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Becoming The Man God Intended

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Target Point Devotionals

Free Devotionals!

Each of the following daily devotionals were developed to help you realize a significant level of life change over time. Each topic breaks down into a month of daily devotional readings to bring the desired result. They all build upon one another in a way that will help you grow. The common theme will move you from life implication to life application in a concise and tightly-packaged daily nugget. It is our sincere desire that God uses this material to help and bless you. Please contact me personally with any questions or comments, or call our office at 719-649-1000.

Gaining Freedom From Fear

Read Vince D’Acchioli's Gaining Freedom From Fear Devotionals here. The Gaining Freedom From Fear devotional series has been developed in order to help you realize a significant level of life change over time. Lets start that change today!

Anger Properly Managed

Read Vince D’Acchioli's Anger Properly Managed Devotionals here. This series on Anger has been developed to help put into perspective just how an individual can be angry but not sin (Ephesians 4:26) – in other words, properly manage and control a natural emotion that in and of itself usually does not fall into the category of sin.

Wired to Work (Discovering God's Purpose For Your Life)

Read Vince D’Acchioli's Wired to Work Devotionals here. This series on Work has been developed to answers the two most important questions in life: How am I made uniquely? Why am I here?.

Developing a Daily Devotional Habit

Read Dick Eastman's Devotionals here. This series on how to develop a daily devotional habit comes from Dick Eastman's popular book, The Hour That Changes The World.