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Missing The End-Game…The King Has One More Move 

In December of 2019 I brought a message to my church talking about entering a new year.  In that message I told my audience that 2020 was going to be one of the darkest years ever experienced in our nation.  The reaction was palpable—not sure how many took it seriously.  Now let me say up front that I am not claiming this was a prophetic message in any spiritual sense, though  perhaps it may have been.  This was my passionately held view based upon some basic cultural observations.

Before I share those observations let me throw another shot across the bow by pointing to our upcoming mid-term elections—THEY WILL NOT HAPPEN!  

Now that I have piqued your interest, let me give you my observations and you can be the judge.  Early in President Trump’s first term we heard from perhaps the most prominent leader of the one-world agenda, George Soros, that Trump had to be removed.  He openly admitted that the great reset could not happen unless Trump was taken out—America has to fall.  These people, in lockstep with our current administration, have a new world order as their end game and are deadly serious about overcoming any hurdle in their way.

Consider what they did in 2020.  Is it possible that millions of people lost their lives as a result of the deliberate release of a deadly virus?  The new world order, along with all their evil minions, see people as expendable pawns in their global chess match.  Without Covid and the attending corruption of our election process, Donald Trump might still be president and they had to make sure that would not happen—at any cost.  Do I need to mention the myriad of other destructive forces at work to deliberately destroy America?

Here are just a few:

  • The celebration of homosexuality, transgender and even moving toward pedophilia, all in an attempt to destroy the traditional family
  • Fueling the rifts between pro and anti-abortion
  • Race bating—encouraging hate
  • Destroying our kids with the 1619 project, Critical Race Theory and sexual perversion in our education system
  • Destroying our military with wokeness instead of focusing on being battle-ready
  • A deliberate invasion of our southern border in order to destroy our middle class
  • An all-out attack on our first and second amendments—questioning our entire constitution
  • Fueling hatred of America—rewriting our history

Taken individually these are simply battles in a much bigger end-game war.  Collectively they represent the real agenda—destroy our Bible (the moral code) and our Constitution (the governing code) in order to remake America.  This is their end-game. This is what they do not want you and I to see or understand.

The stakes are very high right now.  The powers in charge know full well that what is being predicted for the mid-term elections is not acceptable and therefore they can ill afford to allow them.  We may see the darkest and most evil several months ahead of us as November is looming. In my view nothing is off the table for these evil leaders—another even more deadly virus calling for severe shut-downs, riots in the streets around discontent with court decisions are all likely.  It has to be so bad that they think they have cover to call for martial law and cancel the election.

I hope I am wrong but without an intervention by our Lord all of this is possible in my view.  A question you might be asking about now is why are you sharing this?  Well, two reasons.  First, as followers of Jesus we are called to be watchmen—be mindful of what is happening around us.  Everything I have shared so far should become powerful points for prayer—not fuel for arguing.  We must be prepared for how Jesus wants us to respond.

Second, and most important, is to give you hope.  Let me do that by sharing a true story that happened many years ago:

Two men who were touring an art gallery one day. One of the men was a very famous international chess champion. As they were wandering around, the chess champion was drawn do a very famous painting that was hanging on the wall. The title of the painting was, Checkmate. It depicted two people playing chess, a man looking very dejected and his opponent was the devil himself with an arrogant smirk on his face. 

The chess champion was fixating on this painting. He was studying it intensely to the point where his friend was getting impatient and asked him if they could move on. The chess champion suggested that his friend continue on and he will join him later. After about 15 minutes his friend came back to discover the chess champion with his face pressed upon the painting, his eyes were moving, he was making gestures with his hands as he was completely into the painting. The scene produced a crowd of onlookers. His friend, embarrassed for him, grabbed his arm and suggested that they move on. The chess champion wouldn’t budge and told him that he can’t go, he must find the artist that painted the painting and that there was a deep flaw. 

They argued back-and-forth for a few minutes and finally the chess champion yelled out, there’s something wrong with the painting, it’s not right, it’s not over, then he yelled out, THE KING HAS ONE MORE MOVE!

When Jonah was in the belly of the big fish, can you imagine what he must have thought? At any moment now the gastric juices are going to flow and I’m going to become mush. But what he didn’t know, say it with me, THE KING HAS ONE MORE MOVE!

When Daniel was in the lion’s den and all the people around thought that they were going to see blood and guts and legs and limbs flying everywhere. What they didn’t know, say it with me, THE KING HAS ONE MORE MOVE!

When Jesus was hanging on that cross and all the people watching thought there’s something wrong with this picture.  The devil himself had an arrogant smirk on his face, but what he didn’t know, and aren’t you grateful for, say it with me, THE KING HAS ONE MORE MOVE!

And dear ones, please hear me. No matter the condition of our nation or the difficult circumstances you may be facing personally, we must remember, THE KING HAS ONE MORE MOVE!

There is a chess match going on right now but the person on the opposite side of the board from the devil is Jesus Himself.  Let that sink in—do not be anxious but rather draw closer to Him.  You and I are the pieces on His chess board that He will use for His ultimate victory—prepare yourself.