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Becoming The Man God Intended

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On Target TV Show #09

TV Show #09 - Key to a Life of Power

DOWNLOAD Session 15 "The Key To A Life Of Power" Part 1
DOWNLOAD Session #16: "The Key To A Life Of Power" Part 2

FREE Preview: Module Two: Course Overview Cover-3D2-web
Study Session #09: Overcome Fear
Study Session #10: Overcoming Our Past ANGER
Study Session #11: Unforgiveness
Study Session #12: Overcome Guilt   
Study Session #13: Father Wound, Part 1
Study Session #14: Father Wound, Part 2
Study Session #15: Key to Life Power, Part 1
Study Session #16: Key to Life Power, Part 2
Module Two: Keys To Growth

MOT Volume #2 DVD is the second module of the Men On Target Curriculum's Study Sessions 9-16.  Each 12-minute session builds on the foundational teachings of MOT Volume One and every session is followed by Life Application questions for small group discussion and personal reflection.

Purchase Men On Target Small Group Curriculum - Volume 1 DVD.  Want to start a small group?  Get prepared, take the OTI Leadership Facilitation Training for new or seasoned small group leaders, get the twelve 12-minute part study DVD.  Get The OTI Leadership Facilitation DVD + the Men On Target Curriculum - Volume 1&2 DVDs Combo Set for big savings.