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January 2020 News

We are experiencing a great start to 2020.  On the 24th Cindy and I loaded up Bentley, our Golden Retriever, and drove to Rio Verde, AZ to conduct a men’s event on the 25th  at the Community Church Of The Verdes.  It was a very special time as I brought three messages culminating in 15 men asking Jesus into their hearts for the first time.  We were humbled as the Lord was truly gracious!

While there we met a lovely couple, David and Judith Adolfson, who invited us to stay in their beautiful Casita.  The weather was awesome and the views spectacular.

From there on Sunday we continued our drive to Temecula, California to spend a week with our family.  I am actually writing you from our daughter’s back yard in 75 degree weather where we are resting and preparing for two major couples conferences over the next three weeks.  One will be in Ohio this next week and then another in Colorado Springs on Valentine’s Day weekend.

For any of you who are in the Colorado area who may wish to attend you can get more information by visiting theroad.org and clicking on events.  Or simply call our office at 719-649-1000.  I think the Colorado event is full but we may be able to pull some strings.

At the beginning of the month I spoke at our final session of a three-day series on Prepare 2020, at our home church, The Road @ Chapel Hills.  The message is based on an article I had just written titled, 20/20…Year Of The Blind.  For all who call themselves followers of Christ I would encourage you to read or watch this message.  If you go to theroad.org you will find it under sermons.  On our site the article is at otm.co under the blog dropdown—select TargetPoint.

Here is an excerpt:

Matthew 13:15  For this people's heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them.

In Mark 13:22 the Bible warns us that in the end times even the elect might be deceived.  My friends, we are there.  As we enter this new year we are at a very tenuous place.  We are a nation that has not been so divided since slavery.  We could see civil war in this decade if we cannot unite.  Christian persecution is already here and growing exponentially.  What is not commonly understood is that this is a very calculated process brought about by a few wealthy global elites in order to destroy our nation and the values we have stood upon since our formation.  Click Here for full article.

We are so proud to join with you in reaching the people God has given us to advance His Kingdom,