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June Newsletter 2015

New Web Picture          EXTRA-EXTRA-EXTRA—HUGE NEWS. Our brand new website is officially launching as of this writing. Please know that it is still under construction but most of the important new features are working. Please go to www.otm.co and look around. I would like to ask you to also please pass this link on to everyone you know and encourage them to take a look as well. Especially exciting is our new On Target Institute section showing the new video curriculum now available through on line membership or DVD’s.

            As part of our strategic new On Target Ministries re-launch we knew that our web site needed a fresh new look. Tony Scialdone, our web site designer, has been helping us for many years and the original site still gets lots of compliments. However, he really out did himself on this one. Let me explain just a couple of important and exciting new features, which we believe will have a tremendous impact.

Please subscribe to our new weekly Live Stream under On Target Institute

            First you will notice a whole new look designed to take advantage of how people surf the web differently today. Because so many are doing work on mobile devices, new sites have to be designed for scrolling rather than the old way which involved clicking—may seem like a small thing but mobile users will have a lot more fun with this one.

            Another important change is occurring in our online store where people can now join OTM as members. Membership allows people to have access to our resources at a greatly reduced price as we are now able to move our curriculum into their environments electronically. This is a big step forward for us. Please take some time to visit the new storefront and look around. More important—please encourage others to become members and take advantage of our new resources. They can also purchase memberships and pass them on as gifts to their friends.

Please encourage others to become members and take advantage of our new resources

            In the new Video section we have some of the best messages and promos we have produced over the years for people to experience our ministry. There is also a very powerful half hour Significant Living TV program in the bio area that tells our life story. In addition, there is a place where our new weekly TV programs will be featured.

            Perhaps the biggest change is happening as we feature the On Target Institute—our new OTI curriculum, weekly Live Stream video sessions and downloadable resources for men. As you can tell by now, I am pretty hyped up about all this. In over 20 years of ministry at OTM we have never had this level of quality in our product development and marketing.

            Dear ones please hear my heart—this is legacy stuff for our ministry. What we now have is the ability to take the very best of what God has given us and place it into a format that will live on long after I am gone. Thanks to the incredible and ongoing work of Pat McGuire, our video producer, and Tony Scialdone, our web master, we have some of the very best disciple-making resources out there today for men.

            I also want to again thank Casey and Sharon Moroschan and Frank and Bonnie Martin for their generous contributions which have made this possible. We are now at a total of over 35,000 raised out of a budget of 60,000. So, the point of prayer now is for God to lead us to the resources that will get us to the total package being completed.

We are now at a total of over 35,000 raised out of a budget of 60,000

            I should also note that we are probably only a few months away from resources flowing as the result of churches and others using our products and gaining exposure though the various TV and social media channels that are picking us up. I really believe that we will see a time very soon where these resources will develop a self-sufficient financial base that will allow us to produce and pass on a lot of other exciting resources.

            As I close I want to say again what I said up front—we really need your help—RIGHT NOW—to pass this on. PLEASE CONSIDER PEOPLE, CHURCHES, ORGANIZATIONS, MEN’S GROUPS AND OTHERS YOU KNOW TO FORWARD THIS INFORMATION.

            Remember that word-of-mouth advertising is the very best kind. Your endorsement of what God is doing here is the most precious and cherished gift we have. Cindy and I want you to know how much we love and appreciate you and how much we know God is using your prayers and financial help to make all of this possible.

            Helping men become the Man God Intended…one man at a time,