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Family, Friends and a Miracle (June 2018 Newsletter)

May was a month filled with great family times, special celebrations mixed with a tragic accident and miracle outcome. 

My most memorable event happened on June 8th while on a scheduled conference call with Pastor Scott Guhl from St Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Churchin Gifford, IL. Pastor Scott invited me to come and bring the Fathers Day message this month after we met at an ISI conference recently.  Cindy and I have a rich history with this very special congregation as we conducted a whole week of meetings there back in 2011. 

Pastor Scott replaced Pastor Steven Lombardo who retired since our last visit.  I asked to schedule a call with him to get some info regarding his ministry and where he feels I can best serve this congregation with my message.  This is something I try to do with every invitation in advance of my trip.

Seventeen minutes into the call I heard Pastor yell out Oh Vincefollowed instantly by a loud thud.  Then, everything went silent.  I hung on for a minute and then hung up and began to pray contemplating the worst.  I immediately contacted the former Pastor, Steven Lombardo and then called the church office to report what happened.  I believe that started an early chain reaction of prayer. 

It turns out that Pastor Scott was involved in a horrible accident and had to be cut out of his car and airlifted to the hospital.  The doctors, I have heard, were amazed that he survived. I am so grateful to God for what appears to be another incredible miracle.  He is still in the process of some intense physical therapy and making progress. Praise God. 

On the 9th and 10th Dr Dobson from Family Talk, re-aired two radio interviews he did 15 years ago at Focus On The Familywith me and three other men’s ministry colleagues regarding the state of ministry to men in America.  In case you missed my last TargetPoint article on this you can still catch these 20-minute programs at these links:

Family Talk Broadcast 1 of 2

Family Talk Broadcast 2 of 2

The balance of the month we experienced some very special family time.  Our daughter Kim celebrated her 50th birthday.  At one time we had around 15 people in our home for a little over a week. Cindy and I cannot find words to describe the joy of having all of our kids and grandkids with us for this special time of celebration.  A red carpet formal party thrown by her family and some very special friends here in Temecula highlighted it all.  If you visit our Facebook page you will find lots of great pics.

As I prepare for two important ministry trips this month and Cindy and I going to New Zealand in August for Promise Keepers there is so much more happening on the personal and ministry front I want to share.  For now, please continue to pray for us and stay tuned—exciting stuff ahead. 

Cindy and I want you to know how much we love you and appreciate all of your faithful prayers and financial support

Becoming The Man God Intended,