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Becoming The Man God Intended

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ALL NEW! Men On Target Small Group Video Curriculum

Become an Authentic Disciple of Jesus through a process that will help you to grow and become the Man that God intended, a man who is significant, a man of Godly character.

See a FREE Preview of MOT 101 & MOT 201 Studies:

MOT101 - Disc #1: See a Preview of Video Studies 1-10
MOT101 - Disc #2: See a Preview of Video Studies 11-20
MOT101 - Disc #3: See a Preview of Video Studies 21-30

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MOT201 - Disc #4: See a Preview of Video Studies 31-40
MOT201 - Disc #5: See a Preview of Video Studies 41-50
MOT201 - Disc #6: See a Preview of Video Studies 51-60

The two course curriculum is presented as MOT 101 and MOT 201. Each course has three(3) DVD/modules made up of ten(10) 12:00 video teaching sessions each, that is 30 video sessions in MOT 101 and 30 more video sessions in MOT 201 (60 sessions in all). These 12-minute sessions are followed by Life Application questions for small group discussion to stimulate personal reflection and practical application. Each Module also has a Module Overview and Keys to Growth Review session that are extremely valuable to systematically absorb this in-depth, life-giving discipleship content. Every Module is available as a DVD disc Volume or can be screened here online in HD.

MOT 101 also includes the most important start-up Small Group Leadership Facilitation Training BONUS Module for new or seasoned small group leaders, get the twelve 12-minute part study on DVD (bonus disc) or streamed here online in HD.

OTI Leadership Facilitation Training is also available separately for $50. MOT 201 also includes a BONUS Module on Godly Grandparenting on DVD (bonus disc) or streamed here online in HD, also available for $30.

On Target Institute’s Men On Target Curriculum is without a doubt one of the best resources available anywhere to grow men of God. In over twenty years of testing now it has been rolled out extensively in the US and Canada and has been around the world in places as diverse as Kuwait.

Its success is in large part due to a few key components. First, the curriculum has been evolving for over 25 years and hits all the major issues facing men today. It is not "Bible Study" in its approach but rather takes on the same strategy Jesus himself used; finding out where men are and then applying Biblical truth to those issues. The curriculum also has a logical "build" sequence in that it addresses issues in a proper order. It is difficult to deal with "anger" in a man until you first deal with "fear".

Video Curriculum Sessions List