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Anger Properly Managed 3

AngerTarget Point, Vol. 3 of 31   
Today's Verse/Thought: Trembling On the Precipice

A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.  Psalm 29:11

Life Implication:
We live in a culture that is smarter and more enlightened than ever before . . . or at least, so it seems. We revel in being sensitive to the rights and thinking of others. And yet, there is more anger than ever before.

This is the AGE OF PASSIVE-AGGRESSION-behavior which attempts to control others in order to control one's own environment, in hopes of increasing a feeling of security.

Also, we see Road Rage, a fairly new, and all too common, phenomenon. The following statistics have been published: approximately forty thousand deaths every year are attributed to road rage, and that along with six million crashes, three million serious injuries and two hundred billion dollars in annual costs. As of this writing, the news has been full of accidents and deaths just over this past weekend from teenagers car racing on city streets. They are calling this type of racing, loosely organized road rage, and are attributing much of it to the copy-cat effect from a movie just released called Fast and Furious. These kids drive fast because they are furious-full of uncontrolled rage.

Why do we have so much passive aggression and so much rage? I would suggest that it is because we are AN INSECURE PEOPLE. Our insecurity emanates directly from the fact that we are looking more and more to ourselves and the world, instead of to our Creator, our heavenly Father.

Life Application:
We come again to the ISSUE OF CONTROL and just what makes us feel insecure in life. As you progress throughout today or tomorrow, make a decision to take a close look at how you react with each frustration that comes your way. When you get hit with a problem or predicament, do you find yourself deciding to fix the situation in your own strength? Do you look to someone else to fix the situation, like your boss or your spouse? Or, do you look instead to your heavenly Father? Of course, you know what the right answer is! As you evaluate those moments in time, MAKE A CHOICE to take those difficult situations immediately to your heavenly Father. Get into a habit on a daily basis of making that choice. Remind yourself that with each problem you face, you do have a choice in what you do with it.

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