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Becoming The Man God Intended

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Pastors On Target Seminars

A dynamic one day seminar specifically designed for Pastors Presented By: Vince D'Acchioli

Iron Sharpens Iron (6)1

Discover a New Paradigm for the 21st Century Church!

From the producers of the life changing Men On Target seminar, this dynamic one day event helps pastors discover new ideas for building an effective church.

The church is not affecting our culture the way Jesus intended. There is much confusion about what the "Product" of the church should be. The spiritual, emotional and physical health of the pastor is critical in establishing an effective church. There is a need for specific, "user friendly" tools to assist the pastor in building an effective church. Ministry to men is the key to bringing spiritual depth into the church. "Your systems are perfectly designed to produce the results you are getting." We believe that in order for the church to become relevant in today's culture a new paradigm must be explored. The key to a healthy local church is directly related to the pastors personal preparedness to serve. This event will help the pastor (1) recognize the overall condition of the church today, (2) develop practical strategies for redesigning their own ministry, and (3) better understand what is needed to ensure their own personal preparedness.

Here is how it works:

Session One:"Understanding The Time And God's Direction"

This session begins by addressing the condition of our culture today. Pastors are exposed to the latest and very startling statistics regarding the moral health of our nation. We then move into a discussion of the role of the local church in affecting cultural change. Where have we failed and what needs to change? If we were to compare the church to a business, what should our "product" be? We conclude with a call for the church to revisit God's original vision. Pastors are encouraged to see a new paradigm for the 21st century church.

"The greatest danger we face is to continue to do the same things...and expect a different result."

Session Two:"The Keys To Personal Preparedness"

This session deals specifically with the pastors personal preparedness to serve. We examine the crippling effects of past negative life experiences and discover how not properly dealing with them can hinder us from seeing God's great future plan for our ministry. Many pastor's today admit that they sometimes find themselves counseling people that are in better shape then they are. During this powerful ministry time we examine how fear, anger, unforgiveness and guilt can keep us from God's best. We have found this to be one of the most meaningful parts of the entire event.

Session Three:"The Six Structural Elements Of An Effective Church"
(Available as stand-alone workshop)

This session transitions into an understanding of the essential characteristics found in healthy, growing churches. These six critical elements are explored in great detail with an emphasis on the importance of ministry to men.

The Six Elements:
Committed And Prepared Leadership
Process Driven Strategies
Seeing Men As key

Session Four:"Effective Strategies For Ministry To Men"

This session deals with the Senior Pastor's role in evolving an effective ministry to men. A detailed discussion of everything from picking your team, casting the vision, developing the plan (significance, strategy, structure and schedule) and engaging the congregation is explored. As a pastor you will be exposed to the strategies employed by some of the most effective Senior Pastors in the country in the area of ministry to men.

"I have yet to see a truly effective ministry to men that was not driven by the senior pastor."


Group discussion times are built into each session. Pastors are given the opportunity to discuss issues affecting their ministry with other pastors.

What Pastors Are Saying:

Vince D'Acchioli has discovered the powerful relationship between understanding our vision or purpose, and our ability to strip away everything that is getting in the way of our becoming all that God wants us to be.

John Maxwell
Founder, INJOY

The Pastors On Target seminar helped me understand the importance of ministry to men as the catalyst for a healthy and growing church.

Rev. Glenn Driedger
Carman, Manitoba

Vince D'Acchioli encouraged me to discover how I am uniquely made, and taught me how to apply my natural gifts to the Pastoring of my church.

Rev. Ron Pierce
Neepawa, Manitoba