Fully Alive:
Becoming The Man God Intended

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Our Vision and Mission

The Need...

Today's men have bought into the mentality that tough guys don't need anyone and thus, often feel isolated and alone. Others have bought into the concept popularized by the lyrics of a 60's song by Simon and Garfunkel, "I am a rock, I am an island... and a rock feels no pain ... and an island never dies..." Many of these attitudes have been brought into the church. This is one reason why men have trouble relating to men's ministry and are often reluctant to admit the need for help. Men need to know that they are not alone, that other men face similar problems and that they are significant in God's plan.

On Target Ministries Vision

"To serve the local church by assisting in the development of committed, mature believers who will impact their community for Jesus Christ."

On Target Ministries Mission

"To enable believers to grow in intimacy with God in order to discover and live out His unique plan for their lives".

Men On Target Distinctives

With the proliferation of so many men's ministries and events many people ask for an explanation of the distinctives embodied in the Men On Target seminar. The following addresses what we believe are the unique qualities and characteristics that distinguish this powerful seminar and is offered as a guide to assist you in evaluating whether this resource is right for you.

First Things First

Imagine teaching a first grade student advanced algebra. As unwise as this may seem, that is exactly what we unknowingly tend to do in teaching spiritual principles to men. Other than enrolling in Bible college or seminary there are very few "precept-upon-precept" approaches to spiritual growth to be found. At On Target Ministries great time and effort have been taken to ensure that the principles taught in our Men On Target seminar build upon each other. Release from the past must come before men can move on to greater spiritual maturity. Resistance of the multiplied temptations that bombard men every day is necessary to live an obedient life-style and help us get closer to God. An intimate Relationship with God is the only way to ultimately discover His purpose for our life. Appropriating His Revelation or vision for our life is necessary in order to know how to answer the call. And finally, we must learn the proper Christian Response to a world that is drifting further and further away from anything that has to do with God.

Process vs. Events

At On Target Ministries we are convinced that men need a plan for change that is practical and doable. Though meetings, events and high quality materials are helpful, studies have shown that behavioral changes (e.g. losing weight, quitting smoking) do not come solely from attending a meeting or reading a book. Commitment to a process is where the rubber meets the road with Men On Target seminars. After the men have been exposed to the teaching materials they are excited about making some changes in their lives.

Consistency Through Relationships In Small Groups

After each of six sessions we ask the men to break into groups of four. During this powerful experience the men process the information they just received and establish strong bonds that go on long after our event. At the conclusion of the seminar we bring a teaching on how to become a Path Leveler. This teaching is particularly effective because the men have been modeling much of the information they receive during their small group times. The men are taught how to start and maintain a small group process that will help to ensure their future success.

SmGroupCurShotTo further support the relationships that are started in these MOT Seminar Small Groups the On Target Institute has now professionally produced a high quality HD video small group curriculum.  This ALL NEW curriculum is available here online or as a DVD set.  This curriculum is designed to unpack the principles that are introduced in the MOT Seminar for a weekly study and discussion time.  The MOT Video Curriculum provides 60 of these powerful sessions, divided into six 10-week modules.  Click Here for more details.