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Becoming The Man God Intended

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Challenged And Grateful

As most of you know by now this has been perhaps the most difficult month in our lives since 2010.  On the 15th of November we called an ambulance for Cindy as her oxygen numbers began to plummet.  When she arrived at St Francis Hospital they began testing her but could not find anything that might be causing the issue.  They ruled out Covid and thought early on that some kind of bacterial infection may have taken hold in her lungs.  Since 2010 when she was released after a life-threatening bout with H1N1 she has not had any issues even though her lungs were seriously compromised—that is a miracle.

After a couple of days they moved her to the Intensive Care Unit as she required 55 liters of oxygen support at 100%.  That is just a short step to putting her on a ventilator.  After a couple of days and a whole lot of prayer she was moved back to intermediate care and started to get better.  They still do not know the cause but threw everything they had at the symptoms and it worked.  She was released on November 29th on 6 liters of oxygen but in a very weak condition.

We are home now and caring for her 24/7 as she slowly improves every day.  Our goal is to get her to around 3 liters so she can travel to California for Christmas.  Most of her doctors are recommending that she should be at sea level for her future health.  We will be checking that out and would ask for your continued prayers for God to give us clear direction here.  While I can continue my work from anywhere there are some significant logistical and financial implications with such a move.  Much more info to follow.

Though this was a challenge Cindy and I want you to know how grateful we are.  Grateful for all of your love, support and prayers for us personally and what God is doing through this ministry.  Grateful for this wonderful new Christmas season that is upon us.  This is truly the most precious time of year for Cindy and me.  Cindy usually writes our Christmas TargetPoint and I am hoping she will be able to do it again this year—look for it sometime around the middle of the month.

As a special thank you for all you do and what you mean to us we have enclosed a gift we hope you will enjoy.  Our dear friend, Dick Eastman recently published this powerful devotional on the names of Jesus simply titled, Awesome.  I asked Dick to personally sign your copy.  Cindy and I read this together every morning and recite the prayer at the end of each brief chapter.  We hope this will bless you as much as it has blessed us and will serve as a powerful reminder of who we celebrate this special Christmas season.

Wishing you a very blessed Christmas,

Vince & Cindy

Prayer Points:

  • Complete recovery for Cindy (lungs healed)
  • Godly discernment on possible move to CA
  • Financial assistance if a move is necessary
  • More 2023 bookings
  • The completion of The Man God Intended (Vince’s new book)
  • Opportunities for new Encounter events