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Incompetence…Or…Deception?Discerning The Strategy

There is no shortage of people decrying incompetence as the excuse for what they see going on in our country right now.  Many are using the recent developments in Afghanistan to support the idea.  But is it incompetence?  I am not convinced—there are too many checks and balances in place for that to be the only excuse.  That is not to say that incompetence has no place here but rather fails to explain what is probably something else.  Something way more sinister than we might believe.

What if everything we are experiencing right now, particularly within the last two years, is part of a deceptive plan?  A plan that, on a macro scale goes back a hundred years or more but in a strategic sense has been aiming for the beginning of the 21st century. 

On the world stage there are forces at work determined to bring down America.  In particular, two powerful ideologies: radical Islam and Communism, and  thirdly, Globalists, who are very wealthy, powerful people who believe in and promote one-world governing.  The main obstacle standing in the way of these powers and the success of their plans for control and dominance is America.  In other words, a great reset cannot take place as long as America exists under its current constitutional framework.

So, if you wanted to destroy America, how would you do it?

  • Have your President go around the world on an apology tour renouncing American greatness
  • Rewrite American history in our schools (Anti American Sentiment)
  • Divide people into groups and instigate oppressor vs. victim class struggles
  • Take control of all resources, food, water, gas, oil, etc.
  • Destroy the middle class. Find ways to destroy small business
  • Destroy the economy through out of control spending and printing of money
  • Move the US dollar away from being the world standard
  • Come up with a powerful threat that, through intense fear drives people toward giving away their rights and submitting to control
  • Empower and equip foreign enemies with money, weapons and technology
  • Destroy our military readiness by promoting woke politicians instead of battle focused leaders
  • Encourage enlistment of dysfunctional people and promote social ideologies instead of battle readiness
  • Force guidelines on our soldiers to get as many good men and women to quit rather than submit thereby greatly reducing the size of our military

If this is indeed what is taking place, and I believe it is, then it presents a challenge to many followers of Christ.  Those of us who know and love Jesus find it difficult to know how to respond to evil plots of men.  Sadly, most of our inability to see what is happening and discover how God wants us to respond is born out of the enemy’s age old weapon…FEAR.

Consider this brief story:

During his years as premier of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev denounced many of the policies and atrocities of Joseph Stalin. Once, as he censured Stalin in a public meeting, Khrushchev was interrupted by a shout from a heckler in the audience, “You were one of Stalin’s colleagues. Why didn’t you stop him?” “Who said that?”, roared Khrushchev. An agonizing silence followed as nobody in the room dared move a muscle. Then Khrushchev replied quietly, “Now you know why.” (FEAR!)

Dear ones, the powers that be today know full well how to create this type of fear.  By lies and pitting people against each other they have intimidated many from standing up for what is right and true.  While I can understand how this works I cannot understand how anyone who truly believes in our Lord and His word can succumb to this evil.  It is not Biblical.

Eric Metaxas’ great book Bonhoeffer provides a powerful example of the importance of our role to stand against evil for Biblical Christians.  Bonhoeffer saw the evil coming through Hitler at a time when the church was blind and lulled to sleep.

My friends there is no need for confusion here about the role you and I need to play as a follower of Christ.  Though I have laid out a substantial amount of information about our current condition, none of this is where our main focus needs to be other than to make sure we vote, apply peaceful activism and voice our concerns out of love.

Our main focus needs to be on God.  He knows exactly what is happening and He knows exactly what the outcomes will be.  If our focus is upon our circumstances and not on Him it will breed anxiety, anger and more fear.  It will render many of us incapable of being effective instruments in His hand for the battles yet to come—and believe me—it is just heating up.

We should be aware of what is really happening, but our attitude toward what is happening is of great significance!  In the Bible FEAR NOT is mentioned 365 times—one for every day of the year.  It is the most mentioned phrase in the entire Bible.  Why is that?  I believe it is because God is countering the most powerful tool the enemy uses against us.

Fear is crippling.  Resisting it is not a matter of being tough-minded and just sucking it up.  It is overcome by meditating on God’s unshakeable promises.  Here is a powerful truth:

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution,
or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

Romans 8:35-39

It is a poignant reminder of how perfect love casts out fear.  Christian, here is what we need to do: focus on Jesus, remember whose you are, and that nothing can separate you from Him.  Find the joy and peace in that truth.  Then, pray every day that He gives you wisdom and discernment to carry out the assignment He has given you with an attitude of peace, love and patience.