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Anger Properly Managed 11

AngerTarget Point, Vol. 11 of 31   
Today's Verse/Thought: Flares or Flashlights

An angry man stirs up dissension, and a hot-tempered one commits many sins. Proverbs 29:22

Life Implication:
We have spent several days talking about what happens to us if we internalize anger. The opposite of internalization is VENTING OUR ANGER. For the next four days, we are going to delve into the effects of improper venting of our anger, letting it erupt without proper management. You may be beginning to think there must be something somewhere in between internalizing and venting angry emotions. You are definitely on the right track and we will look forward to spending the final days on this subject on the proper management of angry emotions.

You've probably experienced venting your own anger or being vented upon! Not a cheerful position to be in either way. Vented anger is most often hurtful to others. It can be very destructive. Improperly venting anger usually involves yelling and possibly beating. There is a huge increase of what we have come to call the Shaken Baby Syndrome, where the impatient parent or caretaker gives full vent upon that little one, literally shaking the life out of that unfortunate baby. When we vent our anger we find we say things we don't mean and hear things not said.

Do you have a short fuse? Are you reactive, quick and impatient? Our temper can be quick to flare, instead of taking our spiritual flashlight to the issue that is of concern.

Life Application:
Often a difference of opinion can escalate to a heated debate or argument, which brings division. From there, the escalation can move to the level of intense physical anger, which brings total rejection. And the final result is a "state of war" or hostility that brings ultimate separation.

When that difference of opinion begins, DROP THE FLARE, and PICK UP THE FLASHLIGHT. Shine that light on yourself. Could it be that you might be wrong in this instance? Maybe or maybe not! The point is, in either case, do not let that difference of opinion escalate, bringing division and separation between you the other individual. Never allow yourself the privilege of saying, Well, it's just my nature to become angry . . . it's my background . . . or it's inherited.  Let the light of Jesus shine on the moment and bring the concerns into proper focus.

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