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Becoming The Man God Intended

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On Target Institute

The Problem

DEVELOPING and EQUIPPING biblically-mature Men for leadership in their home, work, church, and community HAS LARGELY FAILED

In the last generation men have been “evented” to death, but not equipped to become men of God. They are confused about our growing anti-Christian culture and how to impact it.

They lack depth of understanding Scripture and relating to Jesus. They are lonely, uninspired, and wondering is this all there is?

The Solution

On Target Institute (OTI) has a tried and proven, process-driven strategy with a 20-year track record that produces men who display the Four Markers Of A Disciple:

  • They have an Intimate relationship with God (they know Whose they are)
  • They have discovered Who they are, their Identity
  • They know God’s plan for their life, their Destiny
  • They are living out their purpose and have become The Man God Intended

Why Now?

There has never been a more critical time in our nation for Christian men to step up

For Christians, the rate of change is off the charts. Where we are headed is going to become increasingly challenging... but not for God!

More than ever, now is the time for men to stand up and become the men God intended.

Download Vision Summary as a PDF

I call it 'moral schizophrenia' - church going men having trouble applying on Monday the truth they learn on Sunday.Vince D’Acchioli

Local Events

Live events in the Colorado Springs area being planned.

For more information please call 719-649-1000

Stream the event LIVE online or see the archive of past events.

On Target Curriculum

A one-year curriculum and intervention process where men meet weekly to address where-the-rubber-meets-the-road issues they face daily with practical solutions.

Men On Target Curriculum is available as DVDs shipped to your location, or online with your OTM Membership.

Leadership Training

Attention Pastors and Men's Ministry Leaders:

Product details at the bottom of this page.LFT+MOTv1-2-web


On Target Ministries (OTM) through God’s power creates a revival in the hearts of men. It returns them to On-Target Biblical Manhood. OTM dynamically engages the hearts of men in 21st century America. The ministry has conducted hundreds of seminars, workshops and church services over the past two decades. It has touched the lives of tens of thousands of people across the United States and Canada, with well over 15,000 first time decisions for Christ.

Results from these events have been tangible and life changing. The BIG QUESTION, however, began to surface over the years — "How do we follow up and help men bring the principles learned into ongoing life changing daily application?"

In 2001, Vince D’Acchioli, Founder and CEO of On Target Ministries, began a colossal experiment in his home town of Colorado Springs. He called it On Target Institute (OTI). Developing and leading this institute, Vince has ministered to thousands of men in his own community with results showing phenomenally lasting change in the lives of men and families.

More Testimonials

During a four-year beta test phase, which included 30 churches across North America, OTI has clearly shown itself to be THE ANSWER to the BIG QUESTION.

Here is how it works:

The Need:

The church needs to accelerate its efforts to define spiritual formation for men. Church programs tend to be task oriented rather than relationship based, with time and treasure being invested in focusing on holding events and meetings. If the church only calls men together to "do" there will be no glue to hold them together when the planned event is over. Relationships are that glue. Good Godly role models provide men the vision for who they want to become and a weekly, process-driven approach helps them make the transformation. At OTI it is our goal to assist the local church in advancing this model.

The Solution:

While spadework has already begun over the last two decades through the emergence of the men’s ministry movement, much is still needed. Most knowledgeable leaders in the area of ministry to men would agree that we are losing the battle for the souls of men. This fact is certainly not an indictment aimed at the fine organizations working in this area—rather it represents an alarming reality. A secular, morally bankrupt culture is pulling men away faster than we can save them.

The key to turning this around lies in our willingness to grasp two ideas that will ultimately lead toward the paradigm shift necessary within the church today. First, we need to acknowledge that our efforts are not working as well as they need to. And second, we need to shift from event-driven strategies to process-driven ones. Vince D’Acchioli has said that in some ways we may be unintentionally "eventing" people to death.

It is with the understanding of this second idea that On Target Institute was birthed.

OTI develops 50-week curriculum that engages and equips men to address key issues in their lives transforming their character, teaching them leadership skills and touching every aspect of their lives: marriage, family, spiritual, work and community. Through the dynamics of small groups, fellowship with other men and a targeted message each week that helps them address all areas of their life.

It’s hard for Christian men to grow spiritually when their only exposure is one or two hours at church on Sunday. On Target Institute augments what my church is doing by providing an opportunity for men to participate in an ongoing process of teaching, accountability and relationship building. It’s making a difference.

Matt Heard
Senior Pastor, Woodmen Valley Chapel
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Our Plan:

To create an environment where:

  • Men will experience significant personal growth through Christ centered, strategic and process driven teaching
  • Meaningful fellowship will lead to accountable relationships and long lasting friendships
  • Open discussion of each weeks lesson will lead to practical application of the principles learned

It takes a relational environment in order for truth to become transformational.

Vince D’Acchioli

Our Promise:

Through the study of God’s Word, fellowship with other men and the discovery of practical life-application principles you will become a man who:

  • Develops a more intimate understanding of and relationship with God
  • Is a Godly and sensitive husband and father at home
  • Discovers how to live a life of character at work
  • Regularly uses his God-given gifts to serve others and advance His kingdom

Live meetings are at 6:30 AM every Thursday in Colorado Springs, Colorado at The Jericho Center, 640 Chapel Hills Drive.  Not in Colorado Springs?  You can see these weekly meetings LIVE online or CLICK HERE to see them later in the OTI LiveStream Archive.

For more information please call 719-649-1000

Program Package and Objectives:

In addition to our live events, which we are being streamed to the internet, we are filming 60 12-minute teaching segments in six 10 session volumes to go out over various internet and TV channels. When completed this series will be made available for anyone who may wish use it over the internet or through packaged DVD’s. Plans are currently being worked out for our second series titled The Five C’s of Biblical Manhood.

There are three basic ways you can use this material:

  1. Watch the video yourself and prepare your own illustrations to teach the lesson.
  2. Assign someone in your church to show the videos and facilitate the meeting.
  3. Develop a teaching team approach and spread the responsibility around.

The key to the success of this process lies in your ability to attract, motivate and train high quality table-top discussion leaders.

Men On Target Curriculum DVD & Program Instructions

The Men On Target curriculum package includes the following:6-MOT-DVD

  • One (1) Leadership & Small Group Facilitation Training Module DVD consisting of twelve training sessions (each session is 12 minutes long).
    • This DVD is used for initial training of the men’s ministry leadership including small group facilitators.
  • Six (6) Men on Target Curriculum DVD Volumes totaling 60 sessions (10 sessions per DVD and each session is 12-minutes long).
    • These DVDs provide the teaching content (typically 1 session per week) that prompts small group discussion.
  • Free downloadable handouts at www.otm.co.
    • The handouts can be provided to small group facilitators in advance of the weekly meetings and provide structure to the small group discussion.
  • Use of the Men on Target curriculum also includes access to On Target Ministries leadership for ongoing coaching and advice.
  • (The Men on Target curriculum can also be accessed electronically through our website without requiring the DVDs.)

How Does OTM Fund this Curriculum?

We desire to make this life-changing resource available to ALL churches, organizations and men’s groups. As a not for profit organization, we trust God to provide financially through the generosity of those whose lives have been impacted.

Are you starting a men’s group? We encourage you to request this curriculum package without charge and launch your ministry.

  • After experiencing the value of this content, would you be willing to ask the men who have benefited to donate financially to OTM as a pay it forward gift?
  • Alternatively, would your organization be willing to make a donation in the amount of a suggested retail value of $199.00 ($50.00 for the leadership training and $25.00 for each of the six modules)?

What are Recommendations for Launching?

OTM’s Men On Target curriculum has been developed and refined over the last 25 years and is considered one of the highest quality resources for men’s discipleship available today. Based on our experience, the following recommendations will help you realize measurable and discernible life-change in the men who participate.

Launch & Leadership Preparation:

  • Pray for God’s blessing as you launch this ministry.
  • Understand and utilize the leadership qualifications of the men who will be leaders for your ministry.
  • Identify a core team of godly leaders and share the leadership qualifications with them. Challenge a group of men to commit.
  • Go through the leadership training module together (11 sessions) as a leadership team.
  • Commit to servant leadership. Become to each other first—what you expect to reproduce in those you serve. You will need to model with your leaders all that you are asking them to do with their men.
  • Once you launch the ministry, continue to meet with this leadership team at least monthly for ongoing training and fellowship. Consider a quarterly gathering that includes the wives of these leaders.

Creating the Optimal Environment for Life Change:

  • Use tables (round is best) with 5 - 8 men in each small group.
  • Each table should have: (1) a visible sign with the table number; (2) a roster list for tracking weekly attendance; and (3) business card invitations for men to give to those they’re inviting.
  • Provide coffee or other drinks. Consider a light snack or continental breakfast depending upon time of day (and available resources).
  • Provide name badges. We recommend nice full color badges for the regular attendees and stick-on badges for first timer visitors.
  • Start on time and end on time. This is especially critical for meetings that take place before work in the morning.
  • To encourage men to invite non-Christians, consider not opening the meeting with a time of singing or an opening prayer. The weekly teaching is clearly spiritually oriented, and men from various religious backgrounds will feel more comfortable when visiting.
  • The overall length of each meeting should be 75 to 90 minutes long to allow for all critical elements to be included.
  • The teaching time should never go beyond 12-15 minutes (by using the DVDs, you will assure that this requirement is met).
  • The discussion time should fill the balance of the meeting with a strong emphasis on each group spending 10 - 15 minutes in prayer for each other at the close of the small group time. Small group leaders should be sensitive to men who are not comfortable praying out loud and respect their situation.
  • Establish a first-timer table and direct all first time visitors here. Choose someone to be the host who will make them feel loved and welcome.
    • After the message, either the teacher or the host asks the first time visitors to give a brief introduction—depending upon the number, just a few minutes each.
    • After the introduction, the host or teacher explains the program and lets the men know that if they are interested in attending regularly, they should fill out the card or form provided.
  • We strongly recommend that you take attendance every week. Using a computer spreadsheet is a good idea and you can download a template at www.otm.co. The men take pride in seeing their attendance record—it gives a sense of accomplishment and also helps you as the leader evaluate how your group facilitators are doing.
  • The small group leader should reach out to each man for a "non agenda" conversation each week. We have found that the leading cause for attendance drop off stems from the table leader not communicating with their men between meetings.