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On Target Ministries Coaching / Ministry Services

Iron Sharpens Iron (6)1One of the best definitions I've heard regarding the difference between coaching and mentoring says; Mentoring is putting stuff in...coaching is pulling stuff out.

Over the past twenty plus years of dealing with ministry in and through the local church I have encountered numerous pastors and leaders who have encouraged me to be their coach. Couple that together with the Lord giving me a strong passion for pastors and leaders and it may help you understand why I think the time is right for me to move into this important area.

Beginning this month I will take on men who are either a senior pastor or ministry CEO for on-going coaching. At this time I am limiting the number to twelve to see how much time and commitment may be required. Here is a list of some of the ideas I am processing:

  • Meetings will take place via Skype or regular phone calls to last for about one hour (more if required)
  • Frequency would be either once a week twice a month, or once a month depending upon need (more or less may be an option given special circumstances)
  • I would make myself available to these men twenty-four/seven for any emergency
  • I would travel to meet personally with anyone requiring special assistance

The primary areas of focus will be in this order of priority:

  1. Relationship with God/Spiritual disciplines
  2. Relationship with family/personal life issues
  3. Leadership gifts/abilities/challenges
  4. Church structural issues/church effectiveness/Board structure and relationship

Church & Ministry Services


Churches and Christian ministries capturing their God-given visions and achieving maximum Kingdom impact.


To custom-tailor biblically-based leadership and organizational health assessment, training, and follow-up coaching in a highly relational environment for optimal success.


On Target Ministries was begun in 1994 by businessman and Christian non-profit executive Vince D’Acchioli who saw a need, especially among Christian men and church leaders. They were not becoming the living disciples of Christ that Scripture describes. Churches and ministries were not fulfilling the Purpose for which God designed them. OTM’s Bible-centered, practical training processes consistently have developed meaningful life-change and genuine, loyal relationships among believers and transformation in church and ministry leadership. On Target Ministries, is headquartered in Monument, CO.


On Target Ministry’s approach is different! Biblical truth must be applied holistically and relationally for greatest impact. Those who can guide the church into meaningful, transformative change begin and maintain healthy and on-going relationships with the organizations they serve.

An OTM engagement will provide your church or ministry with some of the best specialists who have served churches for decades. (Please review the selection of issues/services and Associate bios below.) Our service strategy is adjustable to meet your specific needs.

  • Prior to a minimum one-year engagement OTI will consult with the ministry/church client to determine which services are most advisable.
  • Once an engagement begins the client can expect at least one site-visit per quarter.

    Prior to each 2-4 day visit preliminary assessments will be taken. o The visiting OTM consultants will design their training to fit the unique circumstances and issues surfaced in the assessment.
    • Usually the training consultant will also provide follow-up coaching and accountability to determine progress and for encouragement.
  • During an on-site visit OTM can simultaneously offer special church-wide events for men, couples, pastors and leaders, and/or preaching or teaching as requested.


  1. Assessments & Planning
    1. Vision development, evaluation and communication
    2. Organizational structure (the right people in the right places)
    3. The planning/budgeting process (involving the staff)
    4. Risk management (planning for the unexpected)
    5. Church service evaluation, planning and best practice models
    6. Ministry evaluation and strategy development (specialized ministries
    7. youth, men, women, couples, elderly, missions, special needs, addictions and grief recovery, assimilation, facilities, and security)
  2. Workshops & Training
    1. Mission Strategy and Effectiveness
    2. Effective, Principled Governance (boards and by-law development)
    3. Community Outreach
    4. Discipleship Strategies
    5. Character-based Leaders
  3. Coaching & Follow-up
    1. Leadership development
    2. Pastor/leader mentoring
    3. Staff/team effectiveness, development and evaluation procedures
  4. Community Impact
    1. OTI has additional specialized seminars and events for men, couples, pastors, and church leaders.


Determined through negotiation with our partner clients, Associates and based upon factors related to organizational size, budget and level of commitment required.


(Names and brief bios of Associates available upon request)
Call 719-649-1000