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Developing A Daily Devotional Habit 20

93137TargetPoint  Vol 20 of 31

Today's Verse/Thought: SINGING-The Act of Melodic Worship

Psalm 100:2 Serve the Lord with gladness. Come before His presence with singing.

Life Implication:
Oh, Oh, Dick, you say, now you've gone too far. I can't even carry a tune in the shower! Well . . . now, let's just investigate this a little. Perhaps when we are through, you may just feel like singing . . .

Words of adoration combined with a melody from the heart lead to praise in its most beautiful form. Here we discover ONE OF THE MOST NEGLECTED ASPECTS of personal worship, singing alone in God's presence. Would you believe that no fewer than forty-one of the Psalms specifically refer to singing praises unto the Lord? And, that was a man (King David) writing.

It was once said by an old saint, I sing the doxology and dismiss the devil! SATAN DESPISES MUSIC UNTO THE LORD. You see, he was the worship leader for heaven before he decided to take the glory for himself.

There's a great story in the Bible in II Chronicles 20 where God promised Jehoshaphat that Judah would see victory in battle. Verse 22 gives the bottom line: WHEN THEY BEGAN TO SING and praise, THE LORD SET AMBUSHES against the people . . . who had come against Judah; and they were defeated. Singing can be an act of SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

Life Application:
Based on one of your favorite Scriptures or two, TRY TO WRITE YOUR OWN SONG to the Lord. Don't worry if your song does not sound polished, and the words need not be in rhyme.

HOW TO BEGIN? First, WRITE OUT YOUR OWN PARAPHRASE of a particular verse. Put it into your own words. Then, try to DEVELOP A SONG based on this verse. Sing that song to the Lord in prayer. For example:John 3:16 ? "Thank you God for giving me Jesus, your only son, because you loved me so much . . . "?

As you sing to the Lord, CONCENTRATE on the fact that GOD IS THE ONE THAT DOES battle for you if you allow Him to, whether in your relationships, your finances, your work, or your family.

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