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Anger Properly Managed 2

AngerTarget Point, Vol. 2 of 31   
Today's Verse/Thought: A Harlequin Truth

Acts 8:23 I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin. 

Life Implication:
In our society today, being fearful puts people into the category of a "wimp". Often, in order to MASK one's fear, the emotion of anger becomes the modus operandi-a socially acceptable attitude. Ask yourself the following questions-Are you abusive or helpful? Do you focus on the faults of others or recognize your own? Do you have high expectations of others or are you open-hearted in your attitude toward others? Do you hold onto hurts, or do you forgive and forget? Are you bitter and condemning or are you tactful in dealing with others?

Life Application:
If you are fearful, control is a big issue. If you begin to feel like you have lost control of your life in any given area, instead of displaying fear, you may tend to put on a MASK OF ANGER to cover that fear.

Think back over the last 7-10 days in your life. You got up in the morning, took a shower (hopefully), ate breakfast or grabbed a cup of coffee, maybe even had time with the Lord . . . and then your day came tumbling down upon you. You headed out the door to work and confronted an hour delay in traffic; perhaps your boss dumped a heavy project on you due the next day; maybe your co-worker took credit for some great idea you had. Or, you work at home, perhaps as a wife and Mom, and your kids surfaced from their rooms with homework not done; or your washing machine broke down when your laundry was piled to the ceiling; or your carpool friend asked you to take her place and you had a million other things planned for the day.

Sound familiar? STOP and ASK YOURSELF how any frustrations you recall hit you. Did you blow up, did you stuff-it? Did you walk around all day with a pit in your stomach? Ponder whether in any circumstances you may have faced, you felt like you had no control over the situation? Ask yourself what fear your anger possibly masked. As you ponder these thoughts, ASK GOD TO SHOW YOU where your fears come from. Ask Him to heal you in those fearful areas of your life.

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