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Another Miracle For Cindy…Amazing Ministry Month

October was one of the most incredible months in our ministry’s history. We had four powerful ministry opportunities and experienced another incredible miracle for my wife, Cindy.

It all began on October 7th. Just back from visiting our kids in the Chicago area I had the pleasure of speaking to the men’s breakfast for Impact Church in Menifee, CA. There were close to 70 men in attendance and I talked about having an intimate relationship with God. Three of the men asked Jesus into their hearts and God moved in an awesome way.

On the 13th Cindy and I, along with our Golden Retriever Beau, drove to Colorado to spend time with our daughter Kristen and her family. This is where the miracle happened. As you may know, we moved from Colorado because Cindy was requiring oxygen assistance at that elevation. Every time we are there she needs to be hooked up to a concentrator. On this trip—the entire time, encompassing three weeks, she has not needed any oxygen. In fact, her oxygen numbers are higher than mine. Her doctor told her that there is no medical reason why she should not be requiring oxygen. The healing of her scarred lungs is another miracle from God that we have been praying for.

On the 22nd I drove to Fort Collins, CO to speak at Clearwater Church. My friend Pastor Randy Kroening asked me to fill in for him at this newly merged congregation. We have had a long history with Randy’s Mountain Life Church going back about 14 years. I was so blessed to speak on Armed…Ready For Battle. It is the story regarding Cindy’s illness back in 2010 and the miracle healing that took place then. It was also very special as many of these precious people were praying for her during that time. An incredible 20 people asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior.

The big event of the month happened on the 26th when Cindy and I flew to Edmonton, Canada for a three-day marriage conference. NAME Canada, an annual event we have now spoken at three times, hosted the conference and we had five wonderful sessions. My friends, this is the most anointed I’ve seen Cindy in all our years of ministry together. I know that is a bold statement but so true. It’s such a joy and so amazing to sit back and watch the Holy Spirit literally flow through her.

As 20 precious people were ushered into the Kingdom, two couples acknowledged accepting the Lord together. Just before I brought the closing session a woman came to my table in tears. She said her husband was there with her but has never come to a place where he accepted the Lord. She was so frustrated. At the end of my talk I asked again if anyone wanted to ask Jesus into their life. As I looked around, the first man I saw look up at me showed real determination in his eyes—he was saying yes—now is the time. When I saw his wife next to him—her eyes closed—I was filled with joy. It was the woman who came to my table earlier.

It is so special to be able to see God work like this. Sometimes you don’t know that everything you are doing may be for this one special couple—God knows. I am so overwhelmed that he would use us for such special and joyous occasions as this.

Back to Colorado Springs, on the 31st I had the privilege of speaking to about 75 men gathered for an early morning weekly prayer gathering at The Road Church. This awesome ministry, a merger between The Road and Chapel Hills Baptist, has become very special to me. Pastor Steve Holt is a dear friend and this was a great honor and privilege for me. I am seeing great things ahead for him and this growing new congregation.

That same day I flew back to Temecula for some catching up on admin and ministry needs. I will be home for about a week while Cindy is remaining with our daughter Kristen and family in Colorado Springs. I will fly back to Colorado around the 9th of November to drive Cindy home. So, that is it—what an incredible month.

In closing I need to change gears and ask a special favor. Between now and the end of the year we have very little ministry scheduled. I have a couple of important meetings, one with the San Diego Rescue Mission, which could really be important for our future ministry here. Financially however, we are going to be challenged. End of year support is always important for ministries like ours, and this year even more so.

We are thankful that 2018 is already shaping up for our ministry. The first quarter is looking good and we have a big trip to New Zealand for two Promise Keeper events there in August. That is good news indeed but right now we would really appreciate your help.

PLEASE consider a special gift this month to help us. Also, please pray about a generous year-end donation for On Target Ministries.

Cindy and I remain so grateful for you and want you to know that we could never do this without your prayer and financial support.

May God richly bless you,


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Celebration & Mourning – September Update

As I write this newsletter from 30,000 feet I am struck with serious mixed emotions. The tragedy in Las Vegas was horrific and sadly another demonstration of how far we have slid in our culture in large part because of the absence of a focus upon our creator. At the same time I am so grateful for an incredible month where we have had the privilege of ministering the life and love of our wonderful God to so many.

I will have more to share regarding my take on the mass shooting as I am preparing a TargetPoint article titled The Manipulation Of The American Mind. For now, please allow me this brief update for what God has been doing through OTM this past month.

It began at a conference center in Lake Williamson, Il on the weekend of the 15th. Several hundred men gathered for the Midwest Foursquare Men’s Retreat, a gathering I have had the privilege to address several times over the years. There are about 140 churches represented in this district and they are doing a great job of advancing God’s kingdom in this part of our country.

The theme of the conference centered around DESTINY—Our Power, Position and Purpose. What made this event so special for me was the perfect alignment of their theme and the mission of OTM. This is the very center of our sweet spot when it comes to our message.

I talked about our Power is FROM God—our Position is IN God and—our Purpose is FOR God. We had an incredible response from the men. Many left with a new sense of purpose and destiny and a bag with some new and improved tools to discover God’s plan for their life. It was a very special weekend for me as these men also ministered to me in some special ways.

From here I went to the Springfield area to be with my special friend, Tom Cheshire and prepare for my opening session for his Pastor’s Conference the following Tuesday. About 35 pastors and leaders came for a powerful morning of fellowship and teaching. I opened the conference with a message God had been developing in me since I first put the event on my schedule a year ago.

I remember telling Tom that I am more persuaded than ever of the need for our pastors and leaders to be encouraged and better prepared personally and spiritually to serve. I talked honestly with them about the relationship between obedience and power. The centerpiece idea was taken from a famous Oswald Chambers quote that says, God will not do any more through you than you first allow Him to do in you.

In addition I used a lot of personal examples from my own journey to drive some important points home. The BIG takeaways had to do with being more disciplined about getting sin under control and not allowing it to bind us, and then drawing close to God (James 4:8) through daily scheduled times of reading the Word, prayer and worship. I sensed they had a deep appreciation for what I shared.

On a side note please let me say how important it is for us to be in daily prayer for our pastors and spiritual leaders. My friends, they are right there on the front lines taking hits spiritually that you and I may not be experiencing. They are just like you and me—they suffer from the same temptations, frustrations, doubts and misgivings that hit you and me. They need our love and encouragement…often.

On the 21st we had our first Temecula Valley OTI kick off. There were 25 men who came out of the 40 or so on our list. It was a great opening day and our pastor, Britt Sipe, opened us up by praying for our gatherings. I am looking forward to how God is going to grow the men in our group and bring many more into the kingdom. The Men On Target curriculum has become a proven instrument in making disciples over these past 15 years.

Finally, Cindy and I had the privilege of speaking to about 100 women at a MOPS gathering at our church. We talked about the differences between men and women and also gave a brief testimony about the power of letting go. Cindy did an amazing job sharing her heart regarding what God has taught her in this area over the years.

Cindy and I are just traveling back from a week in St Charles, IL with our daughter Kim and her family—a much needed few days away. We will be spending the last half of October in Colorado Springs with our daughter Kristen and family and working out of their home. During that time Cindy and I travel to Edmonton, Canada to speak at the NAME Canada National Marriage Conference.

Pray that Cindy does well with her oxygen needs in Colorado Springs—we are still believing God is going to heal her completely from needing oxygen assistance at that altitude.

Finally, please continue to pray for the families and friends who lost loved ones in Las Vegas. Also pray for the hundreds still recovering from wounds, many who are still critical.

Cindy and I remain so grateful for your prayers and financial support.

May God richly bless you,

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Exciting Fall News from Vince & Cindy

Well, here we are—Labor Day behind us and we are now looking ahead to the fall and winter season and a whole batch of new and exciting opportunities here at On Target Ministries. August was a bittersweet month of transition and getting settled combined with the emotional separation from our kids and their precious families.

Now that we are settled September is looking like a pretty exciting month. On the 21st we are starting up On Target Institute here in the Temecula Valley. It looks like we could begin with 50-100 men. The weekly gatherings will be at our home church, Sunridge Community, on Thursday mornings from 6-7:15. If you are in this area we are still in need of more men who may wish to become small group facilitators. More info available on our site or you can email me directly at

We are hoping to get these meetings up on LiveStream soon in order to reengage our international viewing audience. Over the next two weeks we will be advertising our startup throughout the valley with printed cards and handouts.

During the middle of the month I will be traveling to St Louis, MO for a major men’s conference. You can find more info regarding this event at Over the years it has been my privilege to serve this group and the ministry of my friend Les Lee. The theme this year is DESTINY, Our Power Position and Purpose. I am excited about the messages God has given me to bring to this wonderful group of men.

Following this event I will be conducting the opening session at a Pastor Conference for my friend Tom Cheshire. Tom heads up RPM Ministries based out of the Springfield area and puts on several Iron Sharpens Iron conferences around this area each year. This special conference has been a passion of his for some time—an opportunity to give back to the many pastors in this area he has come to know, love and serve. I will be dealing with the subject, The Leaders Personal Preparedness To Serve.

At the end of this month I will be working with the San Diego Rescue Mission to further plan out an OTI startup in their men’s program. It now looks like they are leaning toward Friday mornings for this weekly curriculum. This could be one of the most important and special things I do this year and really needs your prayer support. I cannot think of a more appropriate curriculum for the homeless population.

Some further points for prayer:

  • Setting aside a couple of hours each day to work on a re-write of our original book, Wired To Work and working with Pat McGuire on a new cover and release for later this year or early 2018.
  • Preparing for speaking at the NAME Canada national marriage conference in November in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our third invitation to bring our couple’s ministry to this wonderful event.
  • Raising funds or grant money to complete our Men On Target manual for our new curriculum. Still needing about $5,000.00 and once raised this resource will be a powerful tool in the hands of our students while becoming a significant funding source for our future.
  • Looking for opportunities to do part time coaching or consulting to help raise additional personal support to lessen the burden on OTM.

Finally, we made it through a difficult summer season with only a 3,000.00 shortfall. This is a bit of a miracle especially without hosting our annual golf fundraiser for the first time. At this time we are still praying for the Lord to release some extra gifts for us this month in order to get back on track.

That said, please pray about an extra special generous donation this month to help.

Cindy and I remain so grateful for your prayers and financial support.


May God richly bless you,

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NEW BEGINNINGS (Exciting August Update)

4C7F43FD-8A3F-4E03-858A-B988D0B7E8FC 2For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. Ps 30:5

I thought of the above verse the other day as I experienced an extensive time of weeping. It was that time—that inevitable day when Cindy and I would come to realize our transition is complete. Our daughter Kim’s family here in Temecula just moved to Illinois. Our daughter Kris’s family, from Colorado Springs, have just concluded a two week stay here helping us unpack and culminating with an amazing Hawaii get away and just went back home to Colorado.

For the first time in our 52 years of marriage we are not living near any of our kids. To some families this is not an issue—not so with us. For whatever reason we find it very hard not being near our loved ones.   Perhaps it is the way we were raised and a holdover from another era. Whatever the reason, this adjustment is hard.

In addition, we are also seeking the Lord for what the next season of our life and ministry will look like and desperately pursuing His will. Ps 30:5 has become my anchor here—we are moving from mourning to morning. Navigating from a time of deep anguish and uncertainty to a new season of rejoicing promised by God. I can tell you this, at no time in our life together have Cindy and I been more in love with Jesus. I cannot imagine encountering many of the challenges and transitions we have experienced without His tender hand guiding us.

Now, here we are, setting up our new in home office, positioning furniture, hanging pictures and daily spending time seeking His call for this next season. Honestly, we really do believe the best for us personally and for On Target Ministries is yet to come. We are persuaded that rejoicing is close at hand.

On the ministry front I am busy researching and planning for the future—here is a list of current activities that we would love your prayers and financial support for:

  • Had first leader meeting to begin training for our mid September start up of On Target Institute here for the Temecula Valley. We already have over 60 men who have expressed an interest in attending even without a major local marketing push.
  • Setting aside a couple of hours each day to work on a re-write of our original book, Wired To Work and working with Pat McGuire on a new cover and release for later this year or early 2018.
  • Preparing to work with the San Diego Rescue Mission to fire up a weekly men’s gathering there for about 150 homeless men in their program—a great honor and very excited to see how our curriculum will resonate.
  • Preparing for speaking at the NAME Canada national marriage conference this fall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our third invitation to bring our couples ministry to this wonderful event.
  • Raising funds or grant money to complete our Men On Target manual for our new curriculum. Still needing about $5,000.00 and once raised this resource will be a powerful tool in the hands of our students while becoming a significant funding source for our future.
  • Looking for opportunities to do part time coaching or consulting to help raise additional personal support to lessen the burden on OTM.

I want to also say that 2018 is already shaping up to be an exciting year. Promise Keepers New Zealand is planning a 2-4 week trip for us to conduct a couple of major events and church services. They are also looking to help us extend this trip by serving PK Australia while we are there.

Finally, another reminder that summer is upon us and most know that ministries really do need extra support for these lean months. That is certainly the case with us. Our situation is also a bit more serious as the relocation has interrupted our ability to put on the annual golf fundraiser we have benefitted by for the last 24 years.

That said, please pray about an extra special generous donation this month to help.

Cindy and I remain so grateful for your prayers and financial support.


May God richly bless you,

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Exciting July 2017 News And Move Update

otileaderphotoJune was a wonderful month here in Temecula. It began with our incredible trip to Eureka, California that we shared with you in our last letter. We are so grateful for all that God continues to do in and through our ministry. So many lives, marriages and leaders are being impacted.

On Fathers Day I had the privilege of speaking at our home church, Sunridge Community, here in Temecula. Our pastor, Britt Sipe, asked me to speak and also communicate the launch of our On Target Institute here in the Fall. This was my second opportunity to speak to this congregation of very special people.

My challenge on this special day was to minister some powerful nuggets of truth while at the same time advertising our OTI launch and getting some men to sign up. I was able to share all the wonderful things God had done through OTI in Colorado Springs over the years. Literally thousands of men and marriages impacted and many first time commitments to surrender to Jesus have resulted from this effort.

I was also able to minister two important nuggets, or takeaways. First, the importance of establishing a daily habit of being in God’s Word. I told them how God has been dealing with me in this area and used a number of personal illustrations that I believe encouraged many. A number of people came up to our table later and shared how meaningful the message was to them.

I concluded by talking about the importance of committing to a relational environment in order to truly grow. We unpacked how OTI works, not because of the teachers or even the curriculum as much as the small group dynamic. I shared how critical it is to discover truth—but also the idea that truth must be understood in the context of life-implication and the life-application. Life-application must be processed in a healthy small group setting with other men if there is going to be any long-term benefit.

When I finished I prayed for them and then asked if anyone would like to make a commitment to begin a new daily devotional habit of reading God’s word. I also asked if any would like to use the occasion of this special Fathers Day to ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. What happened next was overwhelming—so many responses that we could not count them.

As I surveyed the auditorium I was so blessed to see the hands raised to acknowledge surrender to Jesus. I remember one couple who made this important decision together. There were literally dozens. I never get tired of seeing how powerfully the Holy Spirit works in setting like this. I am also reminded of the importance of prayer for these precious souls to protect them from the enemy’s efforts to thwart all that God did.

Finally, we had about 60 men sign up for our OTI startup. This truly exceeded our expectations. Now, over the next two months, we will be looking for a dozen or so men who will become our discussion leaders and go through our leadership training series. I anticipate our training in the month of August and the weekly gatherings to start sometime in September. We are also looking into rebooting our LiveStream efforts to make this available over the Internet around the world.

On a personal note we want you to know where we are regarding our move. This week we are literally helping our daughter and her family pack up for their move out to Illinois around the 15th. They move out of their house on the 10th and we move in our furniture in rout from Colorado Springs on the 11th. Needless to say—we need a lot of help and prayer support—a very hectic time as any of you who have moved would know.

On July 3rd Cindy and I along with Jason and Kim celebrated our anniversaries. Number 52 for us and 24 for our kids. We enjoyed a very special dinner on the beach in Carlsbad with some friends and took in a beautiful sunset. A fitting and relaxing time just before the fireworks began.

Please pray for us through this transition and settling in time. We have to navigate all of this and still manage the ongoing needs of On Target Ministries. It is also summer—and most of you know that finances during this time can be tight as ministry events typically start up again in September. Please also pray for special gifts to come in during this season.

Cindy and I want you to know how much we love and appreciate all you do for us—you are the best.

May God richly bless you as we continue to partner together for the souls of men,


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June 2016 News From On Target Ministries

sdrm-mf-graduation-jan2017-127First of all, Cindy and I are feeling both very blessed but also exhausted as we just returned from six speaking assignments in two packed days. Our dear friends Jeff and Theresa Kessenich in Eureka, California booked us for a multi-church Couples event where Cindy and I presented our Couples On Target seminar together. This was followed by a leadership workshop where I dealt with the Four Pillars of Leadership and finally, I preached at the Sunday service for the Kessennich’s congregation. God was with us in a powerful way.

Furthermore, at the end of the couple’s event several of the pastors and leaders from this church gathered around Cindy and me to pray over us. I shared our story of transition, a couple of physical issues we were believing healing for and also our serious financial challenges as we conclude our move and enter into the summer months.

Not only were the prayers powerful but they were also prophetic, giving us an opportunity to ponder these things in our hearts. One of the women, who prayed for me specifically, had been dealing with some very broken family issues threatening her marriage. As she prayed she thanked God for all He did to save their situation and asked Him to intercede for us. Here is a person, broken herself, with the God-given sensitivity to ask our Lord to intervene in our circumstances—it was very moving.

A considerable portion of last month I spent visiting various men’s groups meeting around the Temecula Valley to get a sense for what God is doing here. Not only was I impressed with a couple of these groups but was thankful to learn that there are indeed some healthy disciple making gatherings already in place. Right now my pastor, Britt Sipe, and I are planning the Fathers’ Day weekend services for Sunridge Community Church.

Britt and I met recently and are truly enthused and looking forward to this important weekend coming up. Of course, it would not surprise you that I will be speaking at both services on the topic, The Man God Intended. In addition, this will also be the launch weekend announcing our On Target Institute (OTI) gatherings for men beginning this Fall. As you may know, we had upwards of 2-250 men every Thursday morning for many years in Colorado Springs where OTI was tested and refined.

We are asking God and believing for 15-20 men who will come forward for leadership training and many more who wish to attend. The leadership training will go through the summer with an official startup around late August, early September. And finally, we are also planning to get back to LiveStream for these meetings for those who were previously picking it up from around the world. Please stay tuned…

Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support for Cindy and me and what God is doing through On Target Ministries.

May God richly bless you as we continue to partner together for the souls of men,


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Exciting April 2017 News

c71afdcf-18c4-4ec2-813b-5525fb6148f6An exciting month—the weekend of April 17th I was in Buffalo, New York to speak at an Iron Sharpens Iron Conference. Still fighting a cold, I arrived to discover that the opening plenary speaker was stuck at the Atlanta Airport and would not make it in that evening. Needless to say, we had to make a couple of adjustments. I agreed to open the conference and allow him enough time to get in to close.

The next morning it was obvious that he was not going to make it. The re-routing would have landed him too late to speak. The team there asked if I would also do the close and it was an honor to accept the invitation. So, on that day I opened the conference, conducted a workshop on The Six Structural Elements Of Effective Churches for Senior Pastors and also brought the closing plenary session. I was exhausted but in a very good way.

I opened the conference with Cindy’s incredible story of miraculous healing and ended with our illustration on The Secret To Life. It was very well received and a natural lead-in to the seminar sessions that followed as well as my closing message. I suggested that putting God between us and our circumstances is what we must all do and explained how the upcoming workshops would assist them in carrying that out. I also promised to put an exclamation point on the day with my closing remarks.

In the final session I unpacked some practical ideas on how to have a more intimate relationship with the Lord, the key to putting Him at the forefront. We closed with a prayer over all of the pastors and an altar call. There were about 20 men who made first time commitments—It was an awesome time!

As I headed home to Temecula I had a major physical melt down as my cold flared back up—I refused to let it get me down, however. A couple of days later Cindy, me and our dog, Beau, jumped in our car and set out for Colorado Springs to visit with our daughter and her family for a few weeks. Though Cindy needed to be on oxygen most of the time we truly enjoyed being with Kristen, Mark, Hunter, Colton and little Kyleigh—our five year old granddaughter.

While in Colorado, I also had two days of strategic meetings with Dwight Johnson, Pat McGuire, our producer and my friend Jim Grassi from Men’s Ministry Catalyst out of Post Falls, ID. The purpose of our gathering was to develop ideas on how our ministries might work more closely together moving forward. Jim’s ministry is 36 years old and has had a tremendous impact during that time. We were excited to discover that our working together could be a 2+2=10 kind of equation.

I also had a great time meeting with my friend and Pastor Steve Holt from The Road @ Chapel Hill Church. Chapel Hill Baptist and The Road just merged and it looks like they have an exciting future together. Steve invited me to speak there on my next trip back there in August. Looking forward to my time there at the end of summer.

On our final day Pat McGuire had me come into the studio to produce a half hour TV show interview with Gordon Klingenschmitt on the subject, The Death Of Consensus. It was based upon my last TargetPoint article. If you missed it you can go to under the Blog dropdown menu. Just select TargetPoint articles. This turned out to be a powerful show dealing with where we find ourselves today regarding Christianity in America—I encourage you to read the article and stay tuned for a link to the program coming soon.

At the end of this month Cindy and I will be traveling to Eureka, CA to conduct a couples event for my friend, Pastor Jeff Kessenich. Please pray for our trip and that God will show up in a powerful way.

Finally, we still need your financial help at this time critical time. We are getting ready to enter into an agreement with our marketing firm that could take us to a new and exciting level with this ministry. We are in need of raising about 600.00 per month over the next six months to make this a reality. Please pray about helping us.

Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support for Cindy and me and what God is doing through On Target Ministries.

May God richly bless you as we continue to partner together for the souls of men,


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April Exciting News 2017

sdrm-mf-graduation-jan2017-133March was a great ministry month. As we are getting settled here in Temecula we are experiencing God opening up more doors. On the 11th Cindy and I drove to Scottsdale, Arizona for a men’s event we conducted for our friend Pastor Jeff Ruby and Casa De Cristo Lutheran Church. They had a wonderful turn out and we were able to minister a powerful session on Understanding Accountability. I also brought a brief message on a new topic just developed dealing with A Man And His Friends. We had a great time and the men were blessed.

On the 24th I had the privilege of speaking for Promise Keepers New Zealand. They were able to feed a live Skype video to over 50 locations and thousands of men throughout that nation. My topic had to do with overcoming trials and included Cindy’s story of amazing healing and all the lessons God taught us through that challenging time. Here is a link to the actual video they showed.

Here are a few of the actual comments they received:

Powerful message on Trials to Triumphs from Vince D’Acchioli. It was authentic, gritty, and inspirational with spiritual depth. Highly recommended!!  –Justin St. Vincent

This event from Vince was superb. I think that he has hit an area where people get very vulnerable, and his message of not only submitting to God, but looking for what He may teach was powerful and very well communicated.  –Nathan – Inglewood 

There was some quality discussion in my group that really brought out some hidden things.  –Geoff Wiklund

Thanks for the life-changing treat today, with Vince and the PK team  –Jack Ponting

My final event was at our wonderful home church, Sunridge Community. I had the privilege of speaking to about 65 guys who showed up for a basketball tournament. Our Pastor, Britt Sipe, asked me to lead in a brief devotional time before the grunting, pushing and shoving got started. I shared on the two most important life lessons I have encountered over the years and ended with The Secret To Life. If you want to hear that secret you will find it at the end of the video linked earlier.

In all it was a great month and now we are preparing for our next big opportunity to minister in Buffalo, New York this next weekend. This is our major event for April and brings me to the Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) Conference for my friend Scott Haima. They have asked me to be the closing plenary speaker as well as conduct a seminar for pastors. They are expecting upwards of 700 men to attend and these events are always very special for me.

Also this month, I will be meeting with several key ministry leaders from around the country in Colorado to talk about discovering ways to work together in an effective way to advance our ministries. It’s the old question, what can we do together better than any of us can do alone. This meeting will be taking place on the 19th and 20th in Colorado Springs where Cindy and I are planning to spend a couple of weeks visiting our kids and doing some studio work.

I am working with our producer and board member, Pat McGuire, to produce 30 or so 2-3 minute video blogs that will be distributed through our website and a number of social media channels. We think this may be a great future for us as we try to increase the number of people who might ask us to minister to them on a daily or weekly basis. They would be considered devotionals with a powerful point related in a light, and sometimes humorous, way. Let me know what you think about that. People who know me think it might fit with my strange personality.

Finally, please pray for these up-coming events. Also consider helping us financially. All of the media production we are doing have significant costs. Pat has been very gracious and at times gone over and above in his dedication to getting this stuff out but we need to honor him with what his creativity deserves. We need you to help us in a pay it forward kind of way. This is the idea that what you give helps make these ministry resources available for those who cannot afford them.

Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support for Cindy and me and what God is doing through On Target Ministries.

May God richly bless you as we continue to partner together for the souls of men,

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GROWING NEW VINES (Finally in Temecula)


February was a month that will never be forgotten by the D’Acchioli’s. It was the month of transition that we have been anticipating now for over a year. Our home, and the headquarters for On Target Ministries for 25 years in Colorado, finally sold. It was my job to drive back to Colorado from Temecula in order to pack and go through the final closing before heading back to our new home here in California.

To say it was bittersweet would be the understatement of the century. I found myself over several days of packing and cleaning becoming very emotional. Cindy, though not with me for this trip, was experiencing the same thing. I would go from room to room and experience such profound and special memories. At times I would break into tears—not of sadness—but of joy and appreciation for all that God has allowed us to experience in this wonderful home.

What made this special occasion even more exciting was finally meeting the new owners. Cindy and I have been praying for over a year now for God to send just the right family. People who would appreciate some of our memories and look forward to God bringing them some new ones. After signing the final papers I had the opportunity to meet the new owners and take them on a special tour of their new home.

This was such a special time as mom and dad along with four of their five girls were there. The children ranged from two who were in college down to 12 years in age. None of the girls had seen the house yet but were told what rooms they would be in. The excitement on their faces was so special to see. When I told them that Dr. Jim and Shirley Dobson had actually been in their new dining room for dinner they were so blessed. It turns out they are believers and really appreciated the ministry that had gone on there.

As I was leaving I indicated that twenty-five years ago I prayed over this property and established four spiritual pillars. I asked them if they would like to hear more about that and their eyes lit up with excitement. When I finished sharing about the pillars and how they were selected they indicated that they would be praying over them moving forward. Needless to say, I was so thrilled. It was a spiritual confirmation that helped bring closure and a sense of joy to this very impactful move.

So, here we are in Temecula. It now looks like we will be renting our daughter Kim’s home as they set out on a new journey of their own. They are moving to Illinois for a big promotion for Jason. Parker, our oldest grandson will be staying behind and just got accepted to Cal Baptist University. We will have the pleasure of seeing him on many weekends. It is amazing to see how God has orchestrated all of this and we actually end up in a home that Cindy and I just love while at the same time helping our kids.

Cindy and I are truly excited about new doors of opportunity that God is already opening for us personally and for our ministry. We have gone through some pruning indeed but are now seeing some new vines taking shape. My involvement with our new church, Sunridge Community and the San Diego Rescue Mission are but two highlights in a longer list of potential ministry for OTM.

In line with this may we ask you to please pray for our upcoming ministry events. I am going to Scottsdale next week for La Casa De Cristo Church’s men’s event and also conducting a Skype conference call for Promise Keepers, New Zealand on the 24th. After that I am off to Buffalo New York for a major conference for Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) where I will be bringing a plenary session and special workshop for pastors and leaders.

We are also prepping for our startup OTI weekly meetings here in Temecula and at the rescue mission starting soon. The mission will have about 150 men every week and may be live-streamed for other missions around the country that may wish to participate. Very exciting.

Finally, also pray that the necessary funding comes in for our final product to support the new Men On Target curriculum. Pat McGuire is already working on our manual for this powerful series and we believe it is going to be a very important component, particularly in the mission’s and prison environments.

Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support for Cindy and me and what God is doing through On Target Ministries.

Becoming the man God intended,

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Exciting News Entering 2017 In Temecula

sdrm-mf-graduation-jan2017-127January was such an exciting month. So many things happening here in Temecula. Needless to say, there are still a lot of challenges ahead of us as we seek to get settled in. Cindy and I are now looking at renting for at least six months and maybe a year. We may actually be renting our daughter’s home for a while as they may be transitioning to the Chicago area for an incredible promotion for Jason. We are so proud of him.

I will be back in the Spring’s probably from about the 11th through about the 23rd of February to finish packing up our home and move our furniture into storage. The home actually closes on the 21st. That is a big praise report. While there I am looking forward to connecting with family and some old friends.

On the ministry front—I cannot remember a time in recent history where I have been more optimistic and excited. Our church, Sunridge Community, has asked me to begin our OTI here and make it available for the entire valley to be launched with my speaking on Fathers Day. In addition they are talking to us about doing a Couples On Target Saturday event followed by a 6-week follow up series around Mothers day. They have also graciously donated a beautiful office for me to use.

sdrm-mf-graduation-jan2017-137-mLast week Cindy and I went to the San Diego Rescue Mission where I spoke to their graduation class. Hundreds gathered for this event and God really showed up. I was able to share a great word of encouragement for the graduates as they move on with their lives and discover God’s great vision and plan that lies before them. Cindy and I got to be on the platform and were able to shake the hand of every one of these precious men and women whom God has healed.

The Mission has also asked me to consider doing a live OTI there every Wednesday morning for about 150 men in their program. John Ashmen, who is the head of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM), has suggested that his organization may want to partner with us to make the Wednesday teachings available by LiveStream for other missions through the country who may want to participate.

You may recall that I had the privilege of bringing a keynote message to their convention a few months back where over 1000 leaders gathered in Jacksonville, Florida. I truly love what this group is doing around our nation. As a result of that event there are now a growing number of missions who have adopted our new curriculum for their men’s programs.

One of the things we have learned from our experience rolling out the new curriculum to missions and prisons is the need for a hard copy manual to put in the hands of our participants. Toward that end our producer, Pat McGuire, has designed a wonderful two-part manual that we can produce and make available through print-on-demand. Our current handouts are available on line for each session but must be downloaded individually. The new workbooks will be much better and facilitate students having a resource they can keep with them and use in their devotional time.

This is an area you may want to pray about helping us. We need to raise about 5,000.00 to cover the development cost. If you wish to contribute toward this effort please indicate that along with your donation and we will make sure it is designated toward that project. This is the final piece in the completion of our new Men On Target two-year curriculum.

As you can see, a lot to be thankful for and we are praising God for how He is opening new doors. Here are some areas where we can still use some prayer:

  • Pray that God brings clear direction and peace with regard to our decisions about our temporary living quarters—rent—buy?
  • Pray that doors continue to open here and around the country for expanded ministry opportunity
  • Pray that our OTI efforts at the mission and Sunridge Community Church go well
  • Pray the necessary funding comes in this month to complete workbook production

Thank you so much for your prayers, love and support for Cindy and me and what God is doing through On Target Ministries.


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The End Of Another Year—The Beginning Of A New And Exciting Season For On Target Ministries And The D’Acchioli’s


god-is-doing-a-new-thingCindy and I want to begin by wishing all of you a very happy and blessed New Year filled with joy and great expectation of what God is going to do. Here is an excerpt from Oswald Chambers I just read—I pray it blesses you:

You shall not go out with haste, … for the Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard. Isa 52:12

As we go forth into the coming year, let it not be in the haste of impetuous, forgetful delight, nor with the quickness of impulsive thoughtlessness. But let us go out with the patient power of knowing that the God of Israel will go before us. Our yesterdays hold broken and irreversible things for us. It is true that we have lost opportunities that will never return, but God can transform this destructive anxiety into a constructive thoughtfulness for the future. Let the past rest, but let it rest in the sweet embrace of Christ.
Leave the broken, irreversible past in His hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him.
 -Oswald Chambers

Here is an update on our move to Temecula and home sale in Colorado. We are finally under contract and expect to close on our Colorado property February 22nd. That is reason for praise indeed. It has been a longer time then we were anticipating, made more difficult by the challenge of being apart from Cindy for these many months. She has been staying in Temecula at our daughter Kim’s home and feeling great again at sea level.

We decided that I would stay in Colorado for Christmas this year with Kris and Mark and grandkids and she would stay in California with Kim and family so we could be with both! I left right after Christmas and drove with our dog Beau to Temecula. I arrived on December 27th and am now here for good. It is so great to finally be together again. Kim and Jason have graciously extended an invitation to stay with them while we find a home to rent or buy.

On the ministry front there is much going on. We finished up our video curriculum series and also spent some time in the studio last month taping several new series and TV programs. Our internet marketing is going well and we are anticipating some great results soon. We have had around 1,000 people subscribe to our online daily devotional series over the last several months. The feedback so far has been wonderful.

I am in conversations with local leaders to begin our On Target Institute here in the Temecula Valley soon. There does not appear to be anything quite like that here. Our new church home will be Sunridge Community Church and our pastor is a wonderful man who we have come to know and love, Britt Sipe. Britt and I have been talking about using their facility to host our weekly meetings and get back up on LiveStream. If you would like to know more about the ministry at Sunridge please click here.

This month I also have the privilege of speaking at the graduation ceremony for The San Diego Rescue mission and my friend Herb Johnson. Cindy and I were there last year and it was an emotional event that really blessed us. I am looking forward to sharing The Secret To Life with this year’s graduates.

I am also finalizing a chapter that will be included in a new book coming out in a few months from the National Coalition of Ministries to Men (NCMM). As one of the original founding members it is an honor to be asked to contribute. My chapter will be addressed to the “Senior Pastor” and deal with the importance of his role in the effective discipleship of his men. More on this as it develops.

As you continue to hold us up in prayer please ask God to help us find just the right home and continue to open up ministry opportunities for us here in California. Also pray for our 2017 calendar to fill up with events throughout North America.

This is an exciting but challenging time for all of us. As we face the many uncertainties before us let us lift each other up, believing God, taking Him at His Word, being courageous and steadfast in our convictions. Let us move forward this New Year allowing Him to prepare us to be able to stand on the front lines of the battle for our families and our nation!

Finally, Cindy and I want you to know how thankful we are for the generous year-end gifts that come from so many of our faithful partners. Your contributions are so appreciated especially during this challenging time of transition.

Advancing His kingdom together,


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180 Degree Emotional Swings

2newimg_3644180 degree emotional swings. While our spiritual compass is firmly fixed upon our Lord and Savior, Jesus—our emotions are all over the map. I find myself going from extreme joy to heart wrenching sadness and this may be one of the most challenging newsletters I have ever written. Let me explain:

I received news yesterday that my brother, Ron is in very serious condition as he is battling a rare immune system disease. Needless to say this has become the center of our concerns and the intense focus of our prayers at this time.

At the same time, it looks like we have an offer in hand for the purchase of our home. While we still need to come to terms with the details as they are negotiated, it is good news never-the-less. Whether the sale goes through or not we have made the decision that I need to move to California sometime in January. If the house does not sell Cindy and I will have to seek out temporary living arrangements until it does.

Because of all that is happening it has become impossible to outline a schedule for the next month or two. My brother is in San Jose, California. I am scheduled to fly to Temecula to be with Cindy over the holidays and will leave the 18th of this month and come back to Colorado Jan 3rd. All of this of course is subject to what is happening with Ron and his family. Please pray for me to be everywhere the Lord wants me to be and at the right time.

I have two important assignments here in Colorado Springs next week, also subject to change. I have been asked to preside over a memorial service for one of my closest friends, Bruce Larsen, whose wife has gone home to be with the Lord. I am also speaking at the Men With A Purpose (MWAP) Christmas Luncheon on the 8th. There will be around 200 in attendance and many are some of my closest friends in this community. It will be kind of a farewell address and Christmas devotional all rolled together.

img_0162On the extreme joy side, I just returned from a ministry trip to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where I spoke at a men’s gathering and three church services for Beulah Alliance Church. This is one of the largest congregations in Canada. There were close to 400 men at the breakfast on Saturday morning where I talked about the importance of an intimate relationship with our Lord. Over 30 men gave their hearts to Jesus. It was an overwhelming experience and you could feel the presence of the Lord in that auditorium.

The weekend services ministered to thousands across two campuses and the feedback from many was amazing. I spoke on the topic, Facing The Unexpected as the concluding message in a series their Pastor started titled, Insomnia…What Keeps You Up At Night? I shared Cindy’s story and all that God taught us as we navigated our deep trial back in 2010. You can watch the message here. Cindy opened the service with prayer through my cellphone, which was so very special as they had our picture up on the big screens.

As you can see there is a lot happening and still so much to see God unpack in these days and weeks ahead.

This year, because of all the uncertainty and extra costs associated with relocating the ministry, we have some very challenging financial needs. December is the month where many ministries depend on special year-end giving to get into the new season. For as long as we have been in ministry we have been so blessed by your generous December gifts.

Please pray for us, Ron and his family, and also God’s will to come through regarding the sale of our home and the details of our new home in Temecula.

Also, please pray about helping us with a very special year-end gift at this time.

Cindy and I want you to know how deeply blessed we are to have your prayers and financial support—you are dearly loved,


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November 2016 Exciting News & Move Update

prisonquotewebAs I write to you today Cindy and I are in Temecula. I drove her back here last week and am planning to fly back to Colorado this Wednesday November 9th. Cindy is back settled in at our daughter’s home here and will begin looking for a home to rent or buy as I wind things down back in Colorado. I have a few speaking assignments to finish and am planning on moving out to be with Cindy before the end of the year. Please continue to pray for our home to sell and the Lord help us settle into our new home and responsibilities.

Last Saturday I had the privilege of speaking to the Centerpoint Church men’s breakfast here in Murrieta where our daughter’s family attends. This is one if the largest churches in this area and they brought their two campuses together for this event. It was a great gathering and I brought a message on developing an intimate relationship with Jesus. There were 10-15 men who gave their heart to the Lord and many others who made commitments to get closer to Him in the spirit of (James 4:8). I am looking forward to working more closely with their men’s ministry team in the future.

Next week I speak for my friend Bill Anderson at his annual Leadership Development Council (LDC) in Colorado Springs at the beautiful Hideaway. Then, on Thanksgiving weekend I will be in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for a weekend with Beulah Alliance Church. This is one of the largest churches in Canada and they are expecting over 500 men at the Saturday event. I will also have the privilege of speaking at all of their weekend services that are broadcast to multiple campuses.

On Monday the 5th of December I will be attending my last CEO breakfast in the Spring’s and then on the 8th I have been asked by my friend Dwight Johnson to bring the message for the Men With A Purpose Christmas Banquet. This unique gathering of men has been a real blessing for our community and on this occasion the wives are invited—it will be festive for sure. Cindy and I have fond memories of addressing this gathering in San Diego years ago and brought a special message on marriage. If you are in the Colorado Springs area and would like to attend please contact me for more information.

As of this writing I am planning to move out to Temecula sometime after the 10th of December providing we can secure a temporary place to rent or stay until we sell our home and decide where to settle in.

Cindy and I want to encourage you to please pray for us during this time. As you may suspect, this Christmas will be a little different. One of the more special things we love to do is decorate and entertain during the holidays and while this year will be special as we celebrate with family—it is not the same when you are between homes.

It is also going to continue to be trying financially as we cannot afford to rent in Temecula and carry our home in Colorado at the same time. In addition, we also need some strong year-end gifts to come in as most ministries like ours really count on them to get through the December season. Please consider these points of prayer and also helping financially as you are able. I have included the information from last month regarding some creative ways you may want to pray about giving. Please also be on the lookout over this next week as I am sending a special brief video announcement outlining the exciting His Kingdom Funding program that will help us with our effort to reach out to rescue missions and prisons.

Here are a couple of creative ways you can help us;

Save this link and go to it for all your Amazon purchases. It takes you to your sign in page and changes nothing on your end but Amazon contributes a percentage of every sale to On Target.

Also, you can sign up a credit card through His Kingdom Funding and it will round up every sale to the next dollar. The contribution then goes to On Target minus a 10% administration fee. Click here and be sure to watch the videos for instructions.

Cindy and I love you dearly and pray God’s richest blessings upon you and your family.

Helping men become all that God intended,


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October 2016 Special News & Godly GrandFathering DVD Release

FullSizeRenderAs I write to you today Cindy and I have just finished our drive from Temecula back here to our home in Monument, Colorado. As you may know, Cindy has been in California and apart from me for about 5 months now. She is back here at this time for two reasons. First, we have a couple of important doctor follow up appointments and second, we wanted to see if there has been any change in her condition.

While I am happy to report she has made the trip here very well, we are not experiencing any significant change in her need for oxygen assistance. Our plan is to be here for most of October and then I will drive her back. It was such a blessing to see how our kids and grandkids here reacted to seeing her. Cindy is basking in the glow of all their love and affection and I am thrilled to have her back for this brief time.

As for the future of our personal and ministry move, we are not experiencing any activity yet on the sale of our home. It looks like purchases for our price range have dried up causing us to seek the Lord for options. If possible financially, I may make the move and leave the home empty or possibly lease it for a time. We are looking at that possibility right now and could use your prayers.

At the end of last month I had to make an emergency trip to San Jose, California as my brother, Ron was in the hospital with a rare but potentially life-threatening condition. I was there for about a week and am happy to report that as of today, he is home and his condition is improving. As a result, I also had to cancel a trip to Phoenix and a speaking assignment there at Casa De Cristo Church. Our good friends there have graciously agreed to rebook the event for later this fall or early spring.

On a positive note several encouraging things are happening. First, we received a major gift dedicated toward the completion of our last two volumes for the new curriculum. Pat McGuire is now doing the final authoring and repackaging to be ready very soon. We have enough wonderful content to market this as a two-year series.   I will have more information to share on this soon.

Pat is also working on launching a new app that can be downloaded into tablets and smartphones for On Target. The app will be our branded property and allow us to push content directly to the user. Can you imagine the potential of that? People can sign up to receive our daily devotionals and even watch our video series right on their devices.

In addition, we are preparing to make serious inroads into the rescue mission and prison environment with our new curriculum. I am more excited about this than almost anything we have ever accomplished. I have seen how this material works in these places and we have been so blessed by the incredible testimonies we have received.

As I close please allow me to make a special appeal for help this month. When we received the funds last month to complete our project I knew that I had to give all of it to Pat. He has been so patient and faithful to help us even when no money was coming his way. The result of that decision and the cancellation of our last event mentioned earlier, has created a shortfall last month of $5,000.00.

As you can imagine, with all the unknowns we are currently facing regarding our future and the major move we are desperately seeking God for His plan and provision. Dear friend, whether you can give financially or not Cindy and I do want to ask you to please pray for us through this challenging and exciting time.

Here are a couple of creative ways you can help us;

Save this link and go to it for all your Amazon purchases. It takes you to your sign in page and changes nothing on your end but Amazon contributes a percentage of every sale to On Target.

Also, you can sign up a credit card through His Kingdom Funding and it will round up every sale to the next dollar. The contribution then goes to On Target minus a 10% administration fee. Click here and be sure to watch the videos for instructions.

Finally, we are now in production of our new Godly GrandFathering video and you can find it in our on-line shop here For donations of 50.00 or more I will be sending you a free copy. I am so excited about this product—it is so needed today.

Cindy and I love you dearly and pray God’s richest blessings upon you and your family.


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We are at an exciting pinnacle 25 years in the making

a83d75cd-c53b-47bf-bb3f-b64cd12c77a6Most Christian men aren’t on a path to be all that God intended them to be. I have done my best, with God, to reach as many as I could. But what I could do has been limited by the simple fact that I can only be in one place at a time ministering to men. A critical truth that God showed me years ago was that in order for men to have real transformational change they had to be in a relational environment. I couldn’t do more. I had to find a way to get what God showed me into the hands of other leaders of men.

To Cindy and I, this is the most exciting and potentially powerful pinnacle in all of our years of ministry! In the years of ministering to tens of thousands of men, God has brought great results. Many of you reading this letter were impacted by OTI. Now, for the first time ever, we can distribute the material via DVD and online to men all around the world and guide them into what God intended for them. Men will get the lessons and watch them with their small groups of men and be changed. We are so excited about this! And we know you are too!

Pat and I have spent 100s if not more hours working on this so that it can be a blessing. We have spent many hours together recording, refining and readying the Men On Target curriculum. The goal is to help men Become the Man God Intended and it is now ready for distribution. God is already using this! We are experiencing tremendous results as reported by early adopters:

“When we started this we had no idea what we were in for…this is the best I have seen” – 25 year men’s ministry veteran

(Click here for video)

The best thing I could be experiencing since getting out of prison…” – former inmate

(Click here for video)

47d8aa39-2cf3-423d-9ce8-23513bc4d709Praise God for what He is doing in the lives of men through OTI! Thank you to those of you who have prayed and given to make all this possible.

As you may know, you can have the most wonderful product in the world but if people do not know about it—it stays on th
e shelf. We cannot afford to let that happen. We now have to get the word out through expanding our base and well thought out marketing–this is where we need your help.

We received, by the grace of God, $10,000.00 a month in free Google Ads through a grant. I am told that if we maximize these ads we will be able to secure an increase to $40,000.00 a month. This is an amazing gift from God but not without a cost. To manage all of this on the technical side is going to take expertise we do not have internally. Plus, it will require us to be at a higher level of maintenance for the website. An additional monthly support of $1500.00 is needed over and above regular operating expenses and other fundraising needs in order to make this happen. This is a very reasonable price and we are thankful the people that will be helping us with this also have a real heart to see the Men On Target curriculum get into the hands of leaders of men.

At this point we are basically stuck until we can raise the monthly support to release our creative, technical and marketing people to do their work. Your prayerful consideration at this time is very important—PLEASE pray and ask God if you may be someone He wants to use to help us. I trust Him completely and know He will answer your prayers.

If you are a church, please consider putting us on your mission budget for the next year. If you are an individual or part of a family, please pray about generously partnering with OTI. When you give to OTI, you are helping us reach more men all around the world.

Giving is easy. Here are four simple ways:

  • Our number one request is for new or increased monthly partnerships. Click this link to do that: If you choose to use this method please either call or email me with your complete contact information if you are not already on our list.
  • One-time gifts are greatly appreciated. Click this link to do that:
  • Use your bank’s “bill pay” feature to send donations (recurring or one-time)
  • Mail your gift to On Target Ministries, PO Box 1654, Monument, Colorado, 80132

If you have any questions or would like to talk with me personally, perhaps about OTI, or something going on in your life, please call my cell at 719-649-1000. I’d love to hear from you. You may remember that Cindy is in California right now (and doing very well!) and I am in Colorado while our house is waiting to sell.

Finally, I want to bless you. For your help in this effort, I want to give you two very special gifts. First, a free membership online to our full curriculum – this includes the new Men On Target series. This gives you the ability to download teachings and to share as you wish (currently a $120.00 item). I also want to sign you up for our 30-day email devotional on fear. This powerful daily ministry has helped thousands in overcoming fear—a special resource for these trying times. When you make a donation, it will automatically send us a note and then we will get these to you as soon as we can.

Cindy and I love you dearly and pray God’s richest blessings upon you and your family.

In His Service,


P.S. Here is another testimony!

The short time that I have been associated with OTI has changed my life dramatically. Not only have I accepted Christ as my savior and asked for His help in my life, but I have found fellowship with other men that I have not ever known before. I’m sharing things with these men that I have never shared with anyone before, and I really feel they are listening. Even more important is that they are sharing with me and I’m listening. God Bless. —P.D.

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VinceCindyPorJuly was a special month. As you may know, I moved Cindy to Temecula to live with our daughter Kim and her family until our home here in Colorado sells and I can join her. She was there for a couple of months before I had the opportunity to see her as I spent most of the month of July there. It was so wonderful to be reunited with her and also spend considerable time meeting and networking in the area regarding our future ministry opportunities.

I was able to meet with numbers of contacts from the business world as well as many ministry leaders and Pastors. The exciting takeaway for me was the surfacing of at least two and perhaps three places where I might be able to minister and consult on a part-time basis to use our gifts and further the financial stability of On Target Ministry and my family. More news on this is forthcoming.

On July 29th I packed up Beau, our Golden Retriever, and headed back to Colorado to wrap things up and help in getting our home sold. The challenge right now is that we are not getting a lot of lookers. We lowered the price last week and praying that God send us just the right family to enjoy the home we loved so much for over 25 years. It looks like I will have to be here until our home sells, as we do not have the ability to make the move and pay rent on the other end while still carrying the mortgage here.

On the way home our friend Frank Martin, from Las Vegas, asked me to speak at their men’s retreat for Canyon Ridge Church. The event was at the Martin’s cabin about 10,000 feet above Cedar City, Utah. There were over 130 men in attendance and I had the honor of bringing the opening session on that Friday night around the topic of Authenticity. This church holds a very special place in our heart as it was where we taped our teaching, Armed…Ready For Battle, back around 2010.

It was about a year after Cindy’s miraculous recovery from her life threatening illness, I told the story of our family’s journey revealing what God had taught us through the struggle. It became a special video on our website and is still there ministering to hundreds of people who are facing tough times. I still remember introducing Cindy at the end to a standing ovation as Pastor Kevin Odor came out and prayed over us. It was nice to see him again at the men’s event.

God really used our message as about 30 men gave their heart to Jesus at the conclusion. I spent the night there in the Martin’s cabin and left early the next morning to complete my trip back to Colorado. Beau and I arrived late afternoon on that Saturday exhausted from our trip but rejuvenated by seeing our family here and enjoying dinner with them.

Since back I have been having some intense times of prayer and fellowship with God every morning. I am so excited about our future but I must admit, also a little intimidated from not having a clearer picture on what that future looks like. What I believe He is telling me is to be patient and just stay close to him. If you are like me you know how important it is to do that but you also struggle with so many questions that need answers. I know that prayer is the key here so I want to ask you to please take the following prayer requests to our Lord on our behalf.

Prayer requests for Vince and Cindy:

  • Pray that God bring just the right buyer for our home and for just the right price
  • Pray for clarity on what options to pick in Temecula for future ministry opportunities
  • Pray for Cindy to have peace in her heart having to wait on closure for our situation
  • Pray for Vince to have favor with all the people and programs still needing to connect to further OTM and the final packaging of our new curriculum
  • Pray for funds to come in to get us through the difficult summer months

NOTE: You may recall that I did not conduct our annual Golf Fundraiser this year as it would have prevented me from spending time with Cindy. Instead, I appealed to our former participants to consider a special gift at this time. To date, we have had only two people participate—so please—pray about helping us if you are able.

Cindy and I pray God’s richest blessing upon you and your family.

            Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,

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Important Update on Cindy and Our Major Move, July 2016

3d2bde1Below is an important email I sent out to some of our faithful donors and prayer partners last week.  I wanted to expand this message to you, our larger constituency, to let you know what is going on and ask for your special consideration in helping us at this time.

Here is an important update and special call for your financial help at this critical time. As you may know, Cindy is now settled, without the need for oxygen support, at our daughter’s house in Temecula, CA. Her health could not be better and her spirits are high and only dampened by the predictable bittersweet circumstances in leaving our precious family and friends here in Colorado.

I am still here until our home sells—it went on the market officially last Saturday. It is hard not being with Cindy so I am planning on spending most of July there with her. As a result, through prayer and wise Godly counsel, I have decided that our annual golf fundraiser will not happen this year. I simply do not have the bandwidth to put that on with all the other moving parts that have to be managed as part of this major move.

That said, it brings to light our need to find alternative funding sources to help us through the summer months, contribute to our moving costs, retire our short-term debt and pay the final installment for the completion of our MOT Curriculum.

Here is the good news. If we can raise the roughly $30,000.00 necessary to accomplish all of this, we will be able to reset everything when we arrive in California. It will be a clean slate and exciting new beginning of what God is going to unfold there.



If you have participated in our golf tourney in years past and were thinking of signing up for 2016, would you please consider donating at that level for this effort?

The single player fee has always been $250.00 and the foursomes go for $1,000.00 each. I know that some of you in the past have actually sponsored players and even multiple foursomes. Please pray about doing the same again for us this year as a send off for On Target.

For any of you who can contribute at the 250.00 level or above I will include a free annual membership to all of our on line resources including our new curriculum (a $99.00 value)

Here are three ways to contribute:

  • You can send a payment to On Target Ministries at our PO Box 1654, Monument, CO 80132-1654
  • You can send it directly to Cindy in California at below

Kim Butchko (our daughter)
43799 Via Cavalo
Temecula CA 92592

Thank you so much and may God richly bless you,



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IMPORTANT UPDATE On Our Big Transition (June 2016)

images-2Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give hope and a future

Over 30 years ago a great man of God by the name of Dick Mills prayed over Cindy and me during a season where we were teaching our marrieds class at The Church On The Way. He told us that God gave him some verses to share with us—Jeremiah 29:11 was one of them. I cannot tell you how many times this verse has come back to us at significant times of great challenge. It remains a special blessing to us at this important transition time in our life and ministry.

Cindy’s move to California
As I write to you today we are literally packing up Cindy’s car to drive to Temecula this Tuesday May 31st. We should arrive at our daughter Kim’s home sometime Wednesday and the plan is to get Cindy settled in and then I will fly back to Colorado that following Sunday, remaining at our home until it sells. Our son-in-law, Mark McWilliams will be putting the home on the market officially sometime mid June.

Once our home sells we can then more clearly assess our options in Temecula. Needless to say, transitions like this are never easy. I am not looking forward to being without my bride for an extended period—most of you know how lost I am without her.

Let me share briefly a couple of ministry notes and then leave you with a very important list of prayer requests for us. On Tuesday June 7th, Pat McGuire and I head for Jacksonville, Florida where I will be addressing the Association Of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM) national conference. My plenary session will be the opening one on Wednesday morning and I am looking forward to what God is going to do. They are expecting around 1,000 delegates, most of them CEO’s from missions throughout North America.

I have spent a lot of time asking God to give me a special message for this precious group of leaders. These men and women are literally the arrow-point of ministry in our nation today and the needs they provide are likely to become even more critical given the direction we are headed. Their theme is, Counter Culture. I believe the Lord is directing me to bring a hybrid message dealing with my title, Real Christianity In An Un-Real World along with a strong call to become serious about our personal spiritual preparedness to lead and serve.

Click on the image here for a video of the Real Christianity message I brought to over 1000 men at the ISI conference several weeks ago in Springfield, IL.

We will be in Florida for two days and then back home to plan a farewell golf event (between July 19—August 16) and work on our garage sale and other logistics associated with the transition. For those of you who have gone through a move like this, you know all that it entails—I’m tired just thinking about it.

 OK, with all that as a backdrop here now is the important stuff—Cindy and my personal call for your intercessory PRAYER. Please take the list below to God in our behalf over this next season:

Prayer for Vince and Cindy and On Target ministries

  • For Cindy to get settled into Temecula and for God to heal her lungs completely
  • For our home to sell quickly and for a fair price that will help us as we scale down and look to get debt free. (Our total retirement is wrapped up in the small amount of equity remaining in our home)
  • For an incredible response to our upcoming farewell golf fundraiser
  • For much needed funds to flow in order to help with our moving costs and pay for the completion of our new curriculum– Here is the link to our web donation page if you would like to help us
  • For Pat and I to have a powerful time in Jacksonville as I speak and we together announce our new curriculum to the AGRM
  • For God to show us just the right home to either buy or rent as we transition
  • For God to open new doors of ministry opportunity in the Southern California area

I’ll be sending another update soon to let you know how things are going. Remember that as a financial partner, every person that we minister to is someone that you are ministering to as well.

Cindy and I pray God’s richest blessing upon you and your family.


Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,

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BIG NEWS regarding the future for Vince and Cindy and On Target Ministries

wine-countryThere are some major changes on the immediate horizon for Cindy and me and we want to let you know what is going on with that, how On Target Ministries is going to move forward, and how you can help. Before I get too far into all that, please know that we are excited about the future and we truly believe that we can see God’s hand guiding our path. In fact, we see the best days of ministry ahead of us. There are only a hundred or so of you that I am sending this to, so you are really the ones that are “with us” in all that we do. I apologize in advance that there are so many big things in this letter, but if I didn’t share them I’d be leaving things out that are very important.

Cindy’s Health
Cindy is having oxygen level problems with her lungs at this altitude. Around the beginning of April we noticed that Cindy’s oxygen levels were dropping. The doctors put her through extensive testing and numerous visits and concluded that the elevation here in Colorado Springs is having a detrimental affect on her oxygen intake.

The prognosis is that she can live here but will need to be on oxygen assist, but not at sea level. Armed with that news we spent most of May visiting our daughter in Temecula, California. While on this trip we discovered that Cindy was fine—in fact, her oxygen numbers were better than mine. In addition, both the Pulmonary and Cardiology doctors there gave her positive reports. Her lung capacity and pulmonary pressure levels were fine.

So… California – Here we come! The D’Acchioli’s and On Target Ministries are moving!

OTM’s Future
We want you to know that we are seeing God’s wonderful hand in all of this. The difficulty for Cindy and me will come from having to leave our precious family and grandchildren here. I will also miss the wonderful friends and associates who have helped us over this past couple of years to re-launch OTM. I am amazed at the timing of all this. Pat McGuire, our producer has just completed the final taping of the last two volumes of our new curriculum. We also just finished our last session of the live On Target Institute sessions here at the Jericho Center.

Not only is the timing right on this end but let me tell you about what we are seeing God preparing for us on the horizon. The opportunities for us in Southern California are off the charts. With the ministry now poised to go to another level, our TV programs being aired on the NRB Network, and many churches and organizations picking up our curriculum, we are seeing very positive results and wonderful feedback.

While on this trip I had the privilege of speaking at two local churches, a men’s event in San Diego and a wonderful visit to the San Diego Rescue Mission. In all we experienced over 100 precious people give their hearts to the Lord. My dear friend, Pastor Britt, told me that in one service alone 15 people actually filled out the follow up card and registered that they asked Jesus into their heart. WOW! We do not see that very often—these new believers will be invited to a special class and encouraged in their journey.

While On Target Ministries will not miss a beat, we are convinced that additional opportunities to serve, consult, coach and even offer part-time assistance to local organizations and churches will be significant. I have already connected with a couple of possible locations to fire up our local OTI gathering of men and continue our live-stream broadcasts. I am convinced that we could see hundreds of men in the Temecula Valley sign up for this powerful weekly gathering.

Our Request
Having said all of that, and as excited as we are to see the incredible new things God is going to do, we are also mindful that the transition does come with physical, emotional and financial costs. Here is where we can really use your help.

First and foremost—PRAY! Pray that our home sells quickly and for the right price. As we are preparing to send Cindy back to California within the next two weeks, pray for her complete healing and that she gets settled in peacefully. And, oh yes—I will be alone so please pray for this guy as well. Pray for God’s peace to descend upon both of us, and our family, as we navigate this change.

Finally, please pray about helping us financially. Whenever ministries face this kind of transition it is both exciting and disruptive at the same time. Right now we are still planning our annual Golf Fundraiser for this summer. As you may know, this event is very important to the ministry. I believe this year we could see a special turnout for this annual event.

We are also about 6,000 dollars short of meeting our financial obligation for the last two volumes of our curriculum—this is critical. Perhaps you could help us with that. We will also be praying for additional funds to come in for help with the moving costs—as you know they can be substantial when moving this distance.

Next Steps
Thank you for your prayers. Cindy and I can’t tell you how much you mean to us. Please pray about giving into OTM either as a one time gift or, better yet, as a recurring gift. Here is the link to our web donation page If you would like to give monthly, then click the PayPal or recurring payment option and there is a box there to check to create automatic giving. Or you can mail a check to OTM at PO Box 1654, Monument, CO 80132-1654.

I’ll be sending an update soon to let you know how things are going. Remember that as a financial partner, every person that we minister to is someone that you are ministering to as well.

Cindy and I pray God’s richest blessing upon you and your family.

Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,

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April 2016 News (Another Incredible Month)

IMG_3688Looking back over the month of March we continue to be amazed and humbled at what God continues to do through On target Ministries. During mid March I was invited to be one of the plenary speakers for the Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) event in Springfield, IL. There were over 900 men present and the atmosphere was spiritually charged. Because the men were so receptive our time together was one of the most anointed times of ministry I can remember in many years.

My good friend, ministry startup partner and producer, Pat McGuire accompanied me to this event which was a significant blessing to me personally. He had designed our new booth and we were able to set up a graphically excellent video presentation for the maiden launch of our new curriculum. Pat actually had the videos playing on a laptop for men to
see. Because I had two workshops and the privilege of bringing the closing plenary session, there was significant traffic and sales were good.
My opening workshop dealt with Cindy’s story of miraculous healing and many men were touched as we shared the secrets to navigating tough times. I am amazed at how many men wanted to attend this session and the number that are experiencing struggles. The second workshop drew hundreds and dealt with The Differences Between Men And Women. The session was geared toward men who are married IMG_3651or in a relationship headed that direction. The response was very positive and could lead to a future couples event in this community.

During my closing plenary session I dealt with Real Christianity In An Un-Real World. Here I talked about the importance of living a life that demands an explanation. My closing illustration dealt with what I call The Secret To Racial Reconciliation. As I closed I felt led to ask men who were ready to open their hearts to Jesus to stand. The response was overwhelming as I took the opportunity to pray for dozens who were on their feet.

As I walked off I noticed many standing with heartfelt appreciation and applause. As I later reflected on what happened I realized that a large percentage of my audience were African Americans and that Springfield is just a short distance from Ferguson where there has been so much racial tension. The response to the racial reconciliation illustration was very emotional and positive. Our prayer is that many left recognizing that we have no hope for easing tensions unless we are willing to be reconciled with the only true peacemaker—Jesus. I reminded them that the two greatest commandments loving God first & our neighbor second, are in that order for a reason—you cannot do the latter without the former.

On Sunday Pat and I went to Koke Mill Christian Church. I had the privilege of speaking at both their Sunday morning services for my friend Pastor Stan Summers. It was such a wonderful experience as I remembered being with this precious congregation several years ago. Stan has been there over 17 years and God has blessed him with a wonderful flock—they are truly a close knit family.

The other momentous thing that happened this month was the culmination of our new Men On Target curriculum package. As you may know, this is now the final exclamation point for over 25 years of work in developing and massaging this content. I have been in studio with Pat for over a year now recording this dynamic content to complete our sixty 12-minute video segments and twelve leadership training sessions. Pat has also taken two segments and turned them into thirty half-hour TV shows being aired on the NRB Network. The official public launch for this took place during our ISI conference.

 Needless to say, this is a huge development for me personally. Knowing that the culmination for 30 years of ministry and development of this message is now memorialized to video is both humbling and spiritually satisfying. It is also exciting to know we are so close to seeing the final editing and authoring processes completed so we can order inventory of the finished product.

 While we are so grateful for the generous donations that have brought us to this point, we are still about $5,800.00 short of our final goal to bring this to that end. As a result I am asking you to prayerfully consider helping us arrive at our target. Please consider a one-time special gift to make this happen. If there were 10-12 people who would consider a sacrificial gift of $500.00 at this time, we could bring all of this home.

Finally, for any of you who have connections, either with your local church, missions organizations or prison ministries, I would be happy to forward a sample of our curriculum for you to share. We are already getting endorsements from many Christian leaders who are saying this may be one of the best disciple-making models available today.

Cindy and I pray God’s richest blessing upon you and your family.

Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,

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March 2016 News (An Incredible Month Of Ministry)

IMG_4650What an incredible month of ministry. It all began as I traveled to West Bend, IL for the No Regrets Conference. I was at one of the Satellite churches for this dynamic conference that went out to over 30,000 men across North America. The theme this year was Take Root and challenged men to go deeper in their walk with God. My two main sessions were Fit For The Master’s Use and Getting To Know Your Very Best Friend. In the first I shared my personal story followed by a teaching on how to have an intimate relationship with God.

On Sunday, Community Church asked me to come share the message Armed…Ready For Battle. As you me know, this message may be one of the most important ones we have ever put together and chronicles the events surrounding Cindy’s incredible journey through her life-threatening illness and miracle recovery. It is amazing to me to see what God is doing with her moving story. So many people were blessed and came up afterward to share how timely it was as they were navigating tough times.

On the 19th I traveled to O’Fallon, IL to speak for my friend Tom Cheshire at his Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) conference. It was a huge turn out and I had the privilege of sharing twice. The first session was for pastors and leaders and dealt with the importance of their own spiritual preparedness to serve. I have found that so many of us who are in spiritual leadership today often ignore our own need to go deeper with God. The response was excellent as many of the leaders there indicated their need to hear and receive this important word of encouragement.

My second session was a brand new message for me. The title is Godly GrandFathering and comes out of my continued awareness of the importance of being a godly grandfather as I endeavor to be just that to my six precious grandchildren. There is a move on right now around our country being driven by some friends of mine. Ken Canfield, from the National Center For Fathering, Dan Erickson, from People Matter Ministries and Cavin Harper, from the Christian Grandparenting Network are combining to raise awareness for this important topic. They have asked me to help and I am excited to do so.

I will be bringing this session to my OTI group this week and it will be available on our site in the LiveStream area by week’s end. I would encourage you to go there and watch it—it relates to all men whether you are a Grandfather or not. The men appreciated the message and were challenged to go out and make a difference in the lives of young people—it is never too late.

Later this month I travel to Springfield, IL to speak to the ISI conference there. They are expecting upwards of 7-800 men. I will also be speaking at Koke Mill Church on that Sunday for my friend Pastor Stan Summers. For this conference I have been asked to close it out with the main plenary session on the topic, Real Christianity In An Un-real World. This significant message deals with our call to go out and be a light in this darkened world and is a wakeup call for many who struggle with how to make a difference in a world that seems to have gone mad.

As I close let me share some other exciting news. We have just signed a contract with Klik Marketing to help us move our ministry into the growing social media market. Now that our curriculum is nearly completed it is time to go viral, as they say. Please pray about this. While we are starting to get a lot more traction and attention for this resource, there is still much more to do to spread the word. The feedback we are getting from the churches now using this has been wonderful. Many are saying it is the best they have ever encountered and is life-changing.

My friends, all the material we have developed is a culmination of my life’s work over 25 years of full-time ministry. These 60 life-altering sessions have been developed and massaged for probably over 30 years now and represent the very heartbeat of all that God has given me over these years. As I close just a reminder for you of how much we love and appreciate all you do for us. Your prayers and financial help truly are the fuel that keeps us going.

Cindy and I pray God’s richest blessing upon you and your family.

Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,

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February 2016 News

c71afdcf-18c4-4ec2-813b-5525fb6148f6Well, I must say January and the start of this New Year was a bit out-of-the-ordinary. It began with Cindy contracting a cough and some congestion. Whenever that happens to her we of course go into some significant prayer. You may recall that her lungs were seriously compromised back in 2010 due to her life-threatening illness. I am happy to say that it passed and she is doing fine—it did not go far however. She gave it to me.

For me it turned immediately into Pneumonia in my left lung and I have been battling it for the better part of the month. I am happy to report that it looks like I am on the other side now and preparing my first ministry trip coming up on the 5th. For me, though it has been tough, the down time may have been a blessing in disguise. I think sometimes God encourages us to use the inactivity that results as a time to get closer to Him—perhaps to gain a fresh perspective on where He desires to take us. It has been that for me.

On the ministry front three significant things to report. First, through the generous donation of one of our Board members, we entered into a contract with Klik Marketing to take our resources viral. It looks like we have qualified for a huge grant from Google in free software to promote our materials into markets we had never before been able to penetrate. This could be the long awaited answer to prayer we have been seeking. Thank you Pat McGuire for all your hard work in producing and now looking for effective marketing channels for our product.

Next, we are on the home stretch for completing the MOT curriculum sessions and TV programs. I will probably have one or two more full days in studio to complete taping and then, with the final funding needed, we can author and produce the final DVD package. This has been such an exciting process. The completed package is a representation of the core of everything God has given us to share over the past 25 years of ministry. I am overwhelmed to hear from so many around North America who are being blessed by these teachings.

Finally, our event schedule is starting to heat up. I have three significant trips over the next 6 weeks and several more already scheduled into the fall. In addition there are a number of tentative ones we are still negotiating. It looks like our exposure through the TV channels and those now using the curriculum are opening doors for us to do more live events.

In closing let me say again how much Cindy and I appreciate your generous donations to our ministry. We have just signed up for Amazon Smile, which allows all of our supporters to continue giving every time you make an Amazon purchase. All you have to do is click here to be taken to a page that allows you to designate our ministry as your “ministry of choice” to receive a small percentage of everything you purchase. It costs you nothing and if enough people sign up, it could really benefit OTM. Thanks so much for considering this option.

    Cindy and I pray God’s richest blessing upon you and your family.


Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,

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images2015 was pretty special for On Target Ministries as well as Cindy and I personally. On the personal side we celebrated 25 years of full time ministry and our 50th wedding anniversary.   For the ministry, well, almost too much to report but here are a few of the highlights made possible by your continued support in prayer and giving:

  • Developed all but the final volume of our six volume Men On Target curriculum series
  • Started our second On Target Institute in Monument, Colorado
  • Saw about a dozen new OTI’s spring up throughout the US and in Canada
  • Were blessed by a major endorsement from The Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada (PAOC) for our new curriculum
  • The National Religious Broadcaster (NRB) channel picked up our On Target TV shows for weekly broadcast

Here is just one of many testimonies from our broadcast:

Your ministry has been a Godsend. I am recently unemployed and your ministry has given me great encouragement during this time. The insights God has gifted you with are life changing and I want to encourage you that your testimony is inspiring, so keep sharing.

I watch the show with my wife and though it is geared to men she gets a lot too. I look forward to sharing these videos with the Men’s ministry in Philly. Thanks for the work you do, and please pray I find employment soon. Be blessed and feel free to contact me. I praise God the NRB has you on!

It has been a good year indeed and all the signs are pointing to an even better one in 2016. We are poised to begin our second curriculum series on Biblical Manhood and begin a strategic marketing initiative that will reach churches throughout North America. We are also encouraged by the growing interest in having us out for live Men’s, Couples and Pastors events.

As we enter this new season I am struck with a profound sense of great excitement mixed with a moderated level of concern. My excitement comes from the awareness that we are children of the living God and He is alive and dwells daily in our midst. My concern stems from the level of frustration with the numbers of Christians who do not experience His presence and are ill-equipped to handle life’s struggles as a result.

It should be clear to everyone that 2016 is an important year for our nation and the body of Christ as well. We are preparing to usher in a new President and numerous important political appointments that will determine the trajectory of our nation for many years, perhaps decades, to come. As Christians entering this important time we MUST have the proper perspective—God’s perspective.

With that in mind I want to close with an important challenge for all of us. Make a determined effort—not resolution—to become the person you know that God is calling you to be. Friends, this is not rocket science. Most of us know full well what God wants us to do but our own stubbornness and the temptations of the world are standing in the way. We MUST NOT allow that to happen—the stakes are too high.

I want you to consider advice from perhaps the wisest person who ever lived—Solomon. He wrote the entire book of Ecclesiastes, whining. He complained about almost every aspect of life and likened it to a chasing after wind. But, at the very end of the book in the last couple of verses he says it all. Please forgive the paraphrase—now that I have done all this whining, everything culminates in these two things. FEAR God…and obey His commands. He then goes on to say, this is the whole duty of man.

Wow! What is he saying? He is calling all of us to FEAR God—that is not cowering in a corner kind of fear—it is a calling to be in AWE of God—to REVERE Him. And then, to simply OBEY His commands. My friend, you can do this but it is going to take two very important commitments on your part to see the fruit.

First—draw near to Him. In James 4:8 it says, draw near to Him…and He will draw near to you. Make a commitment right now to spend more time with God this year. Dedicate yourself and ask Him to help you muster up the discipline you need to read the Word, pray and worship Him every day.

And second, pick an area of obedience to His commands that you are struggling with and determine to conquer it now. We all know the temptations we allow into our lives that are suffocating God’s true purpose. Do not give into the enemy any longer. When Jesus was tempted in that desert His final words to that devil were, Away from me Satan. After saying those words the Bible records that The Devil left Him…and Angels came and attended Him.

My prayer is that you will be committed to these two important ideas and the result will a very blessed and fruitful 2016.

In closing let me say how much Cindy and I appreciate your generous donations to our ministry. We have just signed up for Amazon Smile, which allows all of our supporters to continue giving every time you make an Amazon purchase. All you have to do is click here to be taken to a page that allows you to designate our ministry as your “ministry of choice” to receive a small percentage of everything you purchase. It costs you nothing and if enough people sign up, it could really benefit OTM. Thanks so much for considering this option.

Cindy and I want you to know how much we love and appreciate all you do for our ministry.

            Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,

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December 2015 News (Look What God Did)

FullSizeRenderNovember was one very special month. I do not think Cindy and I have experienced God moving through our ministry this powerfully in a long time. It began on November 6-8 as I had the privilege of ministering in Eureka, California for my friend and soon-to-be new pastor, Jeff Kessenich. I was able to minister to a gathering of local leaders and pastors, a Saturday morning men’s gathering and two Sunday services. God moved powerfully and many lives were greatly impacted for the kingdom.

            Upon arriving back home I had a very quick two-day turn around before Cindy and I left for the NAME Canada national marriage conference in Edmonton, Alberta. That Tuesday before we left I was able to visit some of my old friends from National Coalition of Ministries to Men (NCMM) at their national conference in the Golden area near Denver, Colorado. As many of you may remember, I was one of the original leaders who gathered back in the mid nineties to form this outstanding coalition of men’s ministry leaders from throughout North America.

Though this was a month filled with a strong sense of the presence of God, nothing would compare to what we experienced in Canada.

            This was the third time we were invited to speak at this strategic national conference in Edmonton. Jack and Simone Winnicky, our dear friends and the directors for NAME Canada were our host and what we experienced there was one of the strongest moves of God in our ministry. There were nearly four hundred in attendance and we were able to see 12-15 people come to a saving knowledge of our Lord. One couple actually asked Jesus into their lives together.

            There were also numbers of testimonies of marriages that were ready to dissolve only to see them make renewed commitments to stay together. The atmosphere was electric, the people so needy and the power of God so obviously present. Let me say here that nothing makes you feel so good as to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of others. To know that Cindy and I had some role God allowed us to have in this kind of transformation is so humbling.

            One incredible story was from a man and woman who recently moved to Edmonton but were officially separated. It looked like there was no hope as alcohol had been a major contributor to their apparent breakup. The husband told us he was in his car when a radio announcer mentioned a contest whose prize were two free tickets to this very conference. He told us he pulled over to the side of the road, called in, and he won.        

            Not sure what to do next he decided to call his now estranged wife and—as he put it—give it a shot. Although she was convinced this was over she told us she decided to kick the cat one more time—a Canadian expression I think. Well, they came. Near the end of the conference they approached Cindy and I and told us there story and how God had led them to re-commit to each other. They even stood up to the applause of the audience as we shared their story.

Not sure what to do next he decided to call his now estranged wife and—as he put it—give it a shot. Although she was convinced this was over she told us she decided to kick the cat one more time—a Canadian expression I think

            Dear ones this was just one of many such testimonies we had the privilege to hear. On the Sunday following this three-day conference the host church asked me to speak and I shared Cindy’s story and the miracle healing God brought about back in 2010. There was a man in the audience who had just laid his wife of 38 years to rest a few days earlier. At one point in my message I mentioned that many people have asked me if my take-away from the experience would have been any different had our Lord taken Cindy home. My answer is always the same, NO.

            Well, apparently that remark really ministered to this man as he emailed me shortly after the service to tell me how much my message meant to him. Another example of how God worked so powerfully through our ministry in Canada.

            Now, having shared all of that, I need to tell you that this incredible ministry experience came with a price. I often tell people that ministering from the platform has some unique nuances associated with it. There are times when I have spoken 10-15 times within days with lots of gas left over—and then there are times when I might bring one or two messages and finish an emotional mess. I think I know why this happens. When you speak as often as I do you get a sense for where your audience may be spiritually. The more needy they may be—the more you sense it and tend to run very high on the adrenaline meter.

            This was the case here and it took me days to figure out what was wrong with me. When Cindy and I arrived home I was emotional—I was distant and found myself crying for no reason. Yet, at the same time I also felt very fulfilled after what God had just done. We had an invitation to drive to California to be with our daughter Kim’s family for Thanksgiving but I was unsure if I wanted to go. After going back and forth for what seemed like an eternity, we both decided to pack up the dog and head out.

            I am so glad we did. From the early moments of the morning we left I began to feel so much better. In fact, I am writing this letter to you from their home here in Temecula and am looking forward to our drive back in just a few days. Needless to say, we had an eventful and spiritually dynamic month. As I conclude let me say just a couple of very important things. First, as we head into December please consider helping us with a generous year-end gift. As you may know, December is the month each year where we rely almost totally on year-end giving.

            The good news is that our first quarter of 2016 is beginning to fill up and we are excited about what God is going to bring. And finally, here is an update on the completion of our Men On Target curriculum. We have raised the necessary funds to get about 70% of the project finished. However, we are still in need of some significant major gifts to bring this critical project to the finish line. The good news is that early reports indicate this may be one of the best disciple-making curriculums in our nation today.

            Here is a practical way you may be able to help. Consider that we have about 20 sessions left to complete and package. This would represent the last two of the 6-volume set. It takes about $1,000.00 per session to complete the project minus some miscellaneous expenses. Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring one or more of these?

            In a couple of weeks Cindy will be sending out our Christmas TargetPoint—let me tell you I have read some of what she has so far and really believe it is going to minister to you—be on the lookout.

Cindy and I want you to know how much we love and appreciate all you do for our ministry.

            Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,

            Vince D’Acchioli

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November 2015 News

ThanksgivingCornucopia_BlogPhoto            October was a great month on many fronts. It began with a new start up for On Target Institute in the Monument, Colorado area. My Racquetball buddy and good friend, Pastor Mike Jiles, asked me to do an OTI Tuesday morning gathering to help disciple the men of his church. The River Church has been around for about 7 years now and has always had a vision for reaching the lost. As a result, Mike boasts that about 80% of his congregants did not attend church before. We began with about a dozen guys and so far it has been well received. I am so proud to be a part of what is going on here at The River.

            On the 24th I had the privilege of speaking at a local men’s retreat for Ridgeline Community Church in Castle Rock, Colorado. The event took place at the Ponderosa Campground, which is literally a five-minute drive from my home. We had a great time with this wonderful group of men as I unpacked their theme, Mission Impossible.

            The first session was Mission Family and dealt with a man and his wife and family. Then we brought a strong message on Mission Work dealing with how Christian men need to view work from God’s perspective. After that I dealt with Mission Team unpacking the importance of building lasting friendships and surrounding ourselves with positive role models. The final session was titled Mission Possible and here I helped men understand that without an intimate relationship with God it truly is an impossible mission.

            In October I also had the privilege of taping eight half-hour TV shoes for Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt. Chaps, as they call him, has a half-hour daily show that airs on the NRB Network titles, Praying In Jesus Name. We taped two series. The first was on marriage—click here for a commercial. The second series was titled Real Christianity In An Un-real World and dealt with the struggle we have as Christians trying to influence a world that is rapidly heading in the wrong direction. Both of these series will air sometime after the first of the year. I will keep you posted.

            Finally, I was also able to complete volume five of our six-volume Men On Target video curriculum. We only have one more to go but really need help in raising the rest of the funding to get this completed. To date over half of the funding is in but another 15,000 is needed to wrap it up and get it to market. We now have about a half-dozen churches and men’s groups who have started the series and the early reports are amazing. I am convinced this will become our signature work and is the culmination of over 25 years of ministry development.

            As we head into November we have a very busy schedule. Please pray for me as I head to Eureka, California for a Pastors gathering, Saturday morning men’s event and Sunday services. I get back and have a one-day turnaround before Cindy and I fly to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They are expecting 1200 people at this international NAME Canada conference.

            During the turn around I will have an opportunity to visit all my old friends at the NCMM conference taking place here in the Flat Irons area of North Denver. Please pray that these national and international men’s ministry leaders will come and be blessed and recharged for the battles that lie ahead.

Cindy and I want you to know that we love and appreciate all you do for our ministry.

            Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,


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October 2105 News

IMG_4274In my last letter to you titled CROSShairs & CROSSroads, I outlined some exciting ministry that is happening and also shared some unique financial challenges that are before us. Cindy and I want to thank you for the positive response from so many who offered to pray for us and for those who were able to help us financially. I have often shared how lonely it can be when you are involved in a ministry like ours but it is so special for us to know that so many of you truly believe in what God is doing through our efforts.
As I write to you today Cindy and I are in Temecula, California spending time with our daughter, Kim and her family. There have been a number of meetings and speaking opportunities here and we plan to travel back home around the 6th of October. While here I have had a couple of strategic meetings with local pastors and traveled up to Tehachapi for a city-wide men’s gathering and breakfast meeting with their local men’s ministry leadership team.

They had their biggest gathering ever for this recurring Tuesday night meeting—over 100 men from age 13 to 80. I shared my story and closed with a challenge for them to truly become The Man God Intended. In closing I asked men who had never acknowledged Jesus as their Lord and Savior to do so. There were 14 men who gave their hearts to our Lord.

In closing I asked men who had never acknowledged Jesus as their Lord and Savior to do so. There were 14 men who gave their hearts to our Lord.

On my way back to Temecula I also had the opportunity to meet with our dear friend and former pastor, Danny Carroll, from Water Of Life church. It was wonderful to see the great things God is doing there as they are nearing completion of their new sanctuary. We are also very blessed to hear about the feedback we are getting from their men as they began using our new curriculum series a couple of months ago.

My Grandson Parker had asked me to speak to his high school youth group which took place on the evening of my return. There were about 20 kids in attendance at a neighbor’s back yard. After they had a time of worship and some Bible reading I talked with them about what the Lord has been doing in my life lately drawing me to spend extended quality time with Him early in the morning. I keyed on the importance in their lives of spending private alone time with Him. I also shared on the subject of understanding our motives in our relationships—are we ministering or manipulating? They were very attentive and actually gave me an ovation at the end. Being with these young people eager for Jesus was so encouraging.

Before I left I gave them a final challenge to become the generation that will be known for bridge-building. I encouraged them to not fall into the trap and lie that would have them isolate themselves from older generations and to work hard to understand, appreciate and learn from those that have gone before them. We are desperate for this in our nation today.

Before I left I gave them a final challenge to become the generation that will be known for bridge-building

October/November is really shaping up for us with four key events. First, I have a men’s retreat near the Monument area for Ridgeline Community Church in Castle Rock, Colorado. Then I am headed for Eureka, California for a men’s event and Sunday services. A soon as I return I will be attending the National Coalition for Ministry to Men (NCMM) conference in Denver. Literally the closing day of that event Cindy and I travel to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to be main speakers for the NAME Canada national marrieds’ conference. This will be our third invitation to speak at this wonderful conference hosted by our dear friends, Jack and Simone Winnicky.

On another front, Pat McGuire, our video producer, is working hard at getting more airtime for our TV programs and we are getting a lot more traction with churches and denominations who are interested in adopting our curriculum. I had a very encouraging phone meeting with the general superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) the other day and he agreed to feature our materials to all of his district leaders at their annual conference in November. This is very important for us as we have had such a close relationship with this denomination going back some 15 plus years.

Finally, more good news out of Canada as an old friend and associate from years ago, Brian Pipe, has volunteered to work for us to further our expansion throughout Canada. Brian was a former Canadian board member for us and also worked with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and PK Canada to bring us up there for pastor conferences ahead of local Promise Keeper events in the past. Please pray that God really blesses Brian’s efforts as he partners with our Canadian board member, Casey Moroschan, in advancing our efforts there.


Cindy and I want you to know that we love and appreciate all you do for our ministry.

Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,

Vince D’Acchioli

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CROSShairs & CROSSroads (September News)

CrossHairsRoadsCROSShairs & CROSSroads
An urgent message from Vince and Cindy

Let me start by saying this may be the most important message in the history of our ministry. It is also at the same time both challenging and exciting. First, the exciting part—while on the phone recently with a regional men’s ministry leader and dear friend, I was sharing some of the difficulties we were facing at OTM. While I am paraphrasing a little here, he said something like this: You know Vince, hardly a day goes by where someone in this area does not come up to me and say, have you seen that last article that Vince sent out? Or, did you watch that new video? Vince, On Target is having more impact today than at any time in your history—you should not be struggling.

When I got off the phone with this dear man—someone I called to coach and encourage—it was obvious he was blessing and encouraging me at a time I needed it most—I actually wept. Then, in the space of less than a week, I had several others say similar things. Also one of our board members encouraged me to find a young person to mentor and possibly pass on the ministry to with the idea that God may want us to prepare for passing the baton rather than just fading into the sunset.

Another leader said that he has never seen a website with as much content as ours, and that the amount of ministry that is already happening as a result is so refreshing. Still others have been indicating the exceptional quality and deep ministry impact of our new video curriculum and leadership training. All these comments and thoughts have touched me deeply. So at this point you might be asking—where is the challenge?

The challenge is the same one that most ministries are facing these days—sustainability. The financial realities for us are making it almost impossible to continue. My sense is that we are experiencing a spiritual battle that is putting us squarely in the enemy’s crosshairs, while at the same time needing to be wise in understanding our future direction at this crossroad season.

If we are following our Lord’s leading here it should not surprise anyone that there is a spiritual battle going on. The enemy has us in his crosshairs and does not like to see men whose lives are being transformed. So, I know there is a spiritual component here and feel confident because we are addressing that before God in prayer. On the other side—the crossroad element is something we need to be wise in understanding and working through as a practical matter.

Let me give you a little back-story here. From 2008 through 2012 we experienced some of the most difficult times in our family and ministry life. Through what we believe was a clear calling from God our ministry, funded primarily through gifts from our family, opened the restaurant and banquet center called The Place. We believed that this important project was going to become a ministry leadership training center funded by a powerful community service business. A year later the financial crunch hit and we literally lost everything including most of our retirement. That was followed by a couple of years of deep trial as we lost Cindy’s mom, one of our closest friends, our dear 15 year old dog, and most severe—the loss of our daughter’s full term baby girl 24 hours before delivery.

On the heels of all that Cindy then contracted the life threatening illness that hospitalized her for five months—most of the time in ICU. You may recall that she was given NO chance to survive yet our gracious Lord chose to save here. That was an incredible journey culminating with an incredible miracle. Then, in 2013 we accepted an invitation from our friend Pastor Danny Carroll, to become Executive Pastor of Water Of Life Church in Fontana California. The thought was to keep the ministry going on a part-time basis while serving in this important assignment.

While we enjoyed the opportunity and being close to our California family, it became evident that God was not through with OTM and we were to move back and re-launch our ministry.


So, here is our reality and dilemma—as I look at the years leading up to 2008 I see a financial support level that was ten times what we are bringing in today. I also recognize that on the flip side we are delivering a depth of life-changing ministry that far exceeds what we were doing then. Let me say here that if it were not for the incredible artistry, support and patience of Pat McGuire, our video producer, and Tony Scialdone, our web designer, we would not be here.

Ok, so here is the take away from all this and how you can help. While I recognize the spiritual battle we are in, I am confident that through prayer we will defeat our enemy. However, there are also some very practical reasons why we find ourselves where we are. With all the struggles we experienced over those years the focus upon the ministry was severely compromised. Not cultivating our donor base and the resulting slow down in traveling and ministry exposure has made it difficult to rebound.

Our biggest need right now is to generate more monthly support. We are several thousand dollars under our needed budget for just basic support. Because of some generous major gifts we have been able to keep the video and web projects going but unable to sustain support for Cindy and me.


  • First, would you consider a monthly donation—no amount is too small—for at least one year? If you are already giving consider helping us by encouraging others to learn more about OTM by visiting our site and becoming a partner.
  • Second, join with us in concerted and sustained prayer to overcome the spiritual battle in which we find ourselves.

Finally, let me say this. I am not a good fundraiser—in fact, I shy away as much as I can—don’t like it. Having said that I can honestly tell you that my reluctance has been completely overcome by the reality of what our ministry efforts are producing in the lives of men, couples and Pastors. I am aware that both CROSShairs and CROSSroads have one thing in common—we can never forget that.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,

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August 2015 News (A Special Update From Vince)

MWP            This is the first time in our history that I did not send our regular newsletter out. Last month, because of the historic Supreme Court decision on Gay marriage, I decided to forgo our regular letter in order to write an important article addressing the state of our culture. If you missed the TargetPoint titled God…No God, you can find it on our blog or read it here. The follow up article, Turning Wrongs Into Rights can be found here.

If you missed the TargetPoint titled God…No God, you can find it on our blog or read it here

            As many of you know, last month Cindy and I celebrated our 50th anniversary. Our kids in California treated us to ten days at a beautiful condo in Hawaii on Poi Pou Point earlier in June. We had a wonderful time and the Lord blessed us with some much needed down time and rest. During the last part of June and through July I was able to complete about a dozen in-studio teaching sessions and 6 TV programs for our show now airing on the NRB Network.

            Last month I had the honor of speaking at the Men With A Purpose luncheon here in Colorado Springs for my friend Dwight Johnson. We had a prestigious group of local business and ministry leaders in attendance. The Lord gave me an important message dealing with the recent Supreme Court decision and helping us to better understand where we have been, how we arrived at where we are and what we need to consider as an appropriate response as Christian men in the marketplace.

            I also had the opportunity to meet with the Pastor and men’s leadership team at Ridgeline Community Church in Castle Rock, Colorado for a session on how to develop an effective ministry to men within the local church. I will be the speaker for their men’s retreat in October.

My friend we are living in some exciting times. The changes occurring in our world are happening faster than anyone could anticipate. It is a reminder to me of the critical nature of our call to raise up men who will become all that God intended. I am deeply humbled that God is using OTM to reach out and make a difference in this important season.

The changes occurring in our world are happening faster than anyone could anticipate

            In keeping with this theme and understanding the urgency of our time, I want to share an important link with you to a message given by our pastor last Sunday. You can watch the video here or visit Woodmen Valley Chapel’s website. Pastor Josh did an amazing job of calling all of us—as a church body—to take seriously our responsibility to live out an authentic Christian life before our kids and grandkids. What we do now has tremendous generational implications.

            His message is also right in line with what we are doing with the development of our OTI curriculum. I have never felt a stronger sense of urgency regarding preparing the people of God as I do today. There is a sense in which Christians across our nation almost seem like they are walking in a cloud. We are stuck in a business-as-usual mode and God is calling us out. We can ill afford to miss His call. He is looking for people who are going to get serious about their relationship with Him.

            Dear ones we desperately need a fresh sense of God’s perspective. But, I am reminded of the word He gave to me many years ago—you will never have a better understanding of My perspective until you first experience a greater awareness of My presence. The call for us today is best summed up in James 4:8, Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

You will never have a better understanding of My perspective until you first experience a greater awareness of My presence

            As we move forward let us recommit to God’s call on each of our lives. Ask Him where you fit in His overall plan to reach our dying world and dedicate yourself to whatever it takes to engage with His vision for your life.

            In closing please consider praying for us this month as we have an important board meeting and our annual Golf Tournament event coming up. Thanks to the dedicated and skillful help of our producer, Pat McGuire, we are closing in on the completion of the Men On Target curriculum production. When this is done we will start our next series on The Five C’s Of Biblical Manhood. I am excited but also mindful that we cannot do this without your prayers and financial support.

So please bring these points of prayer to the Lord on our behalf:

  • Pray that our Golf fundraiser will produce the necessary resources to help us through the rest of our summer season.
  • Pray for the 20-30 thousand dollars necessary to complete the Men On Target curriculum—this series is already launched in many churches and producing some amazing results.
  • Pray that our NRB TV program blesses many and leads to more invitations to minister.
  • Although our Fall season is beginning to fill up we still need more bookings for events—pray for our Fall and Winter season to fill in.

            We love and appreciate all you do for our ministry.

            Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,

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June Newsletter 2015

New Web Picture          EXTRA-EXTRA-EXTRA—HUGE NEWS. Our brand new website is officially launching as of this writing. Please know that it is still under construction but most of the important new features are working. Please go to and look around. I would like to ask you to also please pass this link on to everyone you know and encourage them to take a look as well. Especially exciting is our new On Target Institute section showing the new video curriculum now available through on line membership or DVD’s.

            As part of our strategic new On Target Ministries re-launch we knew that our web site needed a fresh new look. Tony Scialdone, our web site designer, has been helping us for many years and the original site still gets lots of compliments. However, he really out did himself on this one. Let me explain just a couple of important and exciting new features, which we believe will have a tremendous impact.

Please subscribe to our new weekly Live Stream under On Target Institute

            First you will notice a whole new look designed to take advantage of how people surf the web differently today. Because so many are doing work on mobile devices, new sites have to be designed for scrolling rather than the old way which involved clicking—may seem like a small thing but mobile users will have a lot more fun with this one.

            Another important change is occurring in our online store where people can now join OTM as members. Membership allows people to have access to our resources at a greatly reduced price as we are now able to move our curriculum into their environments electronically. This is a big step forward for us. Please take some time to visit the new storefront and look around. More important—please encourage others to become members and take advantage of our new resources. They can also purchase memberships and pass them on as gifts to their friends.

Please encourage others to become members and take advantage of our new resources

            In the new Video section we have some of the best messages and promos we have produced over the years for people to experience our ministry. There is also a very powerful half hour Significant Living TV program in the bio area that tells our life story. In addition, there is a place where our new weekly TV programs will be featured.

            Perhaps the biggest change is happening as we feature the On Target Institute—our new OTI curriculum, weekly Live Stream video sessions and downloadable resources for men. As you can tell by now, I am pretty hyped up about all this. In over 20 years of ministry at OTM we have never had this level of quality in our product development and marketing.

            Dear ones please hear my heart—this is legacy stuff for our ministry. What we now have is the ability to take the very best of what God has given us and place it into a format that will live on long after I am gone. Thanks to the incredible and ongoing work of Pat McGuire, our video producer, and Tony Scialdone, our web master, we have some of the very best disciple-making resources out there today for men.

            I also want to again thank Casey and Sharon Moroschan and Frank and Bonnie Martin for their generous contributions which have made this possible. We are now at a total of over 35,000 raised out of a budget of 60,000. So, the point of prayer now is for God to lead us to the resources that will get us to the total package being completed.

We are now at a total of over 35,000 raised out of a budget of 60,000

            I should also note that we are probably only a few months away from resources flowing as the result of churches and others using our products and gaining exposure though the various TV and social media channels that are picking us up. I really believe that we will see a time very soon where these resources will develop a self-sufficient financial base that will allow us to produce and pass on a lot of other exciting resources.

            As I close I want to say again what I said up front—we really need your help—RIGHT NOW—to pass this on. PLEASE CONSIDER PEOPLE, CHURCHES, ORGANIZATIONS, MEN’S GROUPS AND OTHERS YOU KNOW TO FORWARD THIS INFORMATION.

            Remember that word-of-mouth advertising is the very best kind. Your endorsement of what God is doing here is the most precious and cherished gift we have. Cindy and I want you to know how much we love and appreciate you and how much we know God is using your prayers and financial help to make all of this possible.

            Helping men become the Man God Intended…one man at a time,