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Really Really Big News

On Target Ministries is headed to the bullseye

As I write to you today I am in Temecula, California at the home of our Daughter Kim and her family.  Cindy and I drove here February 6th to discover how a change in elevation might affect Cindy’s breathing. 

As many of you know, Cindy went into the emergency room back in November of last year for a yet unknown illness that affected her breathing.  Her lungs, compromised from her miracle recovery from H1N1 back in 2010, were not producing the necessary oxygen into her blood and she found herself on 55 liters and just short of having to be ventilated.  She was in ICU for three days and in the hospital for two weeks.

The doctors were again surprised by another miracle recovery but it left her with needing to be on an oxygen concentrator 24/7.  At this point many in our medical community were suggesting moving to a lower elevation—7500 feet is pretty hard on already compromised lungs.  We drove to Temecula to see what would happen and how God might lead.  I am happy to report that Cindy is now free from her concentrator.  While still weak and recovering she no longer needs to be tethered.  Please continue praying for full recovery.

Since we have been here we have seen one miracle after another.  In all of this we came to the conclusion that we need to move and move now.  As a result, I will be driving back to Colorado later this week to pack up and get ready for the move.  We will be in Temecula full time beginning April 1st.  Cindy will not be returning with me for her safety and health.  So, that is the really big news and now for the God part of the story.

When we arrived our grandson, Hayden asked me if I would speak to his newly formed men’s Bible study.  The photo above was the scene.  He started just a few weeks ago and is now up to 25 men between the ages of 18-25.  They are finding these guys everywhere and many do not know Jesus.  I am so proud of Hayden and his brother, Parker, who is helping facilitate this hungry group of men.  I spoke to them last week, and 4 men asked the Lord into their hearts along with 8 others who rededicated their lives. 

A few days later we all went to see the new film, Jesus Revolution.  I was emotional and choking back tears practically the whole time, not just because Cindy and I were part of this incredible movement, but because I am sensing it is happening again.  As of today we hear that revival has now broken out on over 20 College campuses.  While talking to these young men I sensed a hunger I have not seen since the 60’s.  I also sensed God saying to me that we were going to be a part of this.  While I am not sure what this will look like I am getting excited.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit my share of California-shaming stories I have told.  I sensed the other day that God was not pleased with that attitude and wanted me to know He was sending me to the front lines—the belly of the beast, as it were.  The Bullseye for On Target.  In the brief time we have been here I have also had the privilege of speaking with several pastors who are encouraging us to consider planting an On Target Institute weekly men’s gathering here for the valley.

In addition to much spiritual confirmation, God has also been involved in the details.  Finding a home to rent here is almost impossible, especially at our price point.  Well, God brought a friend of our Daughter to the table who needed a renter right away for a move they were making.  It is a beautiful home we can not afford made possible by some general financial commitments for the first year.  Cost of living here is very high as you might expect.

Also, our lease in Colorado is not up until the end of June.  So, the next hurdle was asking our Landlord to let us out early with no penalties.  It took several days for them to get back to us but the amazing answer was, YES.  Yet another confirmation.  While this is all bittersweet for us we feel so blessed by our Lord and the many dear friends who are stepping up to help us.  On the financial side we had a wonderful year-end made extra special by a large donation that will help fund some cashflow needs for this year.

We also had a 5,000.00 gift from our former church in California to help with our moving costs.  We are still 8,000.00 short of our goal and sincerely appreciate your prayerful consideration to help if you are able.  For those of you in the Southern California area who want to connect please email me and after we settle in I would love to meet with you.

I am so looking forward to reporting what God is going to do here through our ministry.