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March 2021 Exciting News

A Digital Missionary To Men

Well, fasten your seatbelts for some big and exciting news.  Effective February 15th I officially retired/resigned from my full-time Executive Pastor position at The Road @ Chapel Hills.  Wow, what a wonderful 2 ½ year ride.  I have had the privilege of pastoring with a man, Pastor Steve Holt, who God has uniquely anointed with a powerful message for our day.  While here we have seen our church double in size in less than a year.  God has also brought some of the best and most strategic pastors and leaders to help take The Road into the future.  It truly has been one the most exciting times I have experienced in ministry. 

Now, it is time to see what God has for this next season.  Cindy and I are feeling that God is getting ready to explode On Target Ministries in ways we are unable to imagine.  Because of the Covid shut down we are seeing unprecedented outreach happening through our digital platforms.  Recently, I have been sensing that God is calling me to be a digital missionary to men.  He is also calling me to expand our On Target Institute into other churches and communities throughout North America.

We estimate there may be thousands of men in Colorado Springs alone who have been deeply impacted by OTI and many are still meeting in various groups throughout the community.  Years ago at our height we had about 250 men at our weekly gatherings at a local church.  Pastor Steve asked me to bring in the model last year to The Road and it went from a couple dozen men to now over 140 meeting every week going through our Men On Target curriculum.  We have been seeing real life-change.

This decision to return our focus onto our ministry has been something I have been contemplating now for a number of months.  The timing could not be better.  I am now able to finish the book I have been neglecting and really focus on my life message.  Please stay tuned as I believe this important work will be our thirty-years-in-ministry-to-men legacy.  The working title is The Man God Intended, Unpacking The Five C’s Of Biblical Manhood.

On a personal family note we are headed to California for a couple of weeks to visit our kids and help Cindy overcome some congestion that we think has been causing her to have to be on oxygen for the last few weeks.  We need to know if her oxygen need is due to the congestion or the result of her being back at high altitude.  This will determine where we might live moving forward.  At this time we are not considering a move and would prefer to stay here in Colorado where God has given us our biggest support base.  Your prayers will be greatly appreciated for all of this.

On all other levels Cindy and I are doing great and we are both truly excited about this next season.  Having said that we do have one minor challenge in front of us.  On Target, though still having tremendous outreach, has been a little neglected as the demand for my time has been primarily and rightfully focused on The Road.  Now that we are refocusing on expanding our digital and live outreaches we are going to need to raise some additional support.

We are so grateful for all of you who have continued to give monthly to keep us going but we now need to expand this base.  I want to ask all of you who believe in our ministry to prayerfully consider helping us with a monthly donation.  No amount is insignificant and every dollar really helps.  We need to pay for some much needed tech, marketing and product development as we move forward.  My producer, Pat McGuire, has plans to place us on some effective TV and web based platforms that will significantly expand our reach that is already into places like, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand.  Our support to date has been sufficient but more will be needed for this crucial expansion.

If you find yourself in a position to help please go to our donation page here.  You can click on a one time gift or choose recurring donation.  The monthly recurring option is what we prefer if you are able—it really helps us flatten out the ups and downs of giving cycles and greatly helps in budgeting.

Finally, I want to encourage all of you to keep your chin up during these difficult times and get a glimpse of the face of God.  He is smiling.  And that’s what He expects right now of you and me.  Smiling because we know and serve an awesome God who has the whole world in His hands.  Smiling also because of the knowledge that He still chooses to use you and me to win a dying world. 

So be blessed dear friends and let’s continue to battle for the souls of me together,