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MOT 101 Curriculum + Small Group Leadership Training


Men On Target 101

MOT 101 with 30 Study sessions (30 weeks of content) with one (1) Study Journal PLUS the OTI Small Group Leadership Facilitation Training (twelve 12-minute sessions and companion chapters in the Study Journal) to prepare your small group leaders.

A MUST HAVE personal printed MOT 101 Study Journal for the each Video Teaching Session that includes ALL graphic illustrations and key points.

Designed to enhance personal engagement with the teaching, this system uses “fill-the-blank” on each page with additional space for personal notes and insights included in the LIFE Application portion following each session.

MOT 101 Disc One is a 10-part Study, 12-minutes of teaching per session, each followed by Life Application questions for small group discussion (or personal reflection)

FREE ONLINE PLAY: Module One: Course Intro: Tell Your Story
Character Defined
Who is this God?
What does He Want?
The Three Unalterable Facts
Knowing God
Know God Through His Word
Know God In Prayer
Know God In Praise
Module One: Growth Keys Review

MOT 101 Disc Two is the second module of the Men On Target Curriculum’s Sessions 11-2

FREE ONLINE PLAY:Module Two Course Overview
Overcome Fear
Overcome Anger
Overcome Guilt
Father Wound, Part 1
Father Wound, Part 2
Key to Life Power, Part 1
Key to Life Power, Part 2

MOT 101 Disc Three is the second module of the Men On Target Curriculum’s Sessions 21-30. Each 12-minute session builds on the foundational teachings of MOT Volume One and every session is followed by Life Application questions for small group discussion and personal reflection.

Module Three Course Overview
How Am I Wired? (1)
How Am I Wired? (2) Gift Test de-brief
Why Am I Here? (1)
Why Am I Here (2)
Understanding My Responsibility
Understanding My Response
Attitudes & Actions
What Is My Motive

Leadership Facilitation Training series is ideal for all types of small groups including the OTI Men’s groups, church bible study small groups, and youth small groups.

FREE ONLINE PLAY: Course Intro Session: “Tell Your Story”
Session #1: Leader Qualifications
Session #2: Leader Responsibilities
Session #3: Group Facilitation Tips
Session #4: Pillars of Leadership Part 1
Session #5: Pillars of Leadership Part 2
Session #6: Pillars of Leadership Part 3
Session #7: Role Play “The Talker”
Session #8: Role Play “The Silent One”
Session #9: Role Play “One Agenda Guy”
Session #10: Role Play “The Theologian”
Session #11: Wrap Up & Review

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