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Becoming The Man God Intended

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April 2016 News (Another Incredible Month)

IMG_3688Looking back over the month of March we continue to be amazed and humbled at what God continues to do through On target Ministries. During mid March I was invited to be one of the plenary speakers for the Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) event in Springfield, IL. There were over 900 men present and the atmosphere was spiritually charged. Because the men were so receptive our time together was one of the most anointed times of ministry I can remember in many years.

My good friend, ministry startup partner and producer, Pat McGuire accompanied me to this event which was a significant blessing to me personally. He had designed our new booth and we were able to set up a graphically excellent video presentation for the maiden launch of our new curriculum. Pat actually had the videos playing on a laptop for men to
see. Because I had two workshops and the privilege of bringing the closing plenary session, there was significant traffic and sales were good.
My opening workshop dealt with Cindy’s story of miraculous healing and many men were touched as we shared the secrets to navigating tough times. I am amazed at how many men wanted to attend this session and the number that are experiencing struggles. The second workshop drew hundreds and dealt with The Differences Between Men And Women. The session was geared toward men who are married IMG_3651or in a relationship headed that direction. The response was very positive and could lead to a future couples event in this community.

During my closing plenary session I dealt with Real Christianity In An Un-Real World. Here I talked about the importance of living a life that demands an explanation. My closing illustration dealt with what I call The Secret To Racial Reconciliation. As I closed I felt led to ask men who were ready to open their hearts to Jesus to stand. The response was overwhelming as I took the opportunity to pray for dozens who were on their feet.

As I walked off I noticed many standing with heartfelt appreciation and applause. As I later reflected on what happened I realized that a large percentage of my audience were African Americans and that Springfield is just a short distance from Ferguson where there has been so much racial tension. The response to the racial reconciliation illustration was very emotional and positive. Our prayer is that many left recognizing that we have no hope for easing tensions unless we are willing to be reconciled with the only true peacemaker—Jesus. I reminded them that the two greatest commandments loving God first & our neighbor second, are in that order for a reason—you cannot do the latter without the former.

On Sunday Pat and I went to Koke Mill Christian Church. I had the privilege of speaking at both their Sunday morning services for my friend Pastor Stan Summers. It was such a wonderful experience as I remembered being with this precious congregation several years ago. Stan has been there over 17 years and God has blessed him with a wonderful flock—they are truly a close knit family.

The other momentous thing that happened this month was the culmination of our new Men On Target curriculum package. As you may know, this is now the final exclamation point for over 25 years of work in developing and massaging this content. I have been in studio with Pat for over a year now recording this dynamic content to complete our sixty 12-minute video segments and twelve leadership training sessions. Pat has also taken two segments and turned them into thirty half-hour TV shows being aired on the NRB Network. The official public launch for this took place during our ISI conference.

 Needless to say, this is a huge development for me personally. Knowing that the culmination for 30 years of ministry and development of this message is now memorialized to video is both humbling and spiritually satisfying. It is also exciting to know we are so close to seeing the final editing and authoring processes completed so we can order inventory of the finished product.

 While we are so grateful for the generous donations that have brought us to this point, we are still about $5,800.00 short of our final goal to bring this to that end. As a result I am asking you to prayerfully consider helping us arrive at our target. Please consider a one-time special gift to make this happen. If there were 10-12 people who would consider a sacrificial gift of $500.00 at this time, we could bring all of this home.

Finally, for any of you who have connections, either with your local church, missions organizations or prison ministries, I would be happy to forward a sample of our curriculum for you to share. We are already getting endorsements from many Christian leaders who are saying this may be one of the best disciple-making models available today.

Cindy and I pray God’s richest blessing upon you and your family.

Helping men become Fully Alive—the man God intended,