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An Exciting June 2023 Update

A very special 4th of July greeting to you dear friend.  Cindy and I experienced another great month here in Temecula settling in, enjoying the weather and especially seeing what God is doing through our ministry.  I am happy to report that with each new month Cindy’s health continues to improve here—no oxygen necessary.

At the beginning of the month, I had the privilege of speaking to a new group of young men and women who began meeting at Oceanside Beach.  The photo captures my sharing to about 50 of these hungry people and God did an amazing work.  Five of them gave their hearts to the Lord that night.  Meanwhile, I continue to work with my grandson, Hayden, as he leads his Holy Stakes group of young men every Monday night.

Earlier in the month my Son-in-law, Hayden’s dad Jason and I sat on two stools in front of this hungry group of young men and let them have at us—no question was off limits.  It was awesome.  Jason really hit the mark as he answered questions about real-life experiences as a CEO owning and running a business in today’s woke culture.  At the end of our time together I asked the group to tell us what is driving their generations openness today regarding spiritual matters. 

The feedback was amazing and very revealing.  Most of these young men are coming from deep brokenness within their own families, are tired of superficiality and being lied to and are desperate for authenticity.  Finding answers in their world is not working for them and they can see right through the cultural smoke and mirrors.

Later in the month I had another privilege of speaking to our local No Man Left Behind gathering that takes place every Thursday morning at a local coffee shop.  About fifty men came to this and I talked to them about getting back in the game.  I asked Hayden to come with me and at the end of my talk he got up and shared what is on the heart of young men in his generation.  The gathering of mostly older guys from every walk of life, were captivated.  Dear one, something very special is happening right now.  I have not seen this kind of hunger among a generation since the sixties.  We must seize the moment—all of us.

Last week I also met with about 7-8 CEO level executives to brainstorm firing up an old group that used to meet weekly in the San Diego area called Men With A Purpose.  This gathering, started by my friend, Dwight Johnson, has had a significant impact on so many over the years.  I am excited to say that after sharing with them my experience with these young men we all came away with a commitment to make discipleship a centerpiece of our objectives moving forward.

In addition to the above, I am also working on the framework for our new book project and planning an exciting social media campaign that will take advantage of some new platforms to get our message out there.  Stay tuned for this one—it is going to be BIG!

As I close, Cindy and I are praying for each of you and hope you had a blessed 4th of July celebration time.  I also want to encourage you to go see the movie, The Sound Of Freedom.  It is a powerful story revealing how our enemy is going after the most vulnerable among us, our precious kids.  We need to stay informed so that we know how to pray and what actions we need to take.

Finally, be on the lookout for this month’s TargetPoint article, The Manipulation Of The American Mind (updated from 2017).  If you do not get our articles, please go to www.otm.co and sign up for our newsletters.