress
      • Mechanical Work
    • Administration:

      Administrators are very organized. If you were to walk into their closet you would likely see all of the clothes neatly arrayed. They may have a tendency toward efficiency at the expense of effectiveness. When given a task they become highly focused on getting it done.

      When this gift is associated with another hard-sided gift it can produce people who are so structured that no amount of gray area can be tolerated. These are the kind of people who make great turn-around management specialists. They have little time or patience with mediocre work. When this gift is complimented with one on the soft-side it usually produces strong general-management skills. They can be firm and organized yet inspire people to follow them.

      Vocational Ideas:

      • Teacher / Professor
      • Business Executive
      • Business Owner
      • Entrepreneur
      • Store Manager
      • Contractor
      • Lawyer
      • Marketing
      • Politician
      • Producer
      • Department Manager
      • Legal Assistant
      • Sales Associate
      • Business Or School Administration
      • Team Captain
    • Mercy:

      Mercy is the softest of the soft-sided gifts. These are people who are ultra sensitive to other people's pain and need. They tend to be very emotional and make excellent listeners. They also have a difficult time identifying with overly aggressive people.

      Most often this gift has another soft-sided gift associated as the number two. In this case it indicates a high level of relational skill with some weakness in the organizational areas. Those who possess strong mercy gifts generally do not do well with deadlines or projects that need a lot of timeline management. If, however there is a hard-sided gift associated it can bring balance in the area of managing tasks.

      Vocational Ideas:

      • Artist
      • Writer / Composing
      • Nursing
      • Childcare
      • Musician
      • Office Worker
      • Teacher
      • Waiter / Waitress
      • Therapist
      • Photography
      • Hair Stylist / Grooming
      • Sales Associate