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Anger Properly Managed 5

AngerTarget Point, Vol. 5 of 31   
Today's Verse/Thought: High Octane or Regular?

But Jonah was greatly displeased and became angry . . . but the Lord said, Is it right for you to be angry?  Jonah 4: 1,4

Life Implication:
Believe it or not, anger is a normal God-given human emotion. It can become a healthy catalyst for positive change in our lives. As a Notre Dame Coach once said: Life is a school and problems are the curriculum. How we respond to problems in our lives sets the outcome of our lives and our relationships.

Let's ask ourselves, like Jonah, do we fill our tanks with the HIGH OCTANE FUEL OF ANGER, becoming angry with God and with our circumstances? Or do we run on Regular and ask the following questions: Where is this problem leading me? What is this problem revealing about me? What is this problem teaching me? How is this problem protecting me? How can I grow through this problem?

GOD USES CIRCUMSTANCES in our lives for a purpose. Even if you read the Bible two hours a day that leaves twenty-two hours for God to use circumstances. Are we going to choose to be angry about our circumstances, or are we going to choose to learn from our circumstances?

Life Application:
Today, let's take a SNAPSHOT, so to speak, and then let's dissect it to the nth degree! Take a moment to identify a difficult circumstance or problem in your life. Now, jot down on a piece of paper what that problem or situation is. Next, refer to the questions listed above and write the answer to each of those questions-Where is it leading, what is it revealing about yourself, what is it teaching you, is it protecting you in some way, and finally, how can you grow amidst the problem? Once you have written the answers to these questions, I would encourage you to take those thoughts before the Lord and allow Him to use the difficulty for your best interests. He will, you know!

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