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The Old Has Gone…The New Has Come (2 Cor 5:17)

July was a wonderful month as we had many friends and family over to help us prepare for our move back to Colorado.  Bitter sweet times but very precious to us.  It is now August 10th, we are moved into our new home here in Colorado Springs and looking forward to what God is going to do.  The journey over these past two weeks has produced every emotion possible—from an incredible sense of loss to excitement and joy. Here is the story:

On July 30ththe movers packed us up and the truck left California for our new home in Colorado the next day.   On the 31stthe truck came to pick up our furnishings.  Then, Cindy and I, along with our dog Beau, drove to Colorado Springs on August 1stand after a stay in Grand Junction arrived on the afternoon of the 2nd.  We stayed with our daughter, Kristen and her family until we could officially move into our leased home on August 7th.

On our first day here we had a bit of a scare as Cindy’s need for oxygen spiked.  You may recall that our move here was based on pretty good medical evidence that she would be ok.  Well, God was gracious and that condition, probably brought about by the stress of the move, has now subsided and she is fine.  On Sunday we were at our new church and Pastor Steve introduced us and made the announcement that I will be coming on board starting in September. Next week we will be prayed over by our church for my trip to New Zealand.

On August 6thwe visited our new home and took a tour to determine the layout before the movers were to arrive the next day.  We loved the home and were looking forward to the move in.  What happened next was very unexpected however.  Our precious Golden retriever, Beau has been slowing down for some time. He is 12 years old, lost his hearing and having great difficulty climbing stairs.   

As I awoke the morning of the tour I remember an intense time of prayer during my devotions.  Beau was heavy upon my heart.  As I prayed I heard God whisper to me, Vince, I am bringing you and Cindy into a new season and you must be prepared to let the old pass.  While I knew what this meant in a generic sense I also felt He was speaking to me especially about Beau.

The night before Beau had had a seizure and we began to worry his time was close.  We made an appointment with the vet on the afternoon of the 6thjust after our tour.  When we finished the tour Cindy went out for a dentist appointment.  I was home and decided to take Beau out on the lawn for what I anticipated may be the last time.  We knew in our heart what the vet was probably going to say.

I remember praying and crying out, please Lord do not let us have to go through this—if it is his time just take him.  Beau was now really struggling, had a more intense seizure and just then the phone rang. It was Cindy who had asked the dentist, in the middle of drilling, to allow her to make the call.  She believed the Lord prompted her.  She asked how he was doing and I told her he would probably not make it to the appointment.

We were both in tears, and while knowing Beau could not hear Cindy asked me to put the phone up to his ear and she prayed and thanked the Lord for what he has meant to us and released him.  As soon as she finished Beau took his last breadth and passed in my arms. If you are a dog person you know the feeling.  We took him to the local pet clinic and Cindy met us there for some final moments of saying goodbye.

The next day we moved into our new home.  I remember thinking that there is no way Beau could have navigated this place with so many stairs and challenging obstacles.  Though the pain was still heavy, the joy of anticipation and heavy workload of moving in really helped.  Before the movers arrived I prayed through the entire home asking God to place His holy angels there.  It was a powerful time and in our first few days here—we feel His presence.  The very next day I walked the four corners of the property and placed our spiritual pillars there.

On the 13thof August I fly to Los Angeles International Airportto catch my flight to New Zealand.  I will be there from the 15thof August until September 3rdfor Promise Keepers.  I believe I am speaking probably 20 times during that stretch (Cindy will not be joining me on this trip.  We feel it is best for her to remain here and get settled).  Upon my return I start my new assignment as Executive Pastor for The Road @ Chapel Hillschurch. I am so looking forward to this new and exciting opportunity and anticipating some great things God is going to do with The Roadand On Target.

On the OTMministry front we are still moving forward and there is a lot happening.  Pat McGuire, our producer, has finished editing our new Essentials For The Journeyworkbook and is now in the process of uploading it to the Amazonsite for purchase.  In addition we will soon re-release our book,Wired To Work,with perhaps a new title and graphics.  It will also be available on Amazon and for purchase at live events as well.

In addition we are anticipating our Essentialspackage with 9 powerful small group sessions and workbook to really take off.  The material represents the very best from our ministry over this past twenty-five years and is especially relevant for new believers.  Please consider ordering a copy to check out and perhaps promote to your church or small group.  If you call me personally I will give you my Italian discount.  It should be in our store soon.

Finally, we also could use your help on the financial front.  There is still more to do in product development, studio and editing work as well as web development.  We are also in our slow summer season where most ministries like ours can use a little extra boost.

We are so thankful for you, your prayers and support.

May God richly bless you,