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Anger Properly Managed 25

AngerTarget Point, Vol. 25 of 31   
Today's Verse/Thought: Telescopic Binoculars

Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind. Anonymous

Life Implication:
Anger, out of control, definitely causes the mind to think irrationally. Rational thinking allows us to EXAMINE THE CAUSE.

As you examine the cause, look at the facts and then compare the feelings those facts generate. For example: Remember my illustration yesterday of the young man that took my daughters to an R-Rated movie? The FACT was that his actions exposed my daughters to an unhealthy environment. The related FEELING was that I felt violated as a Dad. Let's look at another example: Perhaps the FACT is that you have been passed up for a promotion at work. The accompanying FEELING is that of rejection.

Remember that the ANGER IS YOURS. Someone may have known how to push your anger-button, but the button is yours and so are the feelings it triggers.

Life Application:
It has been said that, When you lose your temper . . . you lose the ability to think sanely and to make balanced decisions. Take time to look at the FACTS and to evaluate the FEELINGS involved. Often we only deal with one side, the facts or the feelings. When you find yourself in a particular situation, it is important to look at both sides of the issue.

Sam Horn, president of Action Seminars and author of Tongue Fu! (love the title) says: Before you respond to the situation that has made you angry, ask yourself, Will it help...or will it hurt if I speak out?  Keep quiet if your remark won't help but could hurt. That doesn't mean you shouldn't speak up if you're being treated badly. Asking yourself this question will give you time to formulate an effective response rather than acting on impulse.

God gave me time to formulate with Him how I would respond to the young man as a violated Dad. God gave me the High Road of righteousness rather than the Low Road of anger.

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