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March News

Another great ministry month in February, and March is looking even more exciting.  On February 8th I was picked up by my friend John Yates for a two-hour drive to Westcliff, Colorado.  First Presbyterian Churchbooked me for their men’s retreat this year and I was excited to accept their invitation.  The last time I spoke at their retreat was when Cindy was in the hospital fighting for her life.  It was a memorable experience back then as I remember feeling so emotionally spent that I did not think I had anymore to give.

Many of you may remember that story.  God shows up in such powerful ways when we come to end of ourselves.  This time was not different.  I was in extreme pain from a mysterious lower back issue and had just come through three consecutive days of adjustments.  Fortunately, I had a ride and did not have to drive.  I found myself on pain meds for most of the weekend.  The good news—lots—and I mean—lots of prayers got me through.

I remember again struggling with such a sense of inadequacy while preparing to speak.  In addition, while expecting about 150 men to show we had about 45.  That would normally not affect my messaging but this time it did.  I had five messages prepared for what I anticipated would be a wide range of ages.  As it turned out this was a much older group than I prepared for.  However, what God did was nothing short of amazing.

I cannot remember being more blessed by a group of men in many years. I was also blessed richly as the Holy Spirit gave me such effortless and supernatural wisdom in adjusting my messages to fit the group’s specific needs.  In the end, five of these precious men gave their hearts to Jesus and about 15-20 more committed to stop pursuing a god that they want and getting to know The God Who Is.  Though in pain a lot—I never felt anything but peace and joy while speaking. It was truly a blessed time.  The drive home was wonderful and I arrived with no more pain.  God is so good.

During the rest of the month I found myself meeting with some very special people regarding some exciting ideas and joint ventures that have the potential of taking On Target Ministriesto a whole new level (more to come).  In addition, Tony Scialdone, our web master, is finishing a complete overhaul of our website.  I can’t wait to share that with you very soon.

This month I have two significant events I am preparing for. Please be in prayer for these. The first is in Greene, NY for Pointman Ministries, part of the ISInetwork.  I will be sharing my testimony and two workshops for a large group of men gathering at Berean Bible Church.  The following week I am off to Springfield, IL for my friend Tom Cheshire and the ISIconference there.  Hundreds of men gather for this annual event, which I have had the privilege of ministering to on numerous occasions.

While in Springfield I will also be speaking for my dear friend, Pastor Stan Summers, at Koke Mill Christian Churchfor both of his Sunday services.  Koke Millis one of Cindy and my favorite churches to visit when in that area. Over the years they have been such faithful supporters of our ministry.

On a more personal note, Cindy and I are doing fine settling back into Colorado.  Cindy’s tests are just about completed and so far the doctors are saying she is well at this altitude.  We are still believing and expecting God to complete the healing process in her lungs and would ask that you continue to pray with us for this ongoing miracle.

Cindy and I are so grateful for your continued prayers and financial support for this important OTMwork.  It is truly making a difference—one man and one marriage at a time.

My assignment at The Road @ Chapel Hillsis going very well as I am so blessed to be serving such a special man and dear friend in Pastor Steve Holt.  If you haven’t already, please visit https://theroad.organd take in some of the incredible messages he is bringing regarding our vision for the Rockies.

May you experience God’s richest blessings,