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Becoming The Man God Intended

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A Special Announcement and More Great News

Before I get into the great news from March I need to make a special announcement: On Target Ministries is looking for one or two men to volunteer in helping promote our new products and ministry strategies throughout North America. At first we are looking for men who want to apprentice with an eye toward a more formal compensation package to follow.

Areas of need, special focus and experience would be:

  • Marketing our newly developed curriculum throughout North America by networking with church leadership and developing regional representation. Most of this work can be done via phone and social media contacts.
  • Maintaining and enhancing all current social media technology including, Active Campaign mailings, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts as well as developing new campaigns.
  • Work with our web master to oversee and maintain OTM’s website with regular updates, rotating content, embedding videos and other tweaks as needed.
  • For more information please call me directly at 719-649-1000 or email vince@otm.co to schedule a conference call.

Now for news about another wonderful month of ministry: March was amazing. It started in Colorado Springs where my Pastor and friend, Steve Holt asked me to minister to his men at a Saturday breakfast and also speak at the church on Sunday. The Road at Chapel Hill is our home church in Colorado where I am honored to serve as an overseer.

At the men’s breakfast I shared a powerful message titled, For Such A Time As This. Based upon Paul’s last words to Timothy found in 2 Tim. 4:1-5, it encourages all of us with the importance of discharging the ministry God has given us. As we find ourselves in a culture increasingly more hostile to our message it also serves as a powerful reminder not only of the fervent need to communicate the message of Jesus, but also better equips us on how to engage people more effectively.

The church service was the highlight for me.   This was the first occasion to publically share Cindy’s miraculous story of supernatural healing with so many local friends who were so diligent to visit and pray for her and our family back in 2010. As I looked over the audience there were probably 40-50 guests who came to be with us and celebrate all that God did during that time. The message I shared was, Armed…Ready For Battle. This teaching unpacks the six major principles God taught me during that trial and ministers in a profound way to those facing struggles today. Hundreds were blessed and many came to our table to visit with Cindy and me at the end of the service.

Around the middle of the month I traveled to Springfield, IL to deliver two seminars at the Iron Sharpens Iron conference for my good friend, Tom Cheshire of RPM Ministries. Close to 800 men were in attendance and God was very much present. The worship times were so special. I also had the privilege of praying with the worship team before the event. My talks dealt with The Four Pillars Of Leadership and The Differences Between Men And Women.

Here is an excerpt from an email I received from one of the attendees:

I learned more about marriage in that 30 or 40 minute session than I had learned in 35 years. The way men withdraw and women attack. How sometimes we try to manipulate to get what we want. Everything you said made so much sense.  Then you said men, we have a manual for this. You held up the Bible and told us everything we need to know is right here. You quoted endlessly scripture that covered all these areas and more. You taught me about fear and how fear can eat us up. Let God in our heart and He will take that fear. So many life lessons I learned that day. I left wore out but full of hope.  You have been a big part of my change and I will always remember your teachings. I watch your videos on you tube from time to time for inspiration. Thank you so much. Didn't mean to ramble on but this has been life changing. –Bob

It is such a blessing to receive these kinds of testimonies. God is so good.

To close out the weekend I was invited to speak at one of my favorite places, Koke Mill Christian Church. Pastor Stan Summers is a dear friend and often asks me to speak there when I am in town. He and his lovely wife are precious.

This was one of the most Holy Spirit inspired mornings I have experienced in a long time. I had a message all prepared but as we were driving from the hotel to the church in dense fog, Pastor Stan missed the turn. During the extended conversation that ensued the Lord prompted both of us to change the message—Stan encouraged me to share my personal testimony. I title my story, Overwhelmed By The Grace Of God. For those of you have heard it—you understand why.

Between the two services more than 25 people gave their hearts to the Lord—two couples acknowledged together their desire to ask Jesus into their heart. At the end of the second service with all heads bowed, I requested that those who would like to ask Jesus into their hearts look up at me. As I looked into their faces I was overwhelmed with emotion. It hit me just how much God is in love with each and every one of us—no matter where we’ve been or what we have done. The fact that He knows every detail of every story represented in these lives is amazing. It was such a moving experience.

As I close I want you to know that Cindy and I are becoming very eager about what we believe God is beginning to open up concerning our future and the pathway for On Target Ministries. We are so grateful for your continued support for all that He is doing.

Cindy and I want you to know how much we love you and appreciate all of your faithful prayers and financial support

Becoming The Man God Intended,