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February 2016 News

c71afdcf-18c4-4ec2-813b-5525fb6148f6Well, I must say January and the start of this New Year was a bit out-of-the-ordinary. It began with Cindy contracting a cough and some congestion. Whenever that happens to her we of course go into some significant prayer. You may recall that her lungs were seriously compromised back in 2010 due to her life-threatening illness. I am happy to say that it passed and she is doing fine—it did not go far however. She gave it to me.

For me it turned immediately into Pneumonia in my left lung and I have been battling it for the better part of the month. I am happy to report that it looks like I am on the other side now and preparing my first ministry trip coming up on the 5th. For me, though it has been tough, the down time may have been a blessing in disguise. I think sometimes God encourages us to use the inactivity that results as a time to get closer to Him—perhaps to gain a fresh perspective on where He desires to take us. It has been that for me.

On the ministry front three significant things to report. First, through the generous donation of one of our Board members, we entered into a contract with Klik Marketing to take our resources viral. It looks like we have qualified for a huge grant from Google in free software to promote our materials into markets we had never before been able to penetrate. This could be the long awaited answer to prayer we have been seeking. Thank you Pat McGuire for all your hard work in producing and now looking for effective marketing channels for our product.

Next, we are on the home stretch for completing the MOT curriculum sessions and TV programs. I will probably have one or two more full days in studio to complete taping and then, with the final funding needed, we can author and produce the final DVD package. This has been such an exciting process. The completed package is a representation of the core of everything God has given us to share over the past 25 years of ministry. I am overwhelmed to hear from so many around North America who are being blessed by these teachings.

Finally, our event schedule is starting to heat up. I have three significant trips over the next 6 weeks and several more already scheduled into the fall. In addition there are a number of tentative ones we are still negotiating. It looks like our exposure through the TV channels and those now using the curriculum are opening doors for us to do more live events.

In closing let me say again how much Cindy and I appreciate your generous donations to our ministry. We have just signed up for Amazon Smile, which allows all of our supporters to continue giving every time you make an Amazon purchase. All you have to do is click here to be taken to a page that allows you to designate our ministry as your “ministry of choice” to receive a small percentage of everything you purchase. It costs you nothing and if enough people sign up, it could really benefit OTM. Thanks so much for considering this option.

    Cindy and I pray God’s richest blessing upon you and your family.


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