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Becoming The Man God Intended

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August 2023 Ministry Update

Hello, dear friends.  August, normally a slow month for us at On Target, turned out to be very busy and exciting.  It began with my unpacking a whole new and very powerful idea about my new book project.  I will be sharing much more about this in the coming weeks and sending out some sample excerpts for you to review.  I do not believe anything like what we are attempting has ever been done before and I am believing this might be one of the best disciple-making resources for men today.

The highlight of the month came on Saturday the 12th.  That was the day I married our first-born grandson, Parker to his lovely bride, Randi.  The event took place at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA.  With the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop, it was a truly beautiful and wonderful occasion.  It was of course a great honor for me to preside over this precious event.  Parker and Randi are two very special people who love the Lord deeply.  

On the last weekend I was privileged to travel to Boise, Idaho to speak at a men’s retreat for Canyon Christian Church.  It took place at Camp Ivydale about an hour from the Boise Airport.  I spoke four times over the weekend, and we saw three men ask Jesus into their lives for the first time.  There were also a dozen men who raised their hands in pledging to stop following a god they want and begin pursuing The God Who Is.

While there I met a man named Ken.  He kind of reminds of the character Sy from Duck Dynasty—even sounds like him.  Ken was really struggling the entire weekend.  He is strapped to an oxygen bottle 24/7 on 5 liters.  I was so proud of him for braving the elements and coming there to honor his Lord. 

I had the chance of sharing Cindy’s story with him and told him how important it was for us to BELIEVE and EXPECT God to heal.  I then asked him if he had the faith to do the same for his circumstances—he said yes.  I felt like the Lord wanted me to end our event in a communion time and then surround Ken with all the men and pray for him.

It was a powerful time of prayer for Ken.  The look on his face when we were done was heartwarming.  He told us he felt so good.  Ken is going to continue to let me know how he is doing.  Initial reports are very encouraging as he seems to be weening from the oxygen.  I told him to leave it all in God’s hand.  Let’s continue to pray for this wonderful man.  Cindy and I are BELIEVING and EXPECTING God to heal him.

August was a good month indeed.  As I close, I want to ask you to join us on our new Substack platform if you are not already subscribed.  These newsletters and all our TargetPoint articles will be appearing there in the future.  You can find us here: https://vincedac.substack.com