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Dependence & Independence…A Celebration

Well here we are, July 2021.  The month has such special meaning to me and Cindy as we celebrate our wedding anniversary on July 3rd only to be followed by another important anniversary on the 4th.  It occurred to me that our anniversary is a true celebration of dependence.  Fifty six years ago Cindy and I made a commitment to become dependent upon each other.  It was not many years after our wedding day that we both came to the realization that our true dependence had to be placed upon our heavenly Father.

Along the way we learned, and now have the privilege of teaching, that in order for our lateral relationship to work right we both had to make sure our vertical one was solid.  Dependence is a good thing when applied properly.  As we submit to God He uniquely enables us to submit to each other.  This triangular relationship, with God on top and me and Cindy underneath, is the only way to ensure the kind of peace and security we need to navigate this life.  Today, as our world seems to be going mad, I cannot imagine where I would be without my Lord and the wonderful partner He has given.

If the 3rd of July represents dependence then the 4th of course highlights independence.  Of course, the word independence can carry with it both a positive and negative connotation.  If you are a true patriot, harder to find these days, then you know the importance of Independence Day.  It is the day we celebrate our separation from tyranny and an oppressive system.  It is the day we embarked on building a free society based upon the tenets of freedom, liberty and the biblical view of man.

As Cindy and I celebrate our dependence this year we are reminded of our one and only true source, the Lord Jesus.  Without Him there is no real peace or security—there is nothing but human energy and engineering.  Ironically, the same thing is true as we celebrate our independence. As our country moves further away from our Lord everything
our founding fathers had in mind for us is being stripped away.  We are rapidly moving toward submission to a tyrannical governmental system being used by the enemy to crush us.

This is why I believe God has uniquely brought us to where we are today.  Cindy and I are feeling a heightened sense of anticipation for what God is getting ready to do in our nation as the result of so many who are praying.  We are also sensing that the 30 years of wonderful ministry through On Target has been a special training ground for what He is about to release. We have truly been  preparing  for such a time as this.  If you have not received our video, A Very Special Announcement (OTI Is Back), please go to my public Facebook or YouTube page to view.

In our entire history there has never been a time where ministry to men has been more important.  I am sensing a holy desperation for equipping men to step up, become the spiritual heads of their homes and be prepared as leaders in their respective spheres of influence.  My friends it is not time to retreat—it is time to double down on our ministry efforts.  The advancement of the Kingdom of God in our nation is at stake and God desires us men to take our rightful position.

As you may know, our On Target Institute (OTI) is about to be relaunched in 2022.  Our planning process should be complete over the next thirty days and we will be taking the rest of this year to tune up and build our infrastructure for next year where we plan to engage twenty-five churches to start OTI impacting 2500 men.  I hope to be able to share with you a powerful outline of our new plan by next month.  For now though, we need your prayers.  The list below represents both prayer points and a glimpse of some of the important and strategic issues and initiatives on our plate.

Please Pray:

  • For God to bless our final revision for the 2022 OTI Relaunch Initiative
  • That God would bring the right people to our upcoming major donor events
  • That God would send the right men for us to hire for two critical positions—one would possibly become the future leader for OTM
  • For an increase in our monthly donor support
  • For our new Colorado Springs startup for OTI beginning this Fall (now seeking a venue)

Lots of exciting stuff going on here.  Thank you so much for your love, support and faith in what God is doing through this ministry.

Co-laboring together for the souls of men,