Fully Alive:
Becoming The Man God Intended

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Sanctification…Living My Purpose

The generic meaning of sanctification is "the state of proper functioning." To sanctify someone or something is to set that person or thing apart for the use intended by its designer.  Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary

The New Testament Greek word for sanctify is Hagiazo which means to consecrate, dedicate…purify

In December of 2008 I wrote an article and put together a three-session event titled, Man-ing The New Year.  The thrust of the message centered around going into the new year with a commitment to set aside the old man and usher in the new.  I talked about the need to let go of our past and all the attending baggage that keeps us from truly becoming The Man God Intended.

In that message I talked about the three things that get in the way of real change and unpacked the six stages to change.  The three excuses we use typically are, (1) I don’t have a vision, (2) can’t see the need or (3) don’t believe it’s possible.  In the famous story of Abraham and Sarah the Angel of the Lord shared both the vision and need with Sarah—she had the first two.  However, because Sarah did not believe it was possible she tried to help with ways that were her own—sound familiar?

So, our first challenge going into 2022 is to overcome these three barriers—we need to ask God to show us His vision for our future, help us see the need through His eyes and ultimately give us the faith to believe we can do it.  We must pray, Lord sanctify me for 2022—help me discover your intended purpose for me and live out my commitment to become what you intended.

Once we overcome the barriers we need to understand the six stages we must go through before real change can take place:  EVENT, AWARENESS, DECISION, COMMITMENT, PROCESS AND CHANGE.  Allow me to give further clarification to each.

An event can be anything from a conference or rally to reading a book or article, a sermon or even a wedding.  My wife reminds me that a wedding is an event, it’s not a marriage.  Most of us hope that the event itself will produce the desired result.  It would be quick and painless.  “Let’s get it over with.”  Unfortunately it does not work that way.  The best an event can do is raise…

Awareness often happens as the result of an event.  I discover at a rally, seminar or by reading a book that I need to get closer to God, pray with my spouse more, etc.  This realization then leads to my making a…

I decide to do something about it.  Here is a funny example that most of us can identify with.  It’s New Years Eve.  That is an EVENT.  I have an AWARENESS that I am a little overweight and out of shape.  I make a DECISION that starting tomorrow I am going to go on a diet and work out.  New Years day finally arrives.  The guys are all over for the football games and my wife has made chili and garlic bread.  I say to myself, “Well, I think I will start my diet tomorrow.”  Then tomorrow comes and something else gets in the way.  “Maybe Monday, that’s it, Monday would be good.”  Six months later my belt buckle still has an un-obscured view of my shoes.  Nothing has changed.

I call these first three stages the cycle of hopelessness.  I believe this is where most of us live.  In order to break out of this situation we must press forward to the fourth stage…

Commitment is the bridge that, if crossed, can transform the old man into the new man.  You may want to look up the difference between decision and commitment in the dictionary.  It is powerful.  Commitment is what it takes to enter into the most important and difficult stage of all...

Here is where most of us struggle.  What is process?  It is behavioral change over a period of time.  That means a challenge and a level of intention that most of us are unwilling to enter into. 

I will never forget when my dad bought me my first set of weights.  I could not wait to start pumping so I could look like that muscle bound guy on the poster.  I went down stairs and lifted for about twenty minutes and then ripped off my shirt and ran to the mirror to see the results.  “Give me a break—these weights are useless”.  At 14 I was already conditioned to look for the “quick fix,” and I was quite ready to give up if the results were not on my time frame.

For the most part, we are a people that are very impatient with anything having to do with process.  We do not want to work for results if it means experiencing any kind of short-term discomfort.  What many of us fail to understand is that God is really more interested in the process, the habits we form and the way we live, than in any of our lofty goals.

The bottom line here is that process is the only way to bring about lasting and meaningful…

The desired result – an alteration in our behavior – a new and higher level of maturity.

Dear friends please hear me, 2022 is not just another year.  It is perhaps the most significant time in the history of the church in America and God wants to sanctify His church—that is you and me.  He is desperate for us to become the men and women He intended when He so beautifully made us.  Every precious one of us is unique with our own endowment of His special gifts.

Every year we all make decisions to let go of the past, all the bad habits and start fresh only to discover how futile the effort is given just a few days or weeks of concerted effort.  We must see 2022 as that time to put our stake into the ground and commit to change.  We must allow God to change us from the inside out but it has to start with you and me.

Keep the vision in front of you and fresh—these are serious times
Look around you and see the need—it is so obvious we are living in a lost world
And most important believe, with His help—you can do this.

Have a blessed New Year,

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