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Becoming The Man God Intended

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Major Announcement From Vince & Cindy

Major Changes and a Beautiful Unfolding of God’s Destiny

I want to say up front that this is one of the most exciting personal and ministry updates I have ever published—please forgive the length but there’s so much you need to know. Before I get to the exciting new news let me begin with a powerful ministry nugget and reminder of what our lives are all about.

Last month I traveled to Gifford, Il. to speak at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.  You may remember this is the church where I was in the middle of a phone conversation with the pastor when he experienced a horrible accident.  I will never forget the sounds and then eerie silence as I thought the worst.  As I spoke that Sunday Pastor Scott Guhl and his entire family were in church for the first time—it was emotional and he is doing remarkably well.  A true miracle.

When I retuned home a few days later I received this email:

Good evening Vince. I wanted to thank you for the message you shared on Sunday at my church in Gifford, Il. It was so perfect to help me work through my most recent issue. I truly believe God sent you to speak to me. I am an assistant principal at the local high school in Rantoul and last Sunday a student of mine took his own life. This past week has been brutal. Trying to console my students and staff all while I am questioning what I missed or could have done differently. His coaches are struggling and I am their rock, but through their questioning I have all the same questions. (I am sure you saw me crying through your whole message).  I have read through my notes and will continue to pray through all of this, but I wanted to be sure to thank you. I will continue to work to "let go." We have a long road ahead of us and I know I have a lot of work to do, but from the bottom of my heart I thank God for sending you on Sunday. May God continue to bless you and your messages. 
Thank you again, Brooke 

Dear ones, I am convinced that when you and I are in glory one day we are going to be blown away with the incredible testimonies we hear regarding what our lives have meant to others. Most often we do not hear these kind of testimonies but I am so grateful every time I do.

On my way back from Illinois I stopped in Colorado Springs for a week to visit with my pastor there, Steve Holt, and his staff and leadership team.  Over the past few months some things have transpired that have given us much to consider. Pastor Steve and I had an extensive conversation about a potential move back there. The Road @ Chapel Hill is a new church merger and God is doing a mighty work there. He asked me to be an overseer and I have already had the privilege of ministering there.

I spent the entire week interviewing with Pastor Steve, his leadership and oversight people and many on staff.  The result was a high level of excitement regarding how I might fit in and the potential of how God might use my gifts to bless this growing and vibrant ministry.

Steve indicated his desire to bring me on board in a senior level leadership capacity and after we talked through how my gifts might be a fit for him we were both very excited. In addition, we also talked about Steve possibly helping us with On Target Ministriesmoving forward.  Let me say here parenthetically that Steve is one of only a handful of pastors in our nation that truly gets ministry to men.

After returning home I received a call offering a position at The Road @ Chapel Hill as Executive Pastor.  Their generosity also included additional money that would cover a significant portion of our move costs. 

Now for the all-important and exciting backstory:

As you may know, Cindy and I have been crying out to our Lord over this past year about gaining His vision for our future personally as well as for OTM.  As we examine our own hearts we both are leaning toward this final season of our life unfolding back in Colorado.  The attraction there has a lot to do with our family, friends and a powerful network of ministry connections that remain.  It seems like all of the opportunities we thought we might have here in Temecula are not present.

You are also aware that our primary reason for the California move had to do with Cindy’s oxygen needs in Colorado.   Now, it looks like she has been completely healed from that.  This is pending a few more medical tests of course.  However, our doctor here in Temecula seems confident that she would no longer have a problem at elevation.

The only thing left is our desire to be affirmed by God.  In light of this I have been asking Him for signs and doors to be either opened or closed. 

As we have been praying, fasting and seeking wisdom from so many spiritual mentors as well as our board, Cindy and I are convinced that this is from our Lord.  We have had absolutely no door shut or opened to lead us down any other pathway.  A perhaps humorous side note is that after Steve talked with me about the position he indicated he would like to see me there this September.

Here in Temecula we are leasing our daughter Kim’s home—literally one hour after Pastor Steve’s call Kim phoned me.  She said, Dad, don't know how to tell you this but we are coming back to Temecula and you need to be out of the house by August. Now, a predictable response to something like that would be WOAH!  All I could do was laugh—this is just one of so many coincidences that we believe God has sent our way.

As we move forward Cindy and I are believing and expectingGod to go before us.  We have decided to be all-in.  Instead of putting our furniture in storage here we are leasing a home there the beginning of August.  We want to ask you to believe with us and also to pray that all the details regarding this move will be superintended by our precious Lord.

We are so thankful for you, your prayers and support.  Please rejoice with us in this new adventure.  For all of you who support this ministry, we are anticipating that the best is yet to come as we move forward from the base of our new church home. More to come—stay tuned.

May God richly bless you,