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September 22 News

September was a month filled with some major highs and lows.  On the low side our dear English Cream Golden, Bentley, has had three severe seizures.  I have not witnessed anything like this before.  You feel so helpless as there is nothing you can do for the poor animal who is going through it.  Perhaps some of you have experienced this.  For me it has caused some very emotional times as I keep reliving the visuals.  He is getting a lot of prayer and our vet is doing everything possible to find out what is happening.  Cindy and I would ask you to please pray for Bentley.

Another low point happened this month as Facebook decided to permanently take down our pages and we lost 13,000 followers overnight.  The frustrating part of this is there is no way to find out why.  They have complete control and will not tell us why this happened.  The only thing they tell you is that we somehow violated some standard but we have no clue what that might have been and they refuse to review our appeal with a generic message saying they do not have the manpower because of Covid.

The bottom line of course, is that we do know why.  Be prepared folks as any of us who proclaim Jesus and quote scriptures are subject to being shut down.  It is only a matter of time before Youtube and Twitter do the same.  We have already had warnings.  These platforms are highly political and very woke.  If you have a sizable audience they will shut you down, especially before this important election season. 

I am to the point now where I am wearing this as a badge of honor.  The Bible tells us that this kind of persecution is to be expected.  Our job is to press on and shake this off, and that is what we are doing.  In the process we are rapidly expanding through 6-8 other emerging platforms that are open to our messaging.  Please look for us by going to our home page at where you will find a number of icons for other platforms.  The main ones right now would be Gettr, Truth Social and  Rumble.

On the upside we have had a lot of ministry happen through our weekly men’s group, All In Men (AIM) and also our weekly Zoom leadership meetings.  We also had another Zoom pastors conference with about a dozen village pastors in India.  The most exciting ministry happened on the last weekend of the month as we held our second Encounter event in Florissant, Colorado.  I may have mentioned last month that The Encounter was a tremendous success as so many men told us it really helped them discover how to get closer to God.

This month at our second event it was even more special.  After our morning briefing and orientation for the day we gathered the men at the Ranch’s stable for a special event before they began their six hours of quiet time with the Lord.  Cliff, a true horse whisperer who works at the ranch, put on an hour presentation with a horse named Tanner.  Cliff has known Tanner since the day he was born 26 years ago.

What he and Tanner did around the arena was amazing.  Each of about a dozen different exercises were designed to show us what a proper relationship with God is supposed to look.  At one point he was guiding the horse without a saddle or reigns—just gentle nudges and soft words.  He even sighted the words in Isaiah that say, you will hear a voice behind you saying, this is the way, walk in it as he had Tanner literally walk backwards through a maze he could not see.  What a powerful time to experience before going out into the forest to spend time alone with our Lord.

The discussion and teaching time at the end of the day was wonderful and after dinner the men had another opportunity to throw their pieces of paper with the issues they wish to let go of into the fire.  At this event we offered the men an opportunity to stay overnight and enjoy a breakfast and final session with communion.  Pastor Al McCausland led that session and it was powerful.  We ended our time by gathering together and praying specifically for each member of the Dawn Of Hope Ranchteam.  Such a special time.

As I close I want to remind each of you of how special you are to us.  This letter only goes to our monthly supporters and it is Cindy and my hope that what God is doing through your generous financial and prayer support blesses you.

Advancing His Kingdom Together,