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Wired To Work 29

Wired-for-Work-BookTarget Point, Vol. 29 of 33   
Today's Verse/Thought: I Love You (Your Name)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

Life Implication:
As I close out this series I want to share three sets of four words. They are simple, but extremely profound. John 3:16 is the most quoted verse in the whole Bible. God loved us so much that He sacrificed His own Son. The biggest tragedy I can think of is to go through life never understanding how much God loves us.

Sometimes if we have difficulty understanding our heavenly Father's love we put unnecessary pressure on earthly relationships. Today, many people suffer from what has been called a father vacuum. This is a condition that occurs as the result of either no relationship with our earthly dad-or a dysfunctional one. Unless you understand and appropriate God's love you will never be able to overcome such tragic conditions.

Life Application:
Write your name in the space above and complete the most powerful four words in all of life. Now look at it-look again. Believe it-God is telling you how much He loves you. No matter where you've been-what you've done-you are precious to Him.

Keep in mind that He does not care what anyone else may think about you-He doesn't even care what you think about you. He loves you with a love that goes so far beyond anything you can comprehend. Write those four words down and keep them with your daily devotional materials. Read them often and then tell Him how much they mean to you.

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