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Becoming The Man God Intended

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May 2019 News

April was another wonderful month for us and Cindy and I trust you had a very blessed Easter.  At our home church, The Road @ Chapel Hills, we had such a tender and meaningful Good Friday service followed by a very victorious Easter Sunday.

On a personal note I am happy to report that Cindy is recovering nicely from her bout with the Influenza A Flu. Thank you so much for your prayers for her.  God was good and we are always so grateful when He shows up to help us with His wonderful miracles.  The Lord protected her from this respiratory flu ever impacting her lungs.

Last Sunday I had the privilege of sharing my personal testimony at The Road.  I had prepared a message on worship that I was ready to bring but the staff here encouraged me to tell my story instead.  I have been on staff here now since last September but most of our congregation have not heard my personal testimony, Overwhelmed By The Grace Of God.  Over the years we have witnessed 10-15,000 people who have invited the Lord into their heart as a result of hearing about God’s great mercy to me.

It was an incredible service. Many in the audience raised their hands to commit to not following a god that they wantand to begin pursuing The God Who Is.  We also had 19 baptisms, a record for our church.  A couple of young people actually decided to come up at the end, clothes and all, and get baptized.  It was such a blessing to see the Lord touch their lives.

On the ministry front we booked two more events this month and are excited about these future opportunities. There is also a growing interest in our new two-year curriculum as well as our newest product, Essentials For The Journey. 

I also had the privilege of taping a very significant 25-minute video directed toward Senior Pastors. The title is Intentional Strategiesand we expect it will be widely distributed through social media channels.  It deals with the importance of the Senior Pastor’s role in evolving a truly effective ministry to men within the local church.  If you go to our site, www.otm.coand scroll down on our home page you can review it there.

In addition, as I’ve previously mentioned, I am re-writing my first book, Wired To Work.  The working title for the new release is The Man God Intended.  Your prayers for this are greatly appreciated as I am planning to use a ghostwriter to help me with this project.  I am sensing that this book may be the culmination of 30 years of ministry to men and perhaps capture the legacy of On Target Ministries.

Dear ones, we could not be doing this work without you.  Thank you for your faithful support in so many ways.

May you experience Gods richest blessings,