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Gaining Freedom From Fear 31


TargetPoint Volume 31 of 32 

Todays Verse/Thought:  The State Of The Union

It is my sincere hope that you have begun to gain freedom from fear through this series and that you now possess a new and vibrant UNION with your heavenly Daddy. We have discussed a great deal and have identified the many aspects of fear and how they relate to us individually. In our last TargetPoint you will find a list of verses having to do with fear. Please take time to print this list and use it in your personal time of prayer. Also, it would be my privilege to be able to pray for you as you work through some of these issues in your life. Please e-mail me if you would like me to do so at vince@otm.co.

In Volume 30, we discussed how intimacy with God and our union, or relationship, with Him helps dissolve fear in our lives. As you seek to grow in your relationship with Him, I would encourage you to sign up for Dick Eastman's subject here in TargetPoint entitled "Developing a Devotional Habit of Prayer".

Our next devotional series will be on Anger - a direct result of Fear. Uncontrolled anger becomes a major deterrent in growth in spirit, in mind, in relationships, in life! Anger is often a "socially acceptable" mask for fear. In this series we will discuss different forms of anger and how to identify and manage negative anger. I would encourage you to look for and sign up for this important subject.

As you grow as a follower of Christ, let me recommend a book I have written called Wired to Work. It focuses on building Christ-like people-not just Christ-sounding people. This book was written to help each and every reader to better understand HOW they are wired and WHY they are here (God's plan). You can order the book by logging onto our web-site indicated below or by calling us at 719-649-1000.

It would greatly help us to hear from you. Your feed back is absolutely invaluable to us in hearing how this TargetPoint may have helped or strengthened you in some way. After all, that's the point-the TargetPoint! If it is not helpful, it merely joins up with the stream and myriad of information that pounds our nation on a daily basis-from TV, to books, to the internet, and on and on.

Do you have any thoughts for improving our subject matter, our format, our presentation? Do you have a testimony of how a particular TargetPoint may have helped you? With your permission, we would publish your testimony and the blessing and assistance would certainly be multiplied to many others.

And finally, it's important to tell you that our desire is to continue to offer the TargetPoint ministry FREE OF CHARGE. The reality is that the cost of developing and producing a single subject is $1200.00. If this has been helpful to you, perhaps you would like to sponsor the cost of a TargetPoint subject for $1200.00; or even a partial amount, translating to $37.50 per volume, or $262.50 for one week's worth. If so, please contact us at the number above. You can use your credit card or send a check to On Target Ministries and memo it to TargetPoint. Or, just contact us at otm.co and let us know of your desire to help.

Thank you for your support and interest in reaching out to others and assisting in building up the body of Christ.

Now go forth in a spirit of praise and thanksgiving to our Lord Jesus Christ, for knowing Him intimately and recognizing Who He really is will dispel all fear!


Vince D'Acchioli

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