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Gaining Freedom From Fear 24


TargetPoint Volume 24 of 32 

Todays Verse/Thought:  Faith or Fear, Which Do You Nourish?

To NOURISH is the act of keeping something alive, the FUEL that maintains or stimulates an activity or emotion.

Life Implication:
Just a few days ago, we discussed the importance of being sure that Jesus Christ is in your heart. There is a wonderful little book by Robert Boyd Munger entitled, My Heart, Christ's Home.  In this book, you are guided through the various rooms of the heart, from the living room, to the dining room, the library, bedroom, the kitchen, and finally to the hall closet.

The heart's owner is overjoyed to have Jesus as a welcome Guest in all the rooms except one: the hall closet. For inside that closet are all kinds of hidden and rotten things. Things that the heart's owner knows would be sickening to his invited Guest.

How many of us have a hall closet in our hearts that is full of the FUEL THAT KEEPS NEGATIVE FEARS ALIVE. Perhaps you are fearful that God will have you do or be something or someone you wouldn't want. Perhaps you are concerned about what He might take away from you. The thing we must remember is that God would never take anything away from us that is not death dealing to our soul. It's like pulling thorns out of the paws of an animal, while the animal may dislike it, removing those thorns brings life and freedom from pain.

As Jesus helped the heart's owner in the book, My Heart, Christís Home, clean out the rot and decaying stuff in that hall closet, so He wants to help you do the same, nourishing, or fueling, your faith in Him, rather than hidden fears.

Life Application:
FLING OPEN THE DOOR OF THAT HALL CLOSET of your heart and let the Lord Jesus Christ help you clean out the fears that so easily beset you.

Identify those fears: Is it a gnawing uneasiness. . .a fear of losing control . . . the fear of rejection, death, failure, man, abandonment? REMEMBER, God wants to take you through the process that brings freedom. He loves your soul much more than you do! ALLOW HIM FREE REIGN in your life, tell Him He can have it!

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