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Becoming The Man God Intended

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Couples on Target Seminar

Couples2"It has been said that you can tell the character of a man by looking into the eyes of his wife. I have found this to be a true statement."Vince D'Acchioli

Discover God's Special Plan For Your Relationship Presented by Vince and Cindy D'Acchioli

From the producers of the life-changing Men On Target seminar, this dynamic event helps couples discover God's unique and wonderful plan for their relationship.

Thank you so much for contributing to the strengthening of Canadian marriages by participating in our NAME Canada Marriage Conference. Several couples cancelled their plans for divorce and others have determined to press into God for changes in their marriage! Many couples came with no hope and left the conference challenged and ministered to in such a powerful way. From the results of our evaluation forms, many couples have received major breakthroughs in their marriages and others have been enhanced in their relationships. Praise God for His goodness!

In His service,
Jack and Simone Winnicky

Our Three Unalterable Facts:

  1. God knows you and has created you for a special purpose.
  2. God has given you special gifts toward the satisfaction of His purpose.
  3. God wants you to discover His purpose for your life.

We believe that the key to a happy, secure and fulfilled life is discovering God's plan. This seminar is a systematic, precept upon precept approach designed to bring you personally and as a couple to the wonderful revelation of God's intended purpose.

Here is how it works:

Introductory session: Contains the personal testimony of Vince and Cindy D'Acchioli. Couples see an incredible transition over 33 years from a relationship that had little hope to one that is growing and healthy with God at the center.

After this session couples are grouped in two's or three's for a time of getting to know each other and sharing some personal testimonies. This tends to break the ice and get some meaningful dialogue going on.

Couples3Session One:

"Where We've Been" deals with the crippling affect our past can have on our relationship. Men and women discover the impact that Fear, Anger, Unforgiveness and Guilt can have upon their relationship together and with God. Men and women are sometimes addressed in separate sessions for this topic.

After this session couples are asked to share, one on one, around a specific question.

Session Two:

"Where We Are" deals with the differences we find in men and women in four areas, past life experiences, our physiological makeup, our fallen nature and our natural gifts. Couples discover how not coping with these very natural differences can be a source of great confusion in relationships.

At the conclusion of this session the couples are given a gift test. Each person takes their own test and scores themselves on the seven natural gifts taken from Romans 12:1-8. A discussion regarding how we all view life differently because of how God made us wraps up this time.

Session Three:

"Appropriating The Power" provides detailed information and instruction on how to have an intimate relationship with God. We examine the need for personal and corporate times of reading the Word, praying and praising Him in order to obtain the spiritual power necessary for a Godly relationship.

At the conclusion of this session couples are asked to practice reading, praying and praising God together.

Session Four:

"Where We're Going" deals with the importance of having God's vision or plan for our lives individually and together as a family. Practical information is shared on how to appropriate God's plan for your relationship.

At the end of this session couples are asked to fill out their own vision statement and dedicate it to the Lord.

Session Five:

"Living The Victory" discusses how to live a relevant Christian lifestyle in today's world. Couples learn the importance of living a godly life in order to win a dying world to Jesus.

At the conclusion of this session couples are again grouped with the same couples they were with in the introductory session to discuss practical ways they can become a better Christian witness.

Communion & Share Time:

At the conclusion of our time together the men and women serve each other communion and participate in a corporate time of sharing their seminar experiences.