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Fully Alive:
Becoming The Man God Intended

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MOT 101, Module One – Overview of Sessions #1-8

Welcome! You've been invited to preview a sample of our Men On Target videos. The full curriculum is available to our Members. For more info on membership, visit the membership page. Thank you!


Men On Target 101 - Module One starts with a 10,000 foot Overview of the content that will be unpacked and expanded in  Sessions #1-8.  This 10 session module explores How to Become the Man God Intended!

PLAY NEXT - Study Session #1: Character Defined

Study Session #2: Who is this God?
Study Session #3: What does He Want?
Study Session #4:  The Three Unalterable Facts   
Study Session #5: Knowing God
Study Session #6: Know God Through His Word
Study Session #7: Know God In Prayer
Study Session #8: Know God In Praise
Module One: Keys to Growth Review

Each 12-minute teaching per session is followed by Life Application questions for small group discussion (or personal reflection).

Want to start a small group?  Get prepared, take the OTI Leadership Facilitation Training for new or seasoned small group leaders, get the twelve 12-minute part study DVD.

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