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Becoming The Man God Intended

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Fed-Up or Faith Filled

We have moved from the home of the free and the brave to a land filled with slaves and cowards—we are ideological slaves and practical cowards

Vince D’Acchioli

We have an open invasion at our southern boarder deliberately intended to dilute our citizenry. Where is our military? The Covid scam.  Major election fraud.  Catering to the one-worlders and communists.  Shut downs/masks/mandates.  Wag the dog military threats designed to keep the focus off the dark agenda.  The Afghan pullout disaster.  The disgusting indoctrination of our children into sexual perversion and radical racial hatred designed to divide us.  Runaway Inflation.  The decimation of our military through mandates.  The purging of parental rights. Christian persecution.  Race baiting.  Equity vs equality (social Justice—redistribution of wealth).  

I could go on with pages more but here is the real challenge—every single institution in the world—media, big business, big tech, governments, our education establishment, the health industry and much more, are all sponsors of this story.

To not see what is happening in our country today as a deliberate attempt to destroy us completely is idiocy.  To see it and not raise concern and do something about it is irresponsible at best and criminal at worst.

My friends all of this is just a buildup—the worst is coming.  I believe we will see one or more major false flag catastrophic events between now and the November election in order for our leaders to declare Martial Law and close it down.  THEY DO NOT WANT THAT ELECTION TO HAPPEN.

The vast majority of people in our nation are not following Jesus—that is just a fact.  Sadly many, if not most, of these people are sheep caught up in the story being played out before them and will not apply any objective critical thinking to what is being pushed.  They have bought in so thoroughly that rather than look at alternative information they simply discount counter arguments by blaming the source of the information rather than evaluating the actual facts.

So, in my humanness I can say with great passion that I am fed-up.  But, despite all of this I am also faith-filled and here is why.  First, only a supernatural demonic influence could have brought us this far.  Only great deception could have kept blinders on a whole culture long enough for all of this to have taken hold.  The result is that the battle lines have never been so clearly defined.  

I am faith-filled because the Word of God makes clear what is happening.  Though we are experiencing an uncomfortable trajectory we know where it is all headed.  Jesus is no doubt coming soon.  Ok, I know what you are thinking—this has been said in just about every other generation that has ever existed.  And that is true.  However, there are three things we need to consider.  First, and perhaps the most obvious, is that we are much further along the timeline.  In other words, we are obviously closer to His coming than ever before.

Second, when you consider all of the prophecies in the Bible pointing to the end of the age it is pretty convincing evidence for how close we really are.  Israel becoming a nation in 1948 is a big indicator all by itself.  In light of what we are seeing right now remember the wars and rumors of wars prophecy.  But third and most important is the fact that God is real, He is on His throne and has all of this well in hand.  Because of this truth I am filled with great faith and can wait with joyful expectation in the midst of it all.  

How about you?  Are you  faith-filled?  My friend this is a critical question.  Because, if we are not in a faith-filledposture I question how God can use us to our full potential.  I want to leave you with some challenging questions to test where you are right now.  My prayer is that all of us can be, not only challenged by these considerations, but motivated to actively seek ways to overcome their consequences.

  • How much time do you spend consuming various news VS reading your Bible and praying?
  • What percent of your normal daily conversations are focused upon worldly concerns as opposed to God’s love and grace?
  • Do you have a deep desire to experience God’s presence in your life?
  • How often do you evaluate people on the basis of their message or world view rather than God’s view of them?
  • How would you rate your level of fear and anxiety about what is happening right now?

Depending upon your answers to these questions you will either be fed-up or the faith-filled.  If I am fed-up then it is all about me.  “I” can’t believe it—this is not happening—how could God allow this—where are our leaders—I could go on and on here.  Only a faith-filled posture can resist this way of thinking.  If you are a follower of Christ you know in your heart that this is what God is looking for.  You and I need to be on the right side of the ledger here.

Dear one let me leave you with this challenge—print out those five powerful questions and post them next to your bed.  Then, before you go to sleep ask yourself how you did today.  You may want to end your day talking to God and confessing where you have been off track and asking His help for your new day tomorrow.

Psalm 31:21-24  Praise be to the Lord, for he showed me the wonders of his love when I was in a city under siege. In my alarm I said, “I am cut off from your sight!”  Yet you heard my cry for mercy when I called to you for help.  Love the Lord, all his faithful people! The Lord preserves those who are true to him, but the proud he pays back in full.  Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.