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Becoming The Man God Intended

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About On Target Ministries

The Four Markers Of A Disciple

They have an Intimate relationship with God (they know Whose they are)
They have discovered Who they are, their Identity
They know God’s plan for their life, their Destiny
They are living out their purpose and have become The Man God Intended

Vince D'Acchioli

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What We Do

Seminars for Men, Couples, and Pastors

Our Seminars are unique, customized, dynamic events designed specifically for men, couples and pastors.

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Process-driven curriculum, weekly TV shows and live-streamed weekly meetings for transforming Men's lives.

On Target Institute

Personal Coaching with Vince D'Acchioli

Vince offers personalized coaching for senior pastors and ministry CEOs as well as specialized church services.

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25 Men of Integrity book

25 Men of Integrity
These devotionals are drawn from diverse sources and feature such names as Bill McCartney, Chuck Colson, Bill Armstrong, George W. Bush, Tom Landry, Tom Osborne, Dwight Johnson, Vince D'Acchioli, and more.

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Vince's Testimony

The Man God Intended

The Man God Intended

In A Journey to Biblical Manhood, Vince D'Acchioli identifies four markers of a disciple. If you're concerned about the direction of our culture, this message will give you hope for a better future, powered by God Himself.

People are Talking

Vince is Uniquely Equipped

As you know, I strongly believe in the idea that men need to better understand what it means to be a real leader. Vince's experience in senior management for a major fortune 500 company, combined with his more recent stint as an executive VP for an international ministry, has uniquely equipped him with a well-balanced message for men. I believe that his material, and the laid-back, humorous style he employs to deliver it, is both refreshing and necessary. As you know, I do not take this kind of personal recommendation lightly. Were it not for my confident belief in the quality of this man and the vision God has given him, I would not be writing to you. Please take a look. I think you will be blessed.

John MaxwellJohn Maxwell
Author, Pastor, Speaker
Founder of INJOY Ministries

Living for Christ with the Gifts You Have

Vince D'Acchioli has touched the nerve-endings of the key life-development principles affecting a man's life. I believe in what he presents not only because it's biblical, practical and spiritually sound, but because I personally watched God work these things into Vince's own life. He's a fresh voice to men. Anna and I support Vince and Cindy, who were part of our congregation. We have known, loved, and regarded this couple highly for many years.

Jack HayfordJack Hayford
Senior Pastor
Church on The Way
Van Nuys, CA

Spiritual Awakening

Vince D'Acchioli's foundational keys for mobilizing and maturing men are about the finest I've ever seen for equipping and enabling mighty men of God, who will help lead your church to genuine spiritual awakening.

Dick EastmanDick Eastman
International President
Every Home for Christ

Molding Men in His Image

Vince D'Acchioli brings the strightforward, no nonsense approach of a successful business executive to the area of spiritual teaching and guidance for men. Vince knows the scriptural principles by which Christ Jesus would mold us more accurately into His image.

Dean JonesDean Jones

Biblical Masculinity

In this day of rampant macho irresponsibility – it's astounding that millions of American males don't know how to be real men! Let's hope and pray that Vince D'Acchioli's keys can unlock the doors of understanding.

Pat BoonePat Boone

Setting the Standard

I know brilliance when I see it...Vince put the B in brilliance. He is a great guy, real father, and loving husband. I hope I can be half the man he is as I get older. When God created Vince he poured into him his very best.

Simon T. BaileySimon T. Bailey
Emerging Leader Expert


Vince possesses three priceless qualities that make him an excellent speaker and one of a few men I recommend to churches and men's groups as a speaker. First, he's got impeccable integrity. With Vince, what you see is what you get. Second, he's an entertaining and powerful speaker. Third, he understands men and the importance of what happens after the event – they need to put into practice with a few friends what they've learned. If you ever hear Vince speak, you'll want to hear him again. I highly recommend him to you as I have churches across the United States.

Bill PerkinsBill Perkins
Million Mighty Men

Positive Change

Vince is a tremendous speaker, touching deeper issues in men's and couple's ministry. Having been there and done that, he knows the value of speaking to the many concerns in a man's heart. He has had a great impact upon my own personal development and touches men's lives in a way that effects positive change. The curriculum he has developed at On Target covers all the bases. From relationships, spiritual struggles, men's issues, financial and community involvement, Vince helps keep men "On Target" and focused upon the important areas for men and their own ministry

Glen Winkel, Ph.D.Glen Winkel, Ph.D.
Professional Health Coach, Scientist, Speaker

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Essentials for the Journey
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Write in your Study Journal while Vince D’Acchioli shares essentials in 9 sessions:

  • What is Your Story?
  • How to Know God
  • Experience God in His Word
  • Experience God in Prayer
  • Experience God in Praise
  • Overcome Fear
  • Overcome Anger
  • Overcome Forgiveness
  • Overcome Guilt