Fully Alive:
Becoming The Man God Intended

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What Pastors & Leaders are saying about "Men On Target"...

"When Vince came to our church to conduct a Men On Target Seminar I was looking forward to an uplifting weekend. What I was not expecting was to be personally challenged to accept the role of primary discipler to the men of the church. To be honest, I had always been willing to let other qualified men lead our men's ministry. Yes, I was the pastor and I was comfortable leading the church and preaching messages, but there was something intimidating about personally accepting the responsibility for discipling men. Through his passion to see men have a 'Spiritual Papa,' and with his Italian charm and power of persuasion, Vince lovingly, yet firmly urged me to accept this role. Since that time I have upheld my pledge and I am now seeing the fruit of accepting the responsibility of discipling the men of our church."

Bo Weaver, Senior Pastor
Fellowship of Believers, Florence, KY

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your ministry to our church and to me personally. I shared with our fellowship the day following the seminar that I believe this was the most significant men's event we have ever participated in. The reason is that the seminar was not merely an event, but a beginning. I have begun using the Target Reference Manual as a curriculum base for our ministry to men. I am also using it in my own devotional life, as are a number of our men. In the past we have struggled with disconnected meetings. I sense the excitement about men's ministry growing in our church."

Arty Hart, Senior Pastor
Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Gainesville, FL

"At our Men On Target Seminar we had an overflow crowd of 275 men squeezed into a hotel room built for 200. At first, we thought it was going to be hot, stuffy and disastrous. But Vince gave us an incredible day, and our men are still talking about it. The following Sunday morning at church, many men complimented us on bringing Vince into the district. One fellow said he had never heard anyone who could keep 275 overcrowded men spellbound all day. Another man's wife told me her husband had tears in his eyes as he related the day's activities to her. It was, without question, the turning point in our PAOC Men's Ministries here in this District. Suddenly men from across the district began to see we were not only serious, but there was a tremendous amount for men to learn about intimacy with God, our wives, our families and each other in order to be effective in our world today."

Ted Bradford
PAOC Men's Ministries
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

"On behalf of Tri-Lakes Chapel I'd like to offer my very sincere thanks for your leadership in the men's retreat that we just completed. I knew that you would challenge our men, but you exceeded even our most hopeful expectations. The men's responses say it all; 'Fabulous,' 'Vince was great,' 'Vince's message was very enlightening,' 'Vince presented a good balance of the practical and spiritual to help me make the connection.' These are just a few of the comments we received on the retreat critiques. Vince, your message was "right on target" and I believe it will help renew our men as they attempt to draw closer to God. This retreat could be the nucleus of a real revival in the men of TLC. It was the highlight of the year for the TLC Men's Ministry."

Bruce Eldridge
Associate Pastor, Tri-Lakes Chapel, Monument, CO

What Attendees are saying about "Men On Target"

"What happened to me because of the Men On Target seminar? God opened my eyes to some truths I already knew but had not incorporated in my life. God, (through Vince, his materials, the other men in attendance and His Word), revealed how some fundamental principles of life fit together. I now see that God created me for a unique purpose. I now hear His call more clearly. I now deliberately seek His will in daily decisions."

Alan Carlson
Fort Collins, CO

"Thank you for coming to Edmonton and presenting the 'Men On Target' seminar. I was struggling big time for the last couple months and your seminar got me back on track."

Dan Gagne
Edson, Alberta

"I've been caught in the "event" cycle for several years now and found myself approaching this seminar with trepidation, not wishing to rack up yet another "failure." The past 4 days I've been having time alone with God and am following the manual's read thru the Bible in a year regimen. I'm praying that God will transform my life through an intimate relationship with Him. You preached exactly what I needed to hear and the manual is a tool that will keep me on the path."

Ken Bowen
Acworth, GA

"Thanks so much for the great insights! It was very challenging and pertinent to me personally. I re-watched your 'Release' video last night (with my wife!). It reinforced the concepts again to me and she really enjoyed it as well. It also gave us some opportunity for meaningful discussion about releasing the past in both of our lives."

Bob Schuchard
Fort Collins, CO

"Thanks be to God for providing MEN like you in the ministry. Your message was definitely 'On Target'. I realized that what was lacking in my relationship with God was a lack of personal time committed to Him. I have everything to gain by following Him and everything to lose if I don't. My son was with me in the audience. He thinks you're the greatest and has a great deal more respect for my stance with my commitment to Christ. I believe you made a real and lasting impression on him. One that is positive and will help keep him moving in the right direction, into God's lit path of righteousness."

Bill Hauser
Ocean City, NJ

"Thank you for ministering to me last weekend. Although raised in a Christian home where my dad was a pastor for 15 years, I have felt somewhat unconnected from the Lord for about the last 10 years of my life. Not that He hasn't been there for me, but I haven't done a good job relying on Him throughout my daily life. I have been trying to do everything on my own and that isn't possible as you talked about this weekend. It seems every point you made in your course, I could relate to and apply. Your presentation was phenomenal and I was moved emotionally many times. Because of the things you touched on, I feel like I have a good base to begin to get things back on track with the Lord."

Jim Nelson
Edina, MN

"Your seminar was very inspirational and gave me a place to start getting back to spiritual wellness. I have already started using the prayer journal and reading schedule. I will be using your study, with the help of my brothers at Open Bible Baptist and Tri-Lakes Chapel, to enrich my life, the church and the community at large."

Larry V. Prichard
Monument, CO

"I came away from our meeting with an operational plan that finally makes sense to me. Thanks for taking the time to touch my life. I am new in my walk with Christ and I am just now beginning to get it."

Nicholas T. Marinelli, Jr.
Mableton, GA

"Vince is a wonderfully gifted communicator and his seminar is loaded with practical ways for men to develop themselves into the man God created us to be. I was stuck by how comprehensive this seminar was. Dealing with where a man may be at any particular point in his life and why he is in that state-outlining the obstacles that keep him there-then showing him the way to really get to know our God and let Him reveal Himself and His ways to us which is the key to escaping the old man."

Tracy Wagnon
Miami, FL

OTI Endorsements

OTI has been a tremendous experience for me. In fact, it has changed my life. As a result of this weekly get-together, I’m now regularly in the Word, praying daily and enjoying a closeness to God that I never knew before. Even my wife says she has seen the change. Every man should be involved with a group like this.

- C.T. Palmer Lake

OTI has given me an opportunity to discuss with others issues that Christian men wrestle with. It is a light to my path in leading me to the Spirit-led life rather than the flesh-led life I have been living. Vince’s teaching really hits home where we all live.

- J.L. Colorado Springs

I have lived in many cities over the years and have been in a constant search for a men’s group where the Spirit is truly present. OTI has met that need. In just a short time, the impact on my life has been immeasurable. In addition to the fellowship with a trusted group of caring men, I have returned to daily Scripture reading and study. My walk with Christ is maturing.

- S.R. Monument

I was introduced to Vince and OTI by a good friend. I’m already a fierce Bible student and Christian—and attend three other Bible classes each week. I joined OTI anyway and met a great man at my table group. We became friends, and I found out that he has borne the same problem I have been carrying for years. He wept, gave me his innermost thoughts, along with his prayerful solution to the situation. I feel as though a giant weight has been lifted. OTI Gathering has made a great difference in my life.

- J.F. Colorado Springs

I have been involved in several men’s groups, from small accountability groups to studies of 200-plus. The distinctive blessing I receive at OTI is twofold: First, the short lesson helps give direction and focus. Second, the small group discussion afterwards develops relationships that encourage growth in the Lord. But most of all, I love being in the company of men with a heart for God.

- S.W. Colorado Springs

I had fallen into a state of complacency with my spiritual walk and couldn’t seem to get back on track with the Lord—until I got involved with the men at OTI. The group has given me hope and a renewed spirit.

- P.D. Monument

OTI has become a highlight of my week. The time with the men, studying God’s Word, and helping each other grow through prayer, accountability and concern has helped me stay focused on my personal pursuit of God through Jesus. It is helping me to know and understand what a man of integrity—a godly man—really is.

- B.M. Monument

OTI has become the high point of my week. Even though I must travel 25 miles to reach it, OTI offers something I can’t find in church or in smaller accountability groups. Here I encounter men from all walks of life who are struggling with the same temptations that I am. The group provides a structure through which God helps us overcome them and gain lasting victory. I am also thankful for OTI because I can bring friends who are seeking the Lord but have not yet found Him. At OTI not only will they find Jesus, they will get to know Him in a deep meaningful way.

- D.S. Colorado Springs

The short time that I have been associated with OTI has changed my life dramatically. Not only have I accepted Christ as my savior and asked for His help in my life, but I have found fellowship with other men that I have not ever known before. I’m sharing things with these men that I have never shared with anyone before, and I really feel they are listening. Even more important is that they are sharing with me and I’m listening. God Bless.

- P.D. Monument

OTI has saved my life and my faith. You see, since I joined OTI, I have faced incredible trials and tribulations. First, I lost my job. Then two weeks later, on Father’s Day, I lost my best friend to cancer. A few weeks after that, my wife told me she wanted to separate. And then, shortly thereafter she sent my oldest son away from Colorado to live with her sister in Michigan. I know many men, bothers in the Lord, who having gone through any one of these circumstances and have raised their fist to God, saying, ‘If You are real, then how could You let this happen to me?’ Yet, through OTI I’ve come to understand that God is real, and that He walks through the pain of every circumstance with me, and His heart is as broken and suffers just as much as my own. I have learned to press in to God through everything. To seek Him more, to love Him more, to honor Him more—and He has given me peace to endure. Thanks, Vince, for OTI. And thank you to all the guys in my group. And thank you, God, for giving me a way through!

- J.J. Monument