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Developing A Daily Devotional Habit 21

93137TargetPoint  Vol 21 of 31

Today's Verse/Thought: SINGING-Six Themes for Songs, Part I

Isaiah 51: 11 So the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with singing . . . they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

Life Implication:
How do we make SINGING unto the Lord PRACTICAL in our daily time with Him? Of course, the singing of well-known hymns and choruses, from memory or with the aid of a hymnbook or sheet music, is a possibility.

However, another good place to start is to ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT TO CREATE NEW MELODIES within your heart. With these melodies you will be able to sing songs based on a variety of themes.

There are at least six distinct themes in the Bible that might be used in ministering to the Lord with song. The first is to SING PRAISES to the Lord. Imagine a child creating and singing a little song of praise to his/her Dad. Even though that song might be somewhat off-key, that father's heart would be delighted because of the sincerity of heart behind it, and because that child singing is the object of that father's affection. In the same way, to sing praises unto the Lord BRINGS GREAT JOY TO GOD'S HEART because of His intense love for us.

Another theme would be to sing of God's POWER AND MERCY. To sing of God's POWER is to put into song all that God has accomplished with His power. To sing of His MERCY is to sing of His faithfulness and justice. It is to sing the attributes of His divine nature.

Life Application:
Just as you learned to speak PRAISES to God during our first few days together, take those same phrases and instead of speaking them try SINGING TO THE LORD. ALLOW THE MELODY TO FLOW from your heart.

TELL GOD IN SONG how much you appreciate His POWER, all that He has accomplished; and then sing of His MERCY, His faithfulness and justice.

PRACTICE THIS NEW ART, by singing to Him in the shower; or make up a song to Him as you're driving in your car. DO NOT BE CONCERNED if your voice seems somewhat unpleasant, or your tune not up to snuff with the Philharmonic - remember, God sees your heart, and He intensely loves what you are doing.

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