OTI leadership Facilitation Training – Course Intro

OTI Leadership Training – Intro “Tell Your Story”

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PLAY NEXT: Study Session #1: Leader Qualifications
Study Session #2: Leader Responsibilities  
Study Session #3: Group Facilitation Tips
Study Session #4: Pillars of Leadership Part 1   
Study Session #5: Pillars of Leadership Part 2
Study Session #6: Pillars of Leadership Part 3  
Study Session #7: Role Play “The Talker”
Study Session #8: Role Play “The Silent One”   
Study Session #9: Role Play “One Agenda Guy”
Study Session #10: Role Play “The Theologian”
Study Session #11: Wrap Up & Review

Learn how to become an effective small group leader with this unique 12-part DVD.  Each 12-minute session is packed with biblical leadership principles and practical small group facilitation techniques to prepare and equip small group leaders.  The last four sessions provide fun role play sessions that will equip small group facilitators to lovingly encourage the typical personality types that can be a challenge. 

This Leadership Facilitation Training series is ideal for all types of small groups including the OTI Men’s groups, church bible study small groups, and youth small groups.

Purchase Leadership Facilitation Training Curriculum DVD.  Want to start a small group?  Get prepared, take the OTI Leadership Facilitation Training for new or seasoned small group leaders, get the twelve 12-minute part study DVD.  Get The OTI Leadership Facilitation DVD + the Men On Target Curriculum – Volume 1&2 DVDs Combo Set for big savings.