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The Death Of Good VS Evil

moralsI do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil
-Albert Einstein

Unfortunately the quote above is reflective of how a lot of modern-day Christian leaders are leaning. This tendency, in my view, is the result of gradually adopting popular cultural ideas about the existence of absolutes. A most pathetic form of religious political correctness has infiltrated much of the church today.

Perhaps the most recent and dangerous manifestation of this is represented by the current positions being expressed regarding the existence of hell. The argument, and a reasonable one I might add, has to do with the perceived lack of clarity in the Bible about our long held views of hell and what it will be like. There is no shortage of parsing words, challenging interpretations of scripture verses and reminders of the lack of biblical evidence to support the concept of hell as it has evolved.

All this activity in my view is a shill-game or sham to cover up what is really happening. What we have unintentionally succumbed to is a world-view that is not comfortable with consequences. I want to be able to live my life any way I want and if it results in negative consequences I have a right to be free from them—in fact—it is probably your fault.

Instead of accepting the God who has revealed Himself to us through His word, we are fashioning one created in our own image. This is absurd at best and pathetic at worst. We want a perfect world as we might define it and do not understand that we live in a fallen one. In fact, it all began with the words put forth by the devil right from the beginning…surely God would not…

Even Pilate responding to Jesus’ claim to testify to the truth put forth the age-old question, what is truth? In many of my conferences I often explain that God is real, He lives in heaven and He has an opinion—and guess whose opinion don't count? We do not like that. We have been subtly brainwashed into thinking we can determine the absolutes we think appropriate and surely God would not…

If you are doubting what has happened just look at some examples of how this idea has affected us in recent years:

  • Homosexual sex is not only normal…it is celebrated—don't agree and you will be punished, boycotted, shut down
  • Teens are taught in schools to have safe sex and it doesn't matter if it is with the same sex
  • If your lifestyle results in disease or other complications—someone else will pay for it
  • Killing the unborn is a human right
  • Raising the bar on what constitutes a punishable offense
  • Releasing prisoners early because it seems humane
  • Tolerating criminal activity by illegal immigrants because we feel sorry for them
  • Children in their early years of public education being taught to question authority
  • Cheating, especially if it creative, is rewarded—lying is ok if the payback is big enough
  • Laziness is rewarded with entitlements
  • The God of the Bible is demonized while dark and radical practices being put forth by other religions are tolerated

NOTE: If after reading this list you find yourself asking why these are negative—you are pursuing a god you want…NOT, the God who is.

This list could go on and on but I think you get the point. We are desperately lost and have given in to the enemy of our soul’s original lie. Do what ever you want and God won’t care. There is no good and evil, right and wrong, black and white—everything is relative. And sin, what an antiquated concept! And then, here is the big one—how could a loving God ever do something so cruel—why would He condemn people for an eternity in utter darkness?

This kind of thinking ignores the deeper question it begs. How could this loving Creator allow the unbelievable pain and suffering experienced by His own Son? If everything is relative—we are all going to be ok in the end—then Jesus’ virgin birth, horrible death and supernatural resurrection was a total waste. The whole purpose of what God did was to shine a bright light upon the consequences of our sin and give us a clear pathway toward salvation. This historical episode was the ultimate statement regarding good VS evil.

My friend all of this begs perhaps the most important question of our time—what does a God-fearing, Bible-believing Christian do in response to what we are seeing? We stand strong. We do not compromise—ever. We draw closer to our God (James 4:8). We develop the kind of faith that will weather anything that comes against it—even onto death. But most importantly, we do not judge the world—we love people the way Jesus would.

The Bible is clear—not complicated to understand. God, through His Holy Spirit has inspired every word. Our job is to meditate upon the truths being revealed and live them out in a way that points people to their Author. It is NOT to engage in arguing a position or point of view. When you encounter people who are supporting some of the viewpoints discussed above—just love them and pray for them. Pray especially that this politically correct theology does not keep others away from discovering the ultimate Truth.