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Wired To Work 13

Wired-for-Work-BookTarget Point, Vol. 13 of 33   
Today's Verse/Thought: Coming Against The Forces At Work

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy... Luke 10:19

Life Implication:
There are four forces at work in our life all the time: The WORLD, our FLESH, the DEVIL and the LORD. It is the latter force (the Lord) that we want more of. Discerning the other three can at times be difficult. Once we have prayed for God's will to be realized, we must then consider the forces that may be at work in a given situation. Not recognizing and praying against these negative forces can give them a place of power.

The Bible says that we have not because we ask not.  This is where we need to understand our responsibility. God is calling us to recognize and come against anything in our life that may be contrary to His will.

Life Application:
Because of Jesus' shed blood on the cross, you and I have been given the power and the authority to pray against the forces that may be at cross purposes with God's will. What are those forces? The WORLD the FLESH and the DEVIL.

You and I can go before God with confidence and pray against these forces. Sometimes it is a matter of living in a fallen world where our environment, with it's numerous diseases, are destroying us. Other times it is our flesh with its self-centered bent on satisfying it's limitless desires. And then there is the devil. We must remember that the devil is real and he hates us. Go before God and pray aggressively against these forces in your situation. If you do this faithfully, you can then walk away from your prayer time with the confidence that you have done your part. Then relax and remember that He knows what is best.

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